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Delta Mouth Literary Festival is back! In March 2012, poets, writers, and performers from around the world are convening in Louisiana.

Delta Mouth Literary Festival is Baton Rouge’s premiere literary event—and the only festival of its kind in the state that's free and open to the public! Each year, we celebrate literature by bringing some of the most exciting writers in the country to Baton Rouge, where three days of poetry and fiction readings (as well as musical and multimedia performances!) unfold. The upcoming festival, slated for March 15-17 in 2012, marks the 4th (and biggest ever) edition of the festival.

Since Delta Mouth’s inception in 2009, this mostly-volunteer effort has been led by the New Delta Review, but it’s hardly a closed event for academic types. In fact, Delta Mouth is completely free and open to the public! That fact has resulted in hundreds of Louisiana citizens enjoying first-rate literature without paying a dime.

Just how have we done this? How have we hosted writers like Kate Bernheimer, Blake Butler, Johannes Goransson, Joyelle McSweeney, Akilah Oliver, Ariana Reines, Ronaldo Wilson, and so many more without charging admission?

Through donations from people like you! In the past, a combination of small grants and individual donor generosity has kept Delta Mouth free. This year, though, our tentative lineup is the most ambitious, the most diverse, and the most geographically widespread in festival history:

Night One features four emerging poets: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram (Utah); Paul Killebrew (Louisiana); S.E. Smith (Texas); and Jennifer Tamayo (New York).

Night Two features three stellar fiction writers: Lily Hoang (New Mexico); Selah Saterstrom (Colorado, USA); and Josh Weil (Mississippi, USA).

Night Three features three performers and multimedia artists: Christian Bok (Canada); Skip Fox (Louisiana); and Douglas Kearney (California).

What a lineup! This is a festival that any lover of literature should consider traveling to Baton Rouge to experience. If we’re going to pull this off—and keep the festival free and public—we’ll need your help!

Here’s how we plan to spend the money we raise:

  • Fly out and put up the writers! (That’s pretty key.)
  • Pay the rental fees for the reading/performance venues (all located throughout Baton Rouge), as well as the A/V costs for some of the more high-tech aspects!
  • Supplement the readings with other things people like: food, beverages, music, and art! (Yeah, this festival is free. Can you believe it?)
  • Tell Louisianans all about it through marketing strategies known as “posters” and “print ads.” (Facebook and wordpress are great, but they don’t reach a lot of the people who benefit most from free arts events.)

That’s pretty much it! You might notice that it doesn’t say “pay our staff” anywhere. This is a volunteer effort, all the way up to our festival co-coordinators, Adam & Kim. We care passionately about bringing free arts events to the Louisiana public, but we can't see our plans through without your help!

Feel free to visit us at our website or check out the event page on facebook. Invite friends, and help us spread the word!

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gibbs. Logo design by Payton Boyer © 2012


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