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Dygma Raise is an ergonomic keyboard for esports. It's designed to increase gamers' performance, health and comfort.
Dygma Raise is an ergonomic keyboard for esports. It's designed to increase gamers' performance, health and comfort.
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    1. Dominique Collaborator on

      Hey guys! Thanks so much for all of your comments and feedback! We have been gathering all the results and based on the 175 people who have answered, this is the breakdown:

      Option 1 - Use a thicker cable - 25.14%
      Option 2 - Remove the hub - 52.57%
      Option 3 - Keep it as is - 21.71%

      We will be posting an update in the next few hours to let you know our next steps.

      We will be needing your feedback again, but this time, we are hoping that most, if not all of you can choose your preference. We will be going with the majority but we want you all to be well-informed on the technicalities behind our decisions.

      Thanks again for your feedback guys. We really want to make this product the best it can be.

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      John Oberly III on

      I'd favor option 2 as the default for simplicity, offering option 1 as a separate add-on piece or as an upgrade for an additional charge if a customer wants to purchase it. This gives *users* the opportunity to decide if they want the larger hub and pay for that piece if they want it.

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      Ryan Waskiewicz on

      I'd be in favor of option 2. I'd really like to be able to use my raise between a few different computers, some of which are limited in terms of number of ports. Or, if going with option 3 cuts down on rework, I'd be equally happy with that.

    4. John Christy on

      i did have a question does having thicker cable mean having to take up 2 usb ports on the computer ? I still think #2 taking it out is better and keeps it simple.

    5. John Christy on

      I vote for Number 2 Take it out

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      My vote is for #2.
      I among many others just don't have a use for the USB slot, monitors have pass-throughs and most PC cases have plenty of headers.
      Removing the Hub would make it THAT much more sleak and sexy in my opinion.

      If most people do want the Hub though, my second vote is for #1 so it can work at full capacity.

    7. Missing avatar

      Casey on

      I think option 1 would be best because it essentially moves a USB slot from the back of your PC to the desk, giving you easy access to add another peripheral.

      Another reason is because the thicker cable is a small price to pay for a bit more functionality. If a mouse were to have a thicker cable, it would probably matter more because it would affect movement. But since keyboards usually don't move frequently, I don't think a bigger cable would cause any issues.

    8. Benedikt Paasch on

      I think that option 2 or 3 it the go to in this case!
      We will use the keyboard on a PC that has a normal amount of USBs anyway so we can plug it in to the PC if it is not working with the Raise huble.

    9. Ricardo Quesada Caballero on

      option 2 or 3, i think it's better

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Ryan on

      Option 3. It's still useful for just about everything but HDDs, and means that the project won't be delayed due to huble redesign. Also, would it be possible to release a cable that adds the functionality of option one as an after market accessory?

    11. Missing avatar

      Colossus on

      I'd say 3.

      It's no worse then 2 and you get the port in you need it while being minimally larger.

      would it be possible to implement some kind of USB3.0+ or PD only mode?

    12. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Tutundjian on

      Option 1
      USB really close is always very nice. But the solution from Jeremy might be the best one. Don't you think guys?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ronnie on

      Options 1 or 2, leaning a little more towards option 2. Having a middle-ground like option 3 would introduce more complications in my opinion.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      1 or 3. I don't like option 2.

    15. Kyle Miller

      1 or 3 there is no reason to redesign something that already works

    16. Missing avatar

      Timothy McLaughlin on

      Option 2. I certainly don't require any more USB ports.

    17. Jens Christian Rasch on

      I would go with option 2: Remove the hub.
      Personally I don't need those extra USB ports. There are specialised equipment for that so it shouldn't be in the keyboard. But that is just my personal preference.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin MacLeod on

      Definitely don't use a two-port cable, that's just bad design.

      I'd say remove the USB hub, definitely. It adds extra complexity, and gamers are likely to want their mouse directly connected to their PC anyways, for performance reasons.

      Using a standard USB cable with a hub is fine, but honestly, I don't care one bit about the hub, and I suspect most people buying the product wouldn't either!

    19. Phillip Watson on

      It's been said a lot, but cannot be said too often. Bravo for involving the community in your decision with a challenge like this.

      To me, most important is cost vs delay. How much extra cost and delay are options 1 and 2? It looks like everyone is picking those.

      My vote is for whatever adds the least cost and delay, since redesigning the hub would most likely create the longest delay, and the extra plug the most cost.

      If everything is equal, I vote 1 with 2 being the second choice.

    20. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Option 2 is best. Simple and safe has more reliability

      If people need a hub, they can get it for cheap.

      I also prefer my cables to be more flexible.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kiran Shields on

      Based on how thick the cable would have to be, just remove it. Option 2.

    22. Thien Tran on

      Option 2 it's okay to me.

    23. Jeremy Morton on

      I like option 1.

