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28mm-scale UAMC Hardsuit Power Armor tabletop gaming miniatures
686 backers pledged $46,492 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Shawn Reis on

      Patiently waiting.................................. Any time now................ Okay..... Send me the survey info NOW!!!! :-P (please)

    2. Mike Uher II on

      Nice. Now we will be able to get this done. Ooh Rah!

    3. Defiance Games Creator on

      Sorry - slight delay on launching the Fundafull. From Doug @ Fundafull:

      We have all the copy and code changes done and tested for the redesign but we don't like pushing updates out this late in the day, especially since we made quite a few changes to the pledge manager itself. The new design will be push live at 10am EST tomorrow.

    4. Mike Uher II on

      Can we expect the fundall to launch prior to Christmas? Seeing how things are coming along, I would like to get my pledge figured out so I can sit back and wait. I think it would also go a long ways toward quieting some of the detractors.

    5. matt_adlard

      Looking great

    6. Defiance Games Creator on

      @ Neil - only if Krampus is armed with 23rd century weaponry and hails from a distant planet. :-)

    7. Neil Sinclair on

      RE: the Green - Krampus?

    8. captain birdbum on

      @dg. Awesome update. Makes me glad to see such awesome progress. Loving it teaser too.

    9. Mike Uher II on

      Correction: If I got eight shoulder mounted missile pods, and eight HMG's per set.

    10. Mike Uher II on

      So what is the proposed composition of the set? If I got eight of those, and eight HMG's per set, that would rock on more so.

    11. Defiance Games Creator on

      Hi Mike yes that little boxy guy is the shoulder-mounted missile launcher. It's modeled with the cover open but you can easily cut and model it as closed too.

    12. Mike Uher II on

      Wait- is that little box thingy in the lower left the shoulder missile pod? If so- ROCK ON!

    13. Mike Uher II on

      From what I can see, there are four HMG arms, two GL/Mortar arms, two flame thrower arms, and two "hardbeam" arms. I am still wondering what the composition of the box will be. How many of each arm will we get in the box? Will there be enough blades for the claw arms?

    14. Dominique Dufour on

      Youpee ! Can we increase our pledge level when the manager will be on line ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Blaujen on

      They look really good, and I am very pleased to see the progress

    16. Defiance Games Creator on

      Dominique - we have some ideas for the heavy weapons set that will incorporate additional leg poses.

    17. Dominique Dufour on

      NICE !!! However should be nice to have a pair of legs standing strait (not walking) for a more static pose, especially with the model with the hatch opened. Just a idea...