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A sturdy, fast and portable 3D Printer that you can take everywhere. Where will you take your Bukito?

If you missed out on this Kickstarter project, you can visit for more information on how to get a Bukito

See updates: Colors Strips, Aluminum plates, Heated Platform, LCD, Carrying Case and more!

What is the "Bukito"?

The Bukito is our new sturdy, fast and portable 3D printer. This new 3D printer design is the result of the desire and passion to make a great portable printer that we can take with us anywhere.

One of our first Bukito Prototypes
One of our first Bukito Prototypes

The Details

  • Build Volume: 5"x6"x5" (125mmx150mmx125mm)
  • Resolution: <50 microns (0.05mm) X/Y & 100 microns (0.1mm) Z
  • Nozzle Size: 0.5mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (No special cartridge needed)
  • Speed: 150mm/sec - 350mm/sec
  • Materials*: PLA, ABS, MABS, Nylon, Laywood
  • Power: Includes 110-240 Power adapter. Runs with 12-16v for battery power (battery not included)
  • Weight: ~6lbs
  • Controller: Panucatt's custom Azteeg series board (Arduino
  • Compatible)
  • Software: G-Code compatible (Using Marlin Firmware) / Free Open
  • Source programs like Repetier Host or Pronterface

* Some materials may require a different platform to print properly (which we will be offering later), but the extruder system can still handle all of these material.

What people are saying about the Bukito

"We got to witness its stability first hand.  At Deezmaker's booth, company President Diego Porqueras and his colleagues turned the unit upside down, sideways and back again several times and it kept printing accurately without missing a beat." - Bob Titsch from 3D Printer World

Video From "Deezmaker Launches Bukito on Kickstarter"
by Mike Titsch at 3D Printer World

"One of the new models launching at Maker Faire Bay Area this year that caught my eye was the Deezmaker Bukito — a capable, affordable, portable entry-level model that Whosawhatsis and Diego carried around the Faire, printing on batteries." - Matt from Adafruit

"This is one of those good things that come in small packages... Small and self contained, this printer has one extra trick up its sleeves Pretty nifty!" - Joseph from Toy Builder Labs

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Bukito prints 5"x6"x5" (150 cubic inches)
Bukito prints 5"x6"x5" (150 cubic inches)

Why Bukito?

Simple answer: WE LOVE 3D PRINTING and can't get enough of it...and we now want to take it with us everywhere!

But of course, there's more to it than that. When Rich and I first discovered 3D printing, it was like the doors opened into a world without limits. Being tinkers and makers since childhood, 3D printing basically gave us the perfect tool to make almost everything we ever wanted, and sometimes 3D printing actually made it even better than we would have expected.

Bukito comes with color strips to make it unique!
Bukito comes with color strips to make it unique!

So after our first successful Bukobot Kickstarter project, we started working on this design because we keep seeing the trend of others making low cost, but unreliable, 3D printers without really focusing on the details that make a 3D printer robust and basically do what they are suppose to: make great 3D prints. We have also seen many of our Bukobot users wish they can travel with their 3D printers a little we decided to make our own version of what a portable 3D printer should be, and Bukito was born.

What's special about the Bukito?

High Quality

We know there are many 3D printers out there, but we notice that most  don't seem to follow basic design principles that 3D printers need in order to be reliable, fast and accurate...especially when moved. We love low cost 3D printing, but we also love quality prints.

The Bukito has been designed to be robust, reliable, fast and travel worthy. By using good design techniques and high quality components, we have accomplished almost everything we would want in a small and sturdy portable 3D printer. And for it's footprint, it prints pretty big!

Rigid Aluminum Frame
Rigid Aluminum Frame

Sturdy Frame

By using the aluminum V-slot slider system from Openbuilds, we have reduced the complexity of the whole printer's frame while maintaining great rigidity. Since the sliders and structure are combined, it simplifies construction but keep things very precise.

Stretch goal met! Bukito's now have aluminum plates!
Stretch goal met! Bukito's now have aluminum plates!

