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28mm-scale UAMC Hardsuit Power Armor tabletop gaming miniatures
686 backers pledged $46,492 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Chuck Mays on

      Any updates? Haven't heard anything in over a month..

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian Ollerton on

      Should I be expecting my suits in February or will they be delayed?

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Ian Plumb on

      I Pledged $73 -- $38 Pledge, plus $5 international postage, plus $30 German Mechs pledge. When I try to do this in Fundafull it charges me twice for international postage. Is that intended? Also, Fundafull wants my credit card details. I don't want to do that. Is there a way to pay with Paypal?

    5. MichaelG on

      Yes, I was looking at the expanded view. Now that I understand the order of wording; I see that the Hardsuit Heavy Weapons box count that is off in the pledge manager description.

      The graphic on the home page shows the Hardsuit Heavy Weapons as 2 boxes, not the one listed in the pledge manager. I'm looking at the "Bonus 2" verbiage in this graphic:…

    6. David Wood

      I take it the pre order extras will be added on automatically?

    7. Defiance Games Creator on

      Hi Michael G - if you click on the link you get a description like this:

      EIGHT box sets of UAMC HARDSUITS! Free Shipping in USA and Canada. $5 Shipping Fee Worldwide.

      Includes Stretch Goals:
      German Mechs - 2 Box Sets
      Female Marines - 2 Box Sets
      Hardsuit Heavy Weapons - 1 Box Set
      Female Marine NCO Figure
      Hardsuit NCO Figure

    8. MichaelG on

      Thanks for the updates!

      Just one refinement on the $150.00 goal. The pledge manager lists "German Mechs" instead of "2 Box Sets of German Mechs" as defined in the original Kickstarter graphic.

    9. Jack Gaudette on

      It was an easy quick process, and all of the add ons were right there. I am looking forward to my suits and Mechs! The mechs I am going to do in WW2 German desert yellow

    10. Cawshis Clay on

      @defiance - Excellent! Thanks for the response!

    11. Luca Lacchini on

      OK, noticed the updated full descripitions, all set!

      Thanks guys!!

    12. Luca Lacchini on

      Yet another question regarding the 65$ pledge: does this include also the female marine NCO figure and the hardsuit NCO figure?
      In the 26k$ and 32k$ stretch goal description it says "Once unlocked, ALL backers receiving at least one reward level will receive a single UAMC FEMALE MARINE NCO figure!!"

      Just clearing all doubts before finalizing my pledge in the manager.

    13. Defiance Games Creator on

      Hi Cawshis: we added to some of the descriptions to make sure these were correct. It should be all set now.

    14. Mike Uher II on

      That was almost too easy... Now I can just sit back and wait for my suits to arrive. Muy excited.

    15. Cawshis Clay on

      I think I did this correctly.

      I bid at the $65 level, which nets me the 3 boxes of hard suits, which is great. All set there.

      But I see no way to confirm that I will get the "Stretch Bonus 1" which includes the mechs, heavy weapons, and female marines.

      Is that all done behind the scenes?

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthias Schaumberger on

      Done. Quick and easy, really well set up.

    17. Rik Baker

      Sorted out...and done...

    18. Shawn Reis on

      Done and Done... Very Easy.

    19. Luca Lacchini on

      Thanks guys, will look into the pledge manager as soon as I get home.