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Curators of fantasy art.
Curators of fantasy art.
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Posted by Delphin Druelle (Creator)
Hello all,

First I want to thank you all for your patience and for some nice and supportive comments I received.

I'm not going to lie to you, times are hard. Real hard. Regarding the project, I still have elements of the book to recover, it is a task that takes time (and it's psychologically heavy). I find myself in a difficult place due to several problems regarding the project and unrelated situations that I'm working on to solve.

Second point, I received some messages insulting me, spreading lies about me and harrassing me and my wife on social media. Please note that I filled two complaints supported by tangible proof, with the French police (as well as American and Australian), for moral harassment following remarks and the adoption of behaviors (call of threads with my former and past employers, threats on social networks, defamation on other projects, etc.) whose only objectives and consequence is to degrade the physical health and psychological balance of my person but especially of my wife and my entourage. I think the two incriminated individuals will easily recognize each other.

If I have been unreachable for several weeks both on social networks and other ways, it is precisely to avoid these attacks. I know it's my fault that the project takes so much time to be delivered to you (as you may know, my computer has been stolen a few months backs and that led to severe complications), but these behaviors are disproportionate, inadmissible and of course severely punished by the law. I myself have clarified and explained my troubles to the competent authorities and Kickstarter.

Have a good day,



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    1. Matthew Stephen on

      We are now into the new year with the previous update being back in October.

      Please be respectful and provide your backers with an update on the situation.

    2. Edgar Ramirez on

      Personally, I have not attacked, defamed, or threatened you.
      So please answer this simple, yet direct question. Why do you continue to ignore our requests for refunds?
      Awaiting your response.

    3. ZacharyJohnson

      This guy has more excuses than a junkie.If you got screwed over somehow well my friend thats capitalism.YOU WILL not steal from us since its looking like you have no product and no money.

    4. Ivan Ći on

      Sir, really...I am not going to be the one to say it, but it is painfully obvious what is going on here... Right? :)
      I said my pledge goodbye long ago but posts like this are just poking me to say it....:)

    5. Trese Brothers Games on

      It is really helpful to post an update of any kind once a month on a KickStarter. As a multi-project creator myself, I can vouch for how far that goes to help reassure the community of backers that you care and are working on the project. I would suggest setting up a calendar alert for yourself and post monthly, even if the status is "We haven't made much progress this month but ... X, Y, Z" -- it is still far superior to months of silence.

      Hope it helps.

    6. Missing avatar

      Damian on

      Would really like the physical book at some point, I don't really care about the deadline, but maybe within 2019 would be nice.. Otherwise, we do already have the PDFs so if you need to drop the project and refund us, it's a valid option. Personally though, I'm hoping for a concrete plan to move forward.

    7. Aurore Folny on

      Well I kind of agree with everyone here.
      I think for your health and sanity, maybe you should abandon this project, and accept to let it go. I would understand a partial refund as someone explains money have been spent, we should all understand what a Kickstarter and its risks are. I'm sorry you have hard times, that's not cool, that's why I'm giving you this weird advice. I know it's hard to say no, but accepting to let go this project and be really honest with yourself and everyone would be the better.
      Take care ! And I hope that you will find a solution quickly, for everyone's peace of mind ! :)

    8. Edu Herbosa on

      Sorry but I want a refund. My live is difficult too. You don't give a date for finish it. I only want my money back.

    9. Missing avatar

      snon on

      @Delphin: All the best to you & your family
      Take all the time you need, but please
      -talk to us regularily
      -also be open/honest regarding project status/what is missing to get this project done (rebuilding/reformatting your stolen stuff -delay estimation, new business talks for printing, missing money)?
      @Andy: digital visions see update 30 (delivered !!)

    10. Michi Doan

      Stay strong! I know how difficult it can be, an update like this can help many of us to know what the outlook of this project. I'm sure there's plenty of people are willing to give a hand to help you, if you let them know. Overall, I hope things will get better for you and that you will regain your confidence to push this project to completion. Best wishes to you and your family!

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ptacek on

      I was hoping for an update with concrete plans on moving forward with the book. I, too, would like a refund at this time, but I’m assuming the money is long gone at this point. Just end the project officially, shut it all down, and we’ll all consider it a lesson learned.

    12. Dondon

      After this I guess I'll wait for the real UPDATE on the PROJECT...

