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1 to 100 players in only 25 minutes?! It's true. Can you build the best neighborhood in this unique flip and fill game?
1 to 100 players in only 25 minutes?! It's true. Can you build the best neighborhood in this unique flip and fill game?
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Two Minutes to Midnight

Posted by Deep Water Games (Creator)

Doomsday is upon us, Backers! 

Art and graphic design is not final
Art and graphic design is not final

Welcome To... Doomsday! 

In Doomsday players are trying to save as many people as possible from the impending nuclear destruction. Every time you build a house with a bunker you also write the number in the bunker space. That's how many people you can save in that bunker. At the end of the game you'll add up all the people you have saved on each street. Whoever saves the most per street will earn an additional 10 points!

But wait, you can give peace a chance! The player who saves the least total people on all streets combines earns 10 points as well for preparing for a peaceful future...

At the end of the game add up all bunkers on each street and write the number in the space to the right of each street. Then add the total of all streets and write that number in the flower power box to the left of the streets. Then if you've save the most people on a certain street you'll check the box in the score section. Or if you saved the least total, you'll check the flower power box!

Be the most prepared architect to save humanity while building your neighborhood!

Add on Shipping

A lot of you have expressed concern about add on shipping. Because of the complexity of the add ons and shipping weight it took us a while to come up with a clear and simple explanation. Instead of doing weight based we're going to do per item shipping and the first item to most major locations will be free!

Here's an example of the shipping table:

This may be subject to some minor changes especially in the 6+ add on field. However, we still want to subsidize that cost for you as much as possible. We're confident this is a good solution.

For example if you're pledging at the Intern tier, and want to add on the base game it would be free shipping.  

For the rest of the world we're also still subsidizing the cost. Because of the large difference in price when you add a lot of additional weight we have to charge something even for the first add on. 

Hopefully this clears everything up! 

Cover Art!

We have some brand new cover art for the Thematic Neighborhood Packs! This is the first reveal for the Halloween Cover Art! 

Thