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28mm-scale UAMC Hardsuit Power Armor tabletop gaming miniatures
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    1. Chuck Mays on

      I guess no updates. :(

    2. ray bans

      So does this mean we are on schedule for delivery?

    3. Jack Gaudette on

      About those fingernails…. The camera reveals all. That shows me how hard you guys are working to get it right. Thanks for the update.

    4. madmatt on

      Are the surfaces smooth? Often the surfaces of 3d-printed models are really rough and thus create enormous problems when attempting a decent praintjob on them.

    5. Mike Uher II on

      How big around are the arm holes?

    6. MichaelG on

      Nice - thanks! Looking forward even more to see a complete production model!

    7. matt_adlard

      Great too some updates and that things are going well, love the detail, very nice look to them.

    8. Matthew Leahy on

      They appear to have good detail, thanks for the pics.

      Who is doing the moldmaking and casting? That's the next step, right?

    9. Magnus Ekström on

      This is exactly the kind of updates we all have been waiting for! Its great to see your progresses as the work goes on, well worth the waiting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Blaujen on

      Good to see the progress and the suits.
      I agree with the previous comment, that its interesting to see the behind-the-scenes work - and one of the good things about KS projects.


    11. ozoli on

      Looking good DG! One of the great things about kickstarters is seeing behind-the-scenes progress as the product is developed. Well done.