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The Porterhouse is about a conflict in a steakhouse restaurant on the eve of an Anti-Bush protest in New York City. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 13, 2011.

The Porterhouse is about a conflict in a steakhouse restaurant on the eve of an Anti-Bush protest in New York City.

About this project

Delano Davis Productions is creating a promo reel for their feature length film entitled "The Porterhouse". "The Porterhouse" is about a conflict in a steakhouse restaurant in the middle of a massive Anti-Bush Protest in New York City circa 2004.

On August 29, 2004, close to 500,000 protesters marched in New York City ahead of the Republican National Convention, in protest of President Bush’s policies.  Total arrests closed in on 2,000, the largest number of arrests associated with a convention in U.S. history.

During the protest, I was bartending at a high-end restaurant in Manhattan, watching the streams of protesters float by the windows, wondering how it all came to be, and how I became so separate from it all.  I was struck by the images I saw, and the stories I heard, moments of high passion, and utter indifference; a woman with a “fuck Bush” shirt being spat on, a group of students marching down Fifth Avenue in a conga line playing instruments, a young man recounting how his friend was being held at a filthy bus depot near Chelsea Piers, epithets and threats hurled at the police.

I decided to stop being so indifferent, and write it all down.  I searched for an entertaining story that could encompass the passion of 2004.  The ideas came slowly.   Eventually, I found a simple, personal story about fathers and sons, about betrayal and forgiveness, and most essentially, about our desire to connect with our deepest, highest self, and extend this self to others in their time of need.

In "The Porterhouse", a small group of outcasts, a washed up waiter, an Iranian busboy, and a young protester, find themselves in a fight for their lives as the manager of the restaurant locks the doors, and demands the whereabouts of a missing $10,000.  The characters must learn to bond together, hold an ideal, and fight for it, or succumb to the ambivalence that threatens the nation as a whole.

My production team and I have made great progress on the film, including securing fiscal sponsorship, raising close to $1,500, doing a series of readings, and securing a director, but we could still use your help.  The need now is for funding for a short promo reel.  The reel will simply be a scene from the feature length film.  It will help us demonstrate to our fan base what the film will feel like in it's final form.  We are starting with a very modest goal of $300 to help pay for lenses and equipment for the shoot.

There are many perks, including copies of the feature film when it is completed, CD's, and even a steak dinner with me at Les Halles Restaurant in New York City! 

If you were touched by the year 2004, or if you felt, like I did, the need to respond to the passion of the time, I hope you will consider contributing to my project, and following our progress.  Together, we can make "The Porterhouse" a reality.

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    If the project goal is met in 60 days (check back here for the status of the project!), send my an email with your name, address, and cell phone, and I will send you your gift. If you have donated $65 or more, and would like to get dinner with me in NYC, please send me an email with your full contact info, and your availability (weekends preferred!).

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  • There is a tax-deductible option, however, it is not processed through Kickstarter. You may go to the main website at, and click on the "tax deductible contribution" link to make a tax deductible donation through the New York Foundation for the Arts, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that is fiscally sponsoring "The Porterhouse". Please consider donating via Kickstarter (the contribution packages are a little sweeter here:).

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    Phone call from actor, writer, producer Jeffrey Delano Davis, name listed on VIP Diners page @, name mentioned in our email blast to constituents (700 contacts), email, facebook, twitter, linkedin updates regarding readings, benefits, parties, screenings, and a special invite to our fall fundraising party in New York City.

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    Eveything at $10 donation level, plus a DVD copy of the feature film when it is completed.

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    Everything mentioned at $20, plus a CD of swanky Jazz music featuring Aldo Frank, Swing Syndicate, and Sid Baccara, courtesy of Les Halles Steakhouse in NYC.

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    Everything mentioned at $20, plus dinner with me (Jeffrey Delano Davis, actor, writer, producer of "The Porterhouse") at Les Halles Restaurant in New York City. Les Halles is home to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

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    Everything mentioned at $65 or more, plus a link to your business or fan page on the VIP Diners page @, and your name in the “Thank You” section of the rolling screen credits of the final feature film.

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