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A clean and elegant personal 3D printer built on a delta robot platform.
231 backers pledged $152,597 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals and Auto Calibration

Posted by DeltaMaker (Creator)
Hello Backers! Having met the campaign funding goal, we wanted to introduce a few stretch goals for the project. To begin, we'd like to touch on a feature that we are pretty excited about.

Auto Calibration
A challenge for many 3D printer owners is keeping the machine calibrated. The build surface has to be exactly where your printer thinks it is. When you are laying down very thin layers of plastic, very slight errors can cause serious headaches. We do not want DeltaMaker users to deal with this issue. Our intent is to have an auto-calibration procedure that is handled by software every time you start a print. We have not mentioned this previously as we do not have a final solution implemented. However, this is number 1 on our must-have feature list, and we have every intention of shipping with this feature enabled.

Stretch Goals

Our new goal is to double up on the pledges in the next three weeks. If we get to 200% in pledges, there are a couple of features we'd like to commit to for all of our Kickstarter backers.

  • Wireless Enabled: This is high on our feature list. If we can reach the stretch goal amount, we will commit to delivering every printer with wireless functionality. This will enable us to follow up with a phone based application to control the printer. 
  •  Light it up! We really want to add some LED's to the DeltaMaker. There are many approaches we could take with this, and we'd love to have your feedback. If you have some ideas on how best to light this thing up, please pass us a note!

Thanks again for all of your support. We have received incredible feedback and are committed to making this product the best it can be.

-The DeltaMaker Team


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    1. Cameron J Dufton on

      You could use LEDs on the cooling fan as a POV display for something like a logo or to display time elapsed on the build. I've never seen it on smaller fans but it should still work.
      Autocalbration would be awesome.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Mott on

      Auto-calibration would be a fantastic feature. Exceeding all expectations for this type of printer. I second the lights off switch if you go that way.

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter W. Borders on

      One thing on the light effects. If you add them please add and switch to turn them off. Some people might want to have the printer somewhere that lights would be annoying.

      The auto calibrate function sounds much more useful, especially since you are shipping it assembled and ready to print.

    4. James E. on

      Auto- calibration would be awesome..wireless printing I can live with. I did suggest lights, but would be happy with a led light kit and a file to print the housing for the lights as a first print.


      Definitely +1 for auto calibration. Wireless would be amazing! Lights, meh.