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A sturdy, fast and portable 3D Printer that you can take everywhere. Where will you take your Bukito?
A sturdy, fast and portable 3D Printer that you can take everywhere. Where will you take your Bukito?
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    1. Denny The Backer on

      After long time, i want to survey user of bukito. In term of satisfaction in 10 scale, in what mark are you? I am 7.5/10

    2. Diego Porqueras 3-time creator on

      @David Block:

      Thanks! Actually the Photoshop developers have a bukito! We know a couple of them personally, one of them bought a bukobot and visited our shop a while ago. We have a bukito profile for ps but its not released yet I think . If you can, try hooking up your bukito and see if Photoshop sees it.

    3. David Block on

      Congratulations and Happy New Year!
      I was hoping you might consider working with Adobe to have the Bukito included in their list of printers built into Photoshop. Perhaps there aren't enough of them out there, but it might be worth a shot to get your name better known.

    4. Metalnat Hayes on

      pics or it didn't happen! haha glad you got it!

    5. Knut Einar Kristensen on

      Got my Bukito yesterday. And what a masterpiece. I got the blue frosty one. Thank you Metal.

    6. Metalnat Hayes on

      Glad to hear that things are running now! User experience is definitely an issue both is machine/software experience, and expectations. We bounce around the idea of a web series on 3d printing details covering terms and what the cause and effect of the different settings are.

      I can't wait for the people to get their Final Four printers. Had lots of fun trying new modding options.


    7. Missing avatar

      Siva on

      I ran into multiple issues with my printer but all of them have been resolved by the awesome folks at deezmaker and I managed to get pretty decent prints. I just ordered a lot of PLA filament and can't wait to print more.

      Since this project was posted here last year many new players have come and the prices of the printers have come down drastically. Going forward I think it will all be about quality and ease of use experience.

    8. Metalnat Hayes on

      Finishing up Final Four builds. Expect a post soon.

      Anyone feel like their shipment has been missed, do please email me directly metal@deezmaker and we'll confirm against lists and shipping records to close this whole thing out and just be awesome! Thanks again everyone.

      Also we will be opening the survey for t-shirt designs and posting a poll for which there will be a few choices to vote on as far as the design goes. I think that's everything.


    9. Metalnat Hayes on

      Please direct to the forum:…

      But if the board is bad we can replace. I would like to ask for images of the soldered connections for the Z-Breakout board to help this.


    10. Missing avatar

      Keith Harding on

      Hi thanks I will once I get it working, at hem moment it does not detect Z end Stop.
      I have metered the switch and it breaks contact when activated (left pin-right pin)
      Is there something else I can check or is their a fault with the Z end stop card?

    11. Metalnat Hayes on

      Just print this You will need to locate 2 m2.5 bolts to mount the fan to the 3d printed piece.

      Also, what has everyone been printing with their printers?

    12. Missing avatar

      Keith Harding on

      Hi Thank you I just received my Bukito here in the UK.
      Unfortunately the PLA fan module I ordered came with a broken mount. Would you please be able to post a replacement.

    13. marzsman on

      Finished building my Bukito, and it looks amazing( Everything went great without to much big confusions. Sometimes I wished there were more and better pictures.
      There was 1 small issue though, you send me a US power cord but no worries I have plenty of these laying around so tomorrow I'll try to start printing.

    14. Missing avatar

      sean on

      Siva: Batch 4 also, just arrived monday & I finished building it yesterday. Mine did have a screw and T-nut there, but I forgot to slide the z-axis over it until I had completely finished building the bukito. I was able to take the handle off the top & slide the t-nut down from there, and then put the screw in without much trouble. So you can probably keep building & add the missing bit later when they send it to you.