Below is a demonstration we did to prove how light and sturdy the Bukito 3D printer is.

Light Weight

Weighing about as much as a laptop (under 6lbs / 2kg) and having a light but strong aluminum frame, it'll tempt you to want to take it everywhere with you.


As a result of its rigid construction and very lightweight extruder system, the Bukito is capable of very high-speed printing. We've design the Bukito's special Bowden style extruder system to be as short and light as possible to give it speed and accuracy.

All metal extruder hot end for multiple material capabilities
All metal extruder hot end for multiple material capabilities

Multiple Materials

The extruder hot end on the Bukito is very similar to our bigger model, the Bukobot 8, which means it can do many materials lik PLA, ABS and Nylon. Having an all metal nozzle setup allows the Bukito to handle many types of materials with out much risk of damaging the nozzle.

Custom Drive Gear

The drive gear is one of the most critical parts of a 3D printer to maintain accuracy and reliablity. The drive gear is what pushes the filament through into the nozzle. Since we haven't found a good drive gear to use, we have designed our own. The Bukito uses our "Tatsu" drive gear, the same part used by our larger Bukobot.

Our custom made Tatsu filament drive gear
Our custom made Tatsu filament drive gear

What can Bukito make?

Almost anything you can imagine. From useful nicknacks to mechanical prototypes to sculptures for casting in metal or even glass, a fast 3D printer like the Bukito will help you realize your creative ideas.

Where can the Bukito go?

Where ever you want to take it! With the Bukito, your imagination will run wild...and you can take it with you almost anywhere.

Print objects at home, school, work, coffee shops, meetings, a friend's house, it's even quiet enough for a library.

Even take it on you family vacation, you'll never know when you need to spontaneously 3D print something.

Take it in the car, RV, camper, bus or train. How cool would it be to go camping or hanging out at the beach with a 3D printer?

Currently, the Bukito needs to be plugged into an power outlet to run, but when funding is successful, we will be able to offer battery power options.

Disclaimer: We can not be responsible for where you take your Bukito, so please be cautious and respectful to your surroundings. Always ask permission and follow all the rules of where you may want to take your Bukito...but make sure to also share your 3D prints if you can : )

Open Source & Local

Having discovered the open-source USA-made V-slot system from Openbuilds (also a previous kickstarter project that we backed) has allowed us to create a great slider and frame system while keeping manufacturing as local as possible to be able to scale up better. Many other components, like nozzles, drive gears and controller boards are also provided by local companies here in the US.

When this project gets funded, we will also release all the specs and design files on our wiki to keep things open source, as we have been.

Prototype Resolution Tests
Prototype Resolution Tests

Why we need to reach this goal?

The main reason is cost. After meeting with some suppliers, we calculated that we need to reach this minimum goal to be able to offer our Bukito at the best possible price. Although, we can make fewer machines at much higher prices, we really want to share the Bukito 3D printer with as many people as we can. So we believe that lowering the price will make the Bukito more accessible to more people.

The other reason is that we want to refine some parts on the Bukito, like making more compact electronics, adding some extra covering to some components for better protection and to just make some aspects look nicer. In order to take the Bukito beyond our fully working prototypes into production, we need your support to give it the finishing touches. Some tooling and final testing costs can add up quickly, and although we have worked out most of the functionality of the Bukito, we want to make it the best possible 3D printer by getting higher quality components.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With the experience of our previous Kickstarter project, the "Bukobot 3D Printer", we have learned a lot about production and making the design more efficient for faster production. We recently launched our Bukobot 3D printer version 2, which we have improved greatly to keep up with production scaling while maintaining a high quality 3D printer. With the Bukito, we've have considered larger production from the start, which is why we have kept everything as simple as possible. We have also established great relationships with many suppliers to make sure we can handle larger volumes so we can start production as soon as possible.

Of course, we can't predict every situation, but with our experience, we can definitely try to avoid as many hurdles as possible to delivery on schedule.


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