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The very first generative art book of its kind. Each print will be calculated individually – which makes every single book unique.
The very first generative art book of its kind. Each print will be calculated individually – which makes every single book unique.
186 backers pledged $33,221 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jacqueline Skelton on

      I received my book last week and it is amazing. Even my husband, who I didn't think would appreciate the book, was impressed. I especially liked the artists descriptions in the back so I could somewhat understand how and why they created the image they did.

    2. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      dear Nikolas

      Unfortunately there is a delay of a few weeks of production. So the books will be shipped definitively in the end of August. Please send us your new adress or a friend's mailing adress by private message or email.

      Kind regards

    3. Nikolas Psaroudakis on

      I am moving out of my place 31st of August (but dont know where to yet)... any chance of receiving the book before? If not, I should probably give you a friend's address or something...

    4. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      hi james. the books are still in production and the shipping will be within the next three weeks. as soon as we are at this point we will send an email including the sipping details to all the backers.

    5. James Junghanns on

      Is there any news regarding the shipping of the books themselves? When will they go out? Which courier? Will there be a tracking number?

      Thanks. I'm really looking forward to holding my own umique copy. It's just an idea that blows my mind.

    6. Chris Delbuck on

      Golan just showed off his copy at Eyeo, and there were audible oooohs from the crowd.

    7. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      Thank you! It is just awesome how things went on! ...and now back to work to get the book finalized ;)

    8. Niels Wouters on

      Congratulations guys! Looking forward to touching/smelling/admiring/caressing the unique masterpiece and the masterpieces inside. Wonderful work!

    9. Golan Levin on

      Congratulations Martin & Peter!

    10. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      dear devra

      not only was mac osx in use - we also used the windows based environment too... so in our call for artworks last year we had not restricted the platform for creating applications.

      best regards

    11. Missing avatar

      devra breslow on

      as a dedicated Mac user for 2 decades, i a surprised you used Windows, not Mac. Whatever you did, it is wonderful and we look forward to the finished products.

    12. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      dear RJ

      Shipping still is for EU and US included in every pledge. (see last comments below)
      From the very beginning the project was meant (and still is meant) as a "non-profit-building" project.
      Every single book will be self-financing. That's why we offered the book for at least 200 USD - but we still are putting much more work (and occasionally private money) into the project.

      We're not able to change any of the set conditions. Even though with the incredible amount of nearly 3 times more than expected, there's no profit for us personally and the project itself. There were a few unexpected risks and costs we most of them already faced and paid for on our own.
      There's no need to be worried; with this kickstarter-project we're capable to produce the Written Images artbook in the expected quality.

      If there in the end will be more money than needed, we will put every dollar into "the quality of the book's production and materials".

      Best regards
      Martin and Pete

    13. RJ Duran on

      Since the total amount pledged is almost 3x the target goal ($10K), will the cost of the book go down at all or will there be shipping included?

    14. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      we will calculate the exact amount for shipping after we received your details of shipping adress. This will be in the end of march, when our kickstarter-project is finished.

      best regards

    15. Missing avatar

      Glenn Fowler on

      So would you prefer the $15 added to the pledge amount, or handle it later somehow when you've got the exact figures?

    16. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      Dear Glenn

      Written Images will be published in Switzerland but shipping will be worldwide.
      Costs of international air freight have been precisely calculated and are included in the regular pledging.

      For Asia and Australia as well as all other countries outside of Europe and the U.S. there will be an extra charge for shipping. This charge of course is moderate-priced (in example for Australia the surcharge is about 15 USD).

      During the last few months written images has become more and more realistic and the team has incessantly been working on it.

      Best regards
      Martin and Team

    17. Missing avatar

      Glenn Fowler on

      What's the situation with shipping to Australia?

    18. Golan Levin on

      @Troy - All of the listed artists applied to be in the book early last year, for a July 15th deadline. Of the ~70 or so submissions, 42 projects were selected for the book by a jury of distinguished curators, gallerists, and designers.

    19. Troy Hipolito on

      Any way to get on your list of artists for the publication? We build video games and have lots of interesting screen shots to show. A few peices can be viewed at: .



    20. Lee Byron on

      Can't wait to hold one of these. This is an amazing collection of artists and an innovative production.