    15. Missing avatar

      Danny ter Haar on

      Diego: don't know what you did, but suddenly the tracker information is updated as of yesterday:
      Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
      Departed USPS Facility SANTA CLARITA, CA 91383 November 4, 2014 10:55 pm
      Arrived at USPS Origin Facility SANTA CLARITA, CA 91383 November 4, 2014 9:37 pm
      Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility PASADENA, CA 91103 November 4, 2014 8:22 pm
      Shipping Label Created PASADENA, CA 91106 October 22, 2014 7:18 pm

      Thank you!
      Looking forward ..

    16. Missing avatar

      Siva on

      I got my kit for batch 4 and I am stuck at "Then slide the whole Z axis over the T-nut next to the power switch (on the main baseplate assembly)." in Page 12. There is no screw and T-nut next to the power switch for me. I can see it in the picture given in Page 6. Anyone facing a similar issue? I sent an email to Diego and waiting for a response.

    17. Metalnat Hayes on

      Today is a shipping day *whistles* quick note: The instructions call out for a M5 8mm bolt in the Extruder Drive Gear Kit... this is no longer in the kit and we have only focused on shipping these last few weeks so the pdf hasn't been updated, only the BOM has been. also all instructions and details are on


    18. Matt Moss on

      Thank you, my Bukito shipped on 10-24 and arrived 10-27. Everything was packaged very well in a small Priority mail box.

      Great job Deezmaker, this was well worth the wait.

    19. Missing avatar

      Danny ter Haar on

      My tracking number gives me this: "A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 7:18 pm on October 22, 2014 in PASADENA, CA 91106."
      Postal Product: Priority Mail 2-Day™
      So 6 days ago a 2 day product was made ?!
      /me confused

    20. Kamil Burzynski on

      Got my shipping notification from batch #4, yay ;) The number is still wrong (show some package from 2013), we'll see when it will update. In the past I've seen that USPS updates numbers after a day or so.

    21. marzsman on

      Great! Thx for the update Metal. Looking forward to my shipping confirmation.

    22. Metalnat Hayes on

      Woot for shipments. List has been compiled and combined with the Paypal orders. Shipments are starting again.

      Quick note: The ID that our shipping label gives us is a recycled number and may take a day before the number has been reassigned to your shipment. We have no control of the shipping ID. And since we send the e-mail verification when we print the label. It will say it was delivered some many years ago to a far away place..... So please don't respond to our confirmation e-mail with "this number is wrong." At least not without waiting a day first. If 2 days pass and it's still wrong, then we can look into it.

      Now off to send confirmation e-mails for today's shipments. And for everyone asking about the heated bed in your survey. Still no prototype yet but it's in the works from what I understand (not something I personally don't focus on much else than production)


    23. Pepijn on

      Glad to hear you are back Metal, you are more than welcome ;-)

    24. Metalnat Hayes on

      I'm back in town. Today was getting reacquainted with the shop. Tomorrow we'll review the surveys and start compiling the paypal add-ons with the surveys.

      I've also got 2 people selected so far for the Final 4 (in UPDATE 25) and fun ideas are being entertained. If anyone wants to have a custom (modded by crazy guy named Metal) Bukito, there is still a bit of time before I close that and start really jumping down the rabbit hole on these (in free time of course)


    25. Pepijn on

      Thanks for the update!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      I'm guessing that would mean mine from Batch 3 is currently on the back of truck somewhere, because I haven't heard anything.
      Bit disappointed at this stage that Batch 4 is ready to go out, and I'm still waiting in Batch 3, given I paid US$50 more (higher with exchange rate).

    27. marzsman on

      Yaaaay finally time for batch 4

    28. Missing avatar

      Danny ter Haar on

      thank you for the update!

    29. Pepijn on

      So, what happend to the "next week we should send out the survey for the final batch #4" statement form the August 19th update? what happend to batch 4 at all?

    30. Missing avatar

      Danny ter Haar on

      Could we get another update , addressing the delay for the #4 batch please ?

    31. Leo Cuellar on

      Hi Guys, I know you're busy, but any progress on the heated bed yet? Thanks.
      The printer is great!

    32. Eddie Lien on

      Request a heated bed component, or heated bed pin explanation.

