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    Good karma and the knowledge that you've helped humanize your planet.

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    Congratulations! You've just pre-ordered the first issue of Defrag. Your name (in text) will be mixed into a multimedia piece published in the magazine. Thanks for your support!

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    You've just pre-ordered the first two issues of Defrag. You'll also be invited to submit a digital image (photograph, artwork, etc...) for use in the multimedia collaboration, Meet Your Planet, featuring media submitted from artists and other funders like yourself from around the world. The finished piece will be published in the first issue--and you'll a part of Defrag history. Thanks and welcome aboard!

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    You'll receive gift codes for the first two issues of Defrag, plus you'll be invited to submit up to three still images or 10 seconds of audio or video to be used in the Meet Your Planet global collaboration. You'll also receive a series of 5 print-resolution digital files, taken as screen-grabs from the piece. Many thanks for your support, and welcome to the Defrag Team.

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    You'll receive the above rewards, plus a numbered, limited edition DVD of Meet Your Planet, the global collaboration piece to enjoy and impress your friends with forever. You'll also be thanked in the magazine for your support.

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    For this generous donation you'll receive all of the above rewards, including the limited edition DVD of the global collaboration piece. You'll also have a specially prepared Meet Your Planet gift-bag delivered to your door, filled with art, food, and music from around the world--as well as a handwritten thank you note. You will be thanked and listed in the magazine as a Patron.

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    Congratulations--and thank you. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support this project and to help make the world a better and less fragmented place. For your seriously generous contribution you will receive all of the above rewards plus your choice of one of the following: an original video-portrait of you or someone of your choosing, by video-artist and Defrag founder, David Olson. Or, David will create and perform a live multimedia projection specially for your event ( travel costs from NYC not included). You will also be listed as a Founding Supporter of Defrag, and thanked profusely in the first issue of the magazine.

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