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28mm-scale UAMC Hardsuit Power Armor tabletop gaming miniatures
686 backers pledged $46,492 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Michael Moore on

      What I really want to know is, how are the german mechs coming and the female marines?

    2. Missing avatar

      SleeplessFish on

      I've used Backerkit before with no problems.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Jack Gaudette on

      Tony was good with surveys maybe you should talk to him. By the way I preordered The Germans about a year and a half ago. Please send me a "resculpted" box or credit my amex.

    5. Missing avatar

      The Roth on

      Please, give us some kind of substantial update soon. I may be coming across a bit negative here, but this update actually reduced my confidence.
      You're doing a Kickstarter with a very short estimated delivery date and you haven't even chosen the survey software before the Kickstarter?
      To me this seems like you're stalling. Posting something to keep people happy.

    6. SavAge on

      As my fellow backers seem to be pretty much universally behind Backerkit, my vote would be for that.

      Personally though, I would also like to register a wish for updates more than just once a week - even just a few words to say things are in hand would make for better feedback than we've been receiving so far, and I for one would very much appreciate the gesture.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ming on

      I have experience with Backerkit and I haven't had any notable issues. I've also had experience with various custom jobs, and a lot of them have significant issues and are difficult to use *cough*mantic*cough*). I've not got any experience with After the Crowd.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander White on

      In my opinion Backerkit is fun to use.

    9. ray bans

      My Favourite out of 40 projects has been

      but backerkit is ok.

    10. matt_adlard

      Good to know we have an update and things are on track.

    11. Mathieu Raymond on

      Most of the KS I did had custom surveys, or used BackerKit. The latter is quite adequate.

    12. Mike Uher II on

      Keep this up- and my faith will be restored. I think your question has been answered. Looking forward to progress updates, and that survey!

    13. Roman on

      Good to hear from you - yes agree with backerkit.

      Thanks for the update too.

    14. Luca Lacchini on

      Backerkit worked fine. Don't know the other.

    15. Adam Canning

      BackerKit has sdome quirks but I've not had trouble with kickstarters that use it.

      After the Crowd I haven't run into.

    16. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      Backerkit worked very well.

    17. James E on

      I used Backertkit on the other KS I supported.

    18. Adam

      I've used Backerkit on several KS projects and it works fine.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matt Nafa on

      I have used Backerkit twice before and I have liked the way that it works very much.

    20. mattl on

      Backerkit is good.

    21. Jonathan Steer on

      I've completed at least one survey produced with Backerkit which worked fine from a user perspective. I'm not aware of having used one made with After the Crowd as far as I know so I can't compare.

    22. Steve Rispin on

      A survey will be a good thing as many people have lost faith and this may or may not satisfy them!but at least its an update!

    23. Johan Karlsson on

      BackerKit is great imho, have no experience with the other one

    24. Scott Kunian

      I would like a reply to my refund request from last week,