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28mm-scale UAMC Hardsuit Power Armor tabletop gaming miniatures
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    1. Shawn Reis on

      Progress is a good thing.. And remember folks it's all a WIP for now..

    2. Keith & Diana on

      The hardsuit minigun probably shouldn't have cannon rounds loaded into it. :)
      The rest of the suit looks solid, though I remain hopeful that the guns won't end up too 'long' - tape a meter rule to your arm and try to sweep around a room full of junk and you'll see what I mean.

    3. Edwin Siegel on

      It's all looking good. I have to point out, though, that the bullets feeding into what looks like a mini-gun are far too large for the barrel. Any possibility of getting that tweaked?

    4. Terrence Nolan on

      Good Update Please continue to keep us in the loop both here and in facebook please.

    5. madmatt on

      The female Marines look, sorry I have to say it such bluntly, horrible.... anybody interested in getting mine for little money.... I hope the hardsuits will be better, otherwise I feel as if I have wasted my money here... :(

    6. Roman on

      Looking great. I do plan to use the hard suits as 15mm Mecha and they will be great for that.

    7. SavAge on

      Thanks again for the update. Left arm digital mockups are looking good also - as they appear to have a different posing to the right arm there, can we assume that there will be multiple poses for some of the hardsuit weapons?

    8. "DUMP" on

      I like the 3D cad pics. are the female marines going to be armed with the same weapon load out as the male marines? A quick note on the arms. The arms look a little too long, Human arms when fully extended should be just long enough to cup the crotch regardless of sex or height, hers look like they might reach her knees...

    9. Nick Dodds on

      Does the female marine really need 2 guns to show hoe badass she is?

    10. Missing avatar

      Blaujen on

      I like the claws, its good to see some left arms. Please pass my compliments to the sculptor.

      Other issues aside; this remains a very strong design concept and it really should take you guys somewhere good.

    11. Franklin Roberts III on

      Does this mean we will get added weapon swaps for the hardsuits?

    12. Nick Dodds on

      Looking good!
      Any chance we can see the bits in context with the rest of the sculpt?