      Or we could all post our problems here... One of mine is that I'm still waiting for the refund you promised me.

    13. Missing avatar

      Julia B

      Dear Delphin,

      I'm always rooting for you and this project. I'm glad you took action against your harassers; I know that this is difficult in itself. Take care of yourself first, and always know that there are people who will be thrilled if/when the printing goes through. :)
      I'm looking forward to hearing from you when your life has hopefully become a lot easier.

      All the best (as always)!

    14. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Honestly. I can fully agree with Mike Weber. Well, of course it is nice if a project delivers eventually, we always have to remember that it might not. This is not a pre-ordering page.
      We still expect the creators to act responsibly since they promised a product for the backers, but there clearly has to be a limit, and mean harassment is just too much for a few books, even if they'd be awesome.

      I can see 3 ways here.

      1. If there is still a chance the finish the project and the creator still has the sparkle inside to do it, then just go on and try to do the best you can! Get us a surprise! :)

      2. If it is way to difficult to get the stuff to print, at least complete it digitally and share. Do I remember well, that we already got something?
      Or do I mix it up with a different project?

      3. If there is no chance at all, just admit it, offer at least a partial refund if possible and just move on. As Mike said, no need to get deeper than this. Failure is hard to bear emotionally, but it's even worse to delay the inevitable and suffer more.

      I still hope that this book will happen, however. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Samuel Winker on

      Thanks for the update! I hope that this helps some people not be so combative/hostile. Would it be possible for you to post updates every month or so? Just knowing that you are still working on the project helps, even if there isn't much visible progress from an outside point of view.

    16. Mike Weber

      Kickstarter is a way to fund ideas with specific project goals. It is not a marketplace where you purchase off-the-shelf products. It is disappointing when a Kickstarter does not meet its project goals on-time, but here are two things that I think about when I fund Kickstarter projects: I never pledge money that I can't afford to lose, and I never expect or demand the products at a specific time.

      There are too many factors in these start-up type projects. Someone is not established in the field or they are not certain the product will sell, so they use Kickstarter to gather seed money to develop the product or idea to test the waters with a focus group. This isn't much different than venture capital with larger startups. A ton of them fail! You also learn which creators deliver quality products when you need them. If the creator doesn't provide the quality you want when you need it, you have to put your money elsewhere in the future and share your experiences. This shouldn't ever turn mean or nasty.

      With Kickstarters, I expect a certain portion of them to fail to deliver. Smaller projects, like this one, use the money for living expenses and production costs, so refunding all the money is literally not possible. At least some portion of the money is already spent.

      That being said, we should hold creators accountable, though, and future projects will not do well if former projects failed because word spreads. Proof of work would be nice, but here is the real problem: Life happens, and setbacks really happen with any project. Though it may make some people feel better to tear someone else down for not delivering on a promise, it isn't constructive, and it is making it less and less likely that any of us will ever get anything for our pledge. If you suck the life out of a project or the visionary behind it, it simple stops.

      I, personally, am glad that we are still hearing from the creator of this project, so there is still hope that enough of the vision is alive that we may still get something from this. I have many projects where the creators haven't been in contact for years. I will never see anything for my money from those projects, and I am more careful not to back projects with the same warning signs that those failed projects provided.

      So, I recommend that everyone be constructive and supportive because our money is spent and gone! All we can do now is be encouraging and try to be positive to a content creator that may still be able to provide the promised product, though obviously later than we might have preferred.

    17. Dexter Frankenstein

      I’m a professional designer who has contacted you multiple times about volunteering my time to help you get this project completed. You have not responded. At this point, I’ve run out of optimism.

      Sounds like you’ve been dealing with some truly crazy stuff, and for that I apologize. Unfortunately, there is no progress reported here. The last update was over three months ago and I was hoping to hear that you have a plan.

      It sounds like it might be time to cut your losses, refund backers, and put this project behind you. It’s not worth it if it’s bringing you this level of stress and unhappiness.

      I would like a refund of the €45 I pledged to support this project. Not everyone has the means to offer support beyond their financial contribution or encouragement, but I’ve been willing to get down in the mud with you to get this thing finished. My first offer to help was back in April and I don’t have any interest in begging you to let me assist.

    18. Brian Gregory on

      Start refunding, or start showing proof of work. So far this is a total sham.