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28mm-scale UAMC Hardsuit Power Armor tabletop gaming miniatures
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    1. Roman on

      The more I think about this the more I can see these suits supporting the fight against the xenomorph menace (AvP) will be great backing up my colonial marines.

    2. Mike Uher II on

      Suit Operator- "I see your assault rifle and SAPI plates- and raise you one arm mounted mortar system and 2.5 inches of steel ceramic laminate armor."
      Soldier- 'Gulp.'

    3. Matthew Leahy on

      Thanks for the answer, looking forward to seeing the next stage.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Guarnieri on

      Looks awesome. Really I want a power armor suit that looks like it can walk through most if not all small arms fire. The bulkiness makes it feel like real "power armor". If I want smaller suits they're are lots out there to choose from. For bigger proper suits you don't see much. Kind of a shame because DP9 could have done some cool stuff with 25/28mm power armor via Heavy Gear. I think this is going to be a great niche to fill.

    5. Defiance Games Creator on

      Hi Matthew - yes the new prints are in process right now. I'm waiting to hear back from the service on the final date they'll be able to ship them out.

    6. Matthew Leahy on

      The size shown is fine with me. I'm looking for something like the 'Sea Lions' in the Ghost in the Shell series (which have the same issue of 'where are the pilot's legs?') or the powered suit Mackie wears in Bubblegum Crisis.

      You should be about ready to have these printed, right? If not, what's the deadline you set for the person doing the 3D modeling?

    7. SavAge on

      That size looks perfect, from the comparison it seems the operator's feet end up just nicely in the suit's thighs. Presumably arms would be fitted in similar positions to modern fighter pilots', gripped around controls/in forearm 'troughs' either side of the operator?

      Now that we have that sorted then, when can we expect to see some new images of the suits (or mechs come to that)? Would be good to have an idea of how the designs has progressed since the prototype in the image here. Also, a mech-size comparison shot would be nice, are there any mech models that you could put up next to that hardsuit in a pic?

    8. matt_adlard

      Thing is this is slightly bigger than what a spacemarne should be according to the fluff, so a terminator would be about 10-11ft.

    9. matt_adlard

      The design above would not make the suit 12ft, more like 9ft, as its only about half again of the human.

    10. Keith & Diana on

      Mike Uher II: The size you suggest is almost perfect! But we seem to be in the minority. People love their mecha, I guess.

      ray bans: Remember, these are meant to be *power suits*, not mecha. You're not meant to be piloting it, you're meant to be 'wearing' it, at least to a degree (even if the hands do not wear the arms, the basic 'there's a human in there' is the entire point)...

    11. Nick Kirsch on

      This size looks good to me.

    12. Mike Uher II on

      I changed my pic- hope that helps...

    13. Mike Uher II on

      I messed around a bit with the image, and found 85% of this size is close to what I expected (no idea how to post it though, so I'll email it to you if I can). But if this is the final size- I won't complain. It will definitely make Terminators look like childrens toys! BTW, the GL should really be a Mortar at this size, or a light cannon. To have that big a weapon be just a GL is a little underwhelming. Basically, a rules change would fix that.

    14. Mike Uher II on

      It almost looks like the operator would ride in the top and waist- and not the legs. I was expecting just a touch smaller (like 9 ft, and not 12). I have no idea how to post pics here, so I'll just email one.

    15. matt_adlard

      would see the pilot being partially enclosed not in a full sense of being able to fit the suit like a suit were you drop straight in and fit almost like an oversuit, but more fit in with the feet being either in the top of the legs or fitted near the crotch.

      The control system would be more 'direct brain neural interfaces,' possibly a military application from the early aviation and drone industries and the A flat interface nerve electrode (Fine) of military hospital research, before being taken up by the corporations in regards to artificial limbs and industry. Such a move would see more capital and innovation being pumped into the tech and it being taken back within military as costs drop.

      Suspect that only a certain type would be suitable due to what ever reason 'medical, psych,mentality.' so specialised role, military nick would apply so probably 'Jack's ' as the pilot has to 'jack-in via direct brain neural interface'

    16. matt_adlard

      Love the size and look of it.

    17. graham quartly

      looks fine to me, keep the updates coming

    18. ray bans

      Size ok, if anything I would prefer larger, as I can not see a human fitting inside it properly, but the size will be good on the table

    19. Scott Hewitt

      Well, unfortunately that's way bigger than I wanted.
      Sending you a message regarding changing my pledge rewards.

    20. Defiance Games Creator on

      If anyone would like to post up their sketch ideas of how the operator is enclosed in the suit - please feel free. Would love to see your ideas as we develop the background around the larger size.

    21. Missing avatar

      steven smigielski on

      looks good.

      it puts the pilot standing in the suit's "knees" (as expected)

      or basically kneeling in the torso like the Infinity suits often imply...

    22. Keith & Diana on

      Wow. It's... huge. So you just scaled the whole thing up? I guess people like their robots big and stompy.

      How's the dudes legs fit in there now? It looks too long in the thigh for a human to squeeze in.
      Come to think of it, I'm trying to figure out how they fit in the 'torso', too. Unless his legs aren't in the robots legs, but then how's he fitting in?

    23. Larry Shuping

      Looks good. Print it!

    24. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      looks good guys!
      thank you for the updates as well! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Blaujen on

      It looks good, and I would like one (maybe more) very much.

      I also feel far more secure over the size issue.

    26. Missing avatar

      John McHugh on

      Perfect! That looks great, thank you :)

    27. Roman on

      Like that size. Thx