    21. N.S. Saysourinho on

      And kudos to Pete and Martin of course for putting together such a cool project :)

    22. Golan Levin on

      @N.S., I'm glad my remarks were helpful. $200 for a "book" is certainly pricey for me too. But the price seems quite reasonable if you think of this -- instead -- as a way of getting unique prints from each of 42 different artists. They just happen to be all bound together :)

    23. N.S. Saysourinho on

      I'd like to thank Golan for his testimonial on this thread, and his answer to Nuthinking's question in particular. I think when an artefact seems a tad inaccessible/exclusive (200$ *is* pricey), comments from enthusiastic contributors help make the art and the process seem less removed. I'm probably not expressing myself correctly (English is not my first language), but basically, what I'm saying is that updates are nice! cheers

    24. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      dear Matt

      after the project is completely funded (end of March) we will contact every single backer for shipping details. so there will be the possibility to hand us a different shipping adress than on your Amazon payment account.

      If there are any other questions, feel free to comment or contact us directly by e-mail.

      <p> martin

    25. Missing avatar

      Matt Gorbet on

      Great project, can't wait to own this landmark book. Q: Will you collect shipping details etc. after the project closes? I would like to ship to a different address than my Amazon payment card.

      I look forward to updates and sneak previews of the book as it comes together. Congratulations everyone.

    26. Golan Levin on

      There has been a nice article about this project which just appeared today:
      The article conveys the point that Written Images demonstrates how "digital" doesn't have to mean the end of "print".

    27. Golan Levin on

      @Donald -- I believe you are incorrect. To the best of my knowledge, the "name printed inside the book" is a traditional sponsorship arrangement, such that the sponsor's name is printed inside ALL copies of the book (not just their own!). Unfortunately, Kickstarter does not allow users to change the text of the pledge rewards once the funding drive is started, otherwise Martin told me that he would have repaired this.

    28. Donald Spicer on

      Just to be clear, the 'name printed inside the book' is only in the contributor's particular book and not throughout the entire limited edition set - is that correct?

    29. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      .... and the book will be printed in and distributed by our local partner – the printing company 'Druckerei Diethrich' Basel, Switzerland.

    30. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      @ Horst & Rick: We wished, we could start on January 1st, but we have to wait until the project on kickstarter is completed. This means in the end of March 2011 we can start with the production.

      Meanwhile we're preparing the remaining content of the book for the printing-process.

      Thanks for all your support - we're stunned about the huge response and the big support from all of you! This is just awesome!

      Happy new year to all of you!

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Where is the book being printed and distributed?

    33. Horst Kiechle on

      I always thought this project would fly, but this looks like a rocket! Congrats guys.
      Now starts the long wait ... :( - or can you start printing on 1 January?

    34. Golan Levin on

      Here's my little testimonial. -- When I first learned of Written Images, it was immediately clear to me that this is a landmark project, the first of its kind. Written Images is not just another book "about" generative or computational art -- there are already many such surveys, such as Hartmut Bohnacker's handsome "Generative Gestaltung", or Casey Reas et al.'s "Form and Code". Instead, each pressing of the Written Images book is itself a generated artifact, containing 168 prints which are each totally unique artworks. Such a book would never have been possible until now. I think the Written Images project fulfills the promise of generative art better than any other static object I'm aware of. This may explain why such incredible artists were attracted to contribute to the volume. I'm honored to be among them.

      @Nuthinking, I had the same question as you. As one of the contributors, I had also hoped that the cost would be lower. But I got involved as an informal advisor to the project, and Martin shared the financial spreadsheets with me. He and Peter are speaking the truth when they say that it's going to cost $200/print -- this is not some attempt to be "exclusive" or make a profit. Producing the book in the way they're doing it is operating *at the limits of today's printing systems* -- not so much because of the physical machinery, but because of the economies of scale which Written Images can't access. If Martin & Peter were just printing 200 copies of the *same* book, it would be much less expensive. Instead, their situation is equivalent to printing one copy of an 80,000 page book...

    35. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      @Paolo Tonon Yes! Aaawesome!

    36. Martin Fuchs Creator on

      @nuthinking Believe us, dear friend, we're putting every single dime into the WI project; 200USD are quite a reasonable price for the artbook, due to the fact that this is the calculated amount for the production (including sponsoring benefit) and distribution for each copy. If in the end there is any money left we will spend it on the artist's proof and the required infrastructure for the print-on-demand process.

    37. Paolo Tonon on

      22% pledged in the first 24h: this going to be successful!

    38. nuthinking on

      I don't understand why this has to be that exclusive, $200 for a book! Looks just as a speculative project than an inspiring one.