    24. Alex Polson on

      I like the idea of having a USB port that's more accessable than others on my system. While I wouldn't typically plug in a high powered device into an extra port like this, the idea of the keyboard malfunctioning if I do seems like a no-go. My order of preference in that case would be 1, 3, 2.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andres Arias on

      Option 2- simple is better- and also cleaner for production

    26. Missing avatar


      I will have to say if you will remove the usb hub, that will be a huge dissapointment. As mentioned earlier usb 3.0 can deliver more power, so having a single cable and note that the usb hub will only work properly with usb 3.0 or it should not be used with usb 2.0. Or have an additional cable that has a split design to work with two usb 2.0 ports.
      I can see why many people just say 2, but after having had a usb hub in a keyboard for a while it will be difficult to go back

      TLDR; 1,3,2

    27. Missing avatar

      Alexander Alexi on

      I'd go with option 1 since, what's one cable more? Plus, I personally find the hub to be useful.

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick Praas on

      I' for option 2.
      Almost all high end keyboards do not offer a USB-hub option and that has always worked fine for me.

    29. Missing avatar

      katze on

      I vote option 2.
      My PC don't have any more USB ports.

    30. Kyle Morgan on

      From what I understand, option 3 is only an issue if using a large draw item such as a hard drive. Most the people who seem to want option 2 would not even be affected by option 3 as they do not intend to use any plug-ins. So, I say stick with option 3 for those of use who plan to use something like a mouse with it.

    31. Jens Wischnewsky on

      I'd hate to have the hassle of 2 USB ports to plug in, especially for mobile use (laptop, phone with otg USB, raspberry pi...) . I'm fine with option 3 and can't think of putting anything else than a mouse or a USB stick in there anyway. Would rather have no USB pass through than 2 USB ports on the cable though.

      Tldr 3,2,1

    32. Missing avatar

      Philipp on

      Option 2

      Just remove it. It is much more important that it works correctly in all scenarios than it is to have some rarely used gimmick.

    33. Patrick Trapp on

      Option 2 it is :)

      And very good Job providing us this intel and asking for opinion!!

    34. Jeremy Anderson on

      May I propose a fourth option?

      I have a portable disc drive that has 2 cables — one is a standard male USB A - male USB B cable that carries data and enough power to operate the drive in read only mode. There’s another cable that is male USB A to a male barrel plug. The disc drive has a female USB B connector and a female barrel plug port. When you want to burn a disc, you connect the barrel-tipped cable to provide an extra 500mA.

      Having a similar system for the Huble would allow the user to only provide extra power when it’s actually needed.

      You wouldn’t have to use a separate barrel connector (requiring a redesign of the Huble), but you could achieve this with 2 cables — one that is thicker with two USB A connectors on one end and a single USB (B?) connector on the other to be used by people who need more power... and a second, skinnier / slinkier cable for those people who require flexibility and not much power.

      And if all the cables are detachable (even the one to the Raise), then users who don’t even want the Huble can just directly plug the Raise into the PC with a single, longer cable.

      Now everyone’s happy.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Option 2, I won't use it anyways.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeremias de Isequilla on

      First, thanks for involving us all in the decision. So I think option 3 is a no-go since it could affect the performance of the keyboard which should never be an option. I would prefer more of a minimal design with lighter cable for better mobility, so I can take my keyboard with me everywhere.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mathew Heller on

      My preference order is 1, 2, 3.

    38. Missing avatar

      Colby on

      As an aside, this update makes me so happy. Acknowledging a challenge, explaining it clearly, and asking for our opinions - holy crap you guys are awesome.
      Regardless the decision, please keep these up.

    39. Missing avatar

      Colby on

      Vote Option 2
      don't need the hub on a movable and small keyboard, Hubs or multiple ports are simple enough to have elsewhere.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ian Ryan on

      What if you used a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect the huble to the computer? USB-C allows more current draw, over a normal thin cable, right? I mean, macbooks can charge and send display signal over a single, thin cable. The rest of the Raise's connections are USB-C, and it seems to me that this is only a problem because of the USB-A cable.

      This is the world's most advanced gaming keyboard, and USB-C is the future. Don't compromise your design for the sake of old technology, push forward! People that don't have USB-C ports yet can still the keyboard via cables or dongles, and maybe certain devices don't work on their hub. That's a worth-while tradeoff for a superior product, in my opinion.

    41. Missing avatar


      Option 2 - No USB on keyboard is preferred for me.
      If you do have USB, it should work correctly all the time, so option 1.
      Option 3 is insanity - who wants a port that might or might not work? I would be surprised if any but the most tech-y users are aware that different devices draw different power and think that a port that could cause the attached device or keyboard to fail is a reasonable scenario. I'm pretty tech-y and that seems absurd and SO CHEAP to me.

    42. Michael Ball on

      I wish you luck sorting through these comments.

      Order of preference is: 2,1,3

    43. Missing avatar

      Toby Corkindale on

      USB 3.0 ports can provide 900ma of power, higher than USB 2.0's 500ma.

      Just about every PC has USB 3.0 ports now, so provided your Huble signals to the port appropriately, it should be fine to have a single cable, and still have a decent amount of power.

    44. Usagi Ito on

      my order is: 2, 3, 1

      I'll prepare the other power source or USB bus routes if I need to high consumption devices.