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The first fully customizable & low cost actuator system for Makers! Let's make robotics better and more affordable!
The first fully customizable & low cost actuator system for Makers! Let's make robotics better and more affordable!
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Adventures with Maker Muscle @ Comic-Con San Diego 2017

Posted by Diego Porqueras (Creator)

Hey Folks,

Comic-Con San Diego is one of the largest and most amazing comic book conventions in the world. It's where comics, movies, TV shows, video games, artwork and more than 80,000 people come together to share stories, fantasy worlds, sci-fi aliens, and cool adventures. One of the greatest things about this event is that many folks come dressed up in their favorite super hero or character. Most do it to just show respect there favorite characters, but some do it to make fun of something and a few take it to the extreme and go all out like Adam Savage from Mythbusters &

So long story short, my wife got hired to work at last week's Comic-con San Diego doing make-up stuff (blue face mask thing) at the Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog booth. Fortunately for me, I got an awesome friend (Brent) that hooked me up with some passes so I was able to tag along with her. Although it was short notice, I decided to take my coolest (and only) costume style thing I had: The Maker Muscle wings...but there was an issue...

Maker Muscle Wings...Evolved!

The initial problem with my wings I used for the Maker Faire earlier was that they stuck out too far on the sides, so going through tight crowds would be a bit challenging...and dangerous. So I decide to "evolve" them into something a bit different and more streamlined, but still wanted to show some kind of cool motion without hurting people around me of course. I made this funky video to show what I came up with.



Actuators at Comic-Con

So looking around Comic-con I saw a bunch of amazing artwork and models with actuators all over place. I couldn't take pictures of all of them, but here's a couple that I saw that were really cool, and obvious too.

Robot model with actuators at Comic-Con
Robot model with actuators at Comic-Con

One of my favorite robots with actuators I saw was from the artist Armand Baltazar. His early concept drawings for his "Collidescape" was a giant robot named "Redford" shown below. The art is amazing and I can't wait to read the story (out in October and maybe a movie next year by Ridley Scott) especially since the main character is named Diego (total coincidence). It would be awesome to actually make a working version of this character someday...with Maker Muscles of course.

Redford robot & Diego art by Armand Baltazar
Redford robot & Diego art by Armand Baltazar


Redford robot model with actuators by Armand Baltazar
Redford robot model with actuators by Armand Baltazar

In conclusion, the event was amazing and being one of the only ones with awesome actuators in my costume, I got some good attention showing of the Maker Muscles.

I also got to meet 3 backers from this project that came up to me and said "Hi"! That was so awesome, thanks for finding me!

All in all, I hope this little show inspires people to create more motorized style cosplay costumes.

And now for some production updates.

In general, things are moving along good. I received a lot of the supplies and others ordered, but still working on or waiting for more to come. I already had a little issue with one supplier sending me the wrong parts, but it's being dealt with and shouldn't delay anything. Only a few of the critical things are left, between the injection molding piece, the motors, and some components.

What I have ready:
- Maker Muscle Core aluminum: In stock and ready to cut
- Threaded Rods: In stock and ready to cut to size.
- Delrin materials for motor mounts, drive tube caps and brackets: In stock and ready to be machined.

What is pending:
- Motor shaft couplers: had them ordered, but arrived with wrong size, so waiting for the correct size to be delivered.
- Motors: Got supplier ready but testing some new samples before placing big order.
- Motor Drivers (Included with complete kit): Finalizing and testing final designs before getting them made.
- Injection molding: Waiting on mold to be finished and then setup to start testing first articles.

The rest are minor or quick items like screws and packaging which I'll be working on once some of the other parts come in finalized to make sure things fit and come together properly.

Surveys and shopping website coming soon.

I'm going to start sending some of the surveys soon to get your shipping information ready, so look out for an email requesting you to fill out your shipping info along with some additional questions.

One question I would be asking is if you want to add to or upgrade your reward. This is important because I want to make sure we have enough parts to ship everything all at once. So think about what you would want if you choose to add or change your reward. You'll be able to let me know in the survey.

I'm trying to put up a "Pre-order" shopping cart on the Maker Muscle website to give you a chance to see what will be available to add or upgrade. I would also like to include things you want, so I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to let me know what kind of accessories and options you would like to see for the Maker Muscle if you have any ideas that would help your projects.

Thanks again for your support in the project and I'm getting more excited every time we get a little closer to delivering Maker Muscles for your projects!


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