    33. Dave Hylands

      My Bukito arrived a couple days ago. got it all put together and put up a blog post here:

      Assembly was fairly straight forward. I had to file a few holes bigger and grind down one side of one of the T-bolts, but otherwise it went together fairly well.

    34. Missing avatar

      Laura Thomas on

      I'm in batch 4 and haven't seen a survey yet. Did I miss it?

    35. Missing avatar

      peter birkholz on

      Jon, I am in batch 4. The email from a couple of weeks ago said batch 4 survey would be sent out soon. did i miss this email or is the survey yet to be sent out.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      No tracking number here, so I'm guess I'm one of the exceptions from batch 3.
      Diego, sent you a message a perhaps 2 months ago, with a request if possible. Just checking if you had seen it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Markus Heimann on

      Same here... got a tracking number and now I have to wait around 3 weeks...

    38. Dave Hylands

      Woot - got a shipment notification with a tracking number today. Now to just wait a couple weeks for the postal service to get it here...

    39. Diego Porqueras 3-time creator on

      Hey guys, Batch #3 is pretty much complete (except a couple exceptions) and out the door! We are gathering details for Batch #4 survey to be sent in a couple days because we have some unique things we want to offer on the last batch! We'll post a more proper update soon to explain.

    40. Brian Andrew on

      Hi Diego
      When can I expect a tracking number, survey completed, and last update on 15th August, you said the last of batch #3 would be shipping by latest two weeks after that, but still no tracking number? Can I get an update please?

    41. Dave Hylands

      The store shows that there are 8 available.!/Bukito-Portable-Mini-Printer-Kit/p/23715422/category=0

      I'm in batch #3, I filled out my survey back on May 1, and still haven't gotten a shipping notification.

    42. Missing avatar

      Danny ter Haar on

      august 18th, i presume Diego wrote on the update page:
      "We have more Bukitos going out the door this week and possibly the last part of Batch #3 next week. So next week we should send out the survey for the final batch #4"

      the implied "next week" ended sept 5th.
      It's now again one week later and it seems nobody has received their #4 survey yet.
      Diego: when you imply certain dates, and are not able to make it, what keeps you from posting a small "sorry for the delay" message for us ?

    43. Stephen Baird on

      That's my concern too, Sean. It seems like maybe things are just running slower than expected, but if batch #4 surveys really have gone out and I missed mine somehow I'd really like to know...

    44. Missing avatar

      Sean Scully

      Did I miss the batch #4 survey?

    45. Missing avatar

      Markus Heimann on

      Hi, is there any timeline, when the batch #3 will be finished? Why is the bukito at the deezmaker online store available ("NOTE: Bukitos ship within about 1-4 weeks This is our newest member ...")? Is there a chance to get a shipping confirmation before christmas at batch #3?;)

      I don't want to be annoying... but I think, it's time to see the bukito in front of me, to make sure it's great...;)

    46. Pepijn on

      They started shipping batch 3 somewhere in May, I think, and apparently they are not finished yet. This is nowhere near the expected 15/20 printers per week schedule. I'm wondering what is holding them back.
      An update would be very welcome.

    47. Missing avatar

      Zack F on

      So I finally got my Batch #3, and it's working wonderfully! It's my first 3D printer, and I've printed a few test prints that have turned out really well.

      But I do have a question. I've looked around, but haven't found any info on how to attach it to and power a Raspberry Pi. I'm assuming I'll need to just wire the +5V, GND, RXL, TXL pin holes on the electronics board to the corresponding +5V, GND, UART RXD+TXD GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi, right? And is there any difference between the RXL+TXL and RXH+TXH sets of pin holes?

    48. Dave Hylands

      Apparently batch #3 is worst than the worst case, since we were told it worst case the rest would be going out 1-2 weekks ago, which apparently hasn't happened, since I'm in Batch #3 and I haven't heard anything yet.

    49. Miguel Lazarte on

      How is going with the batch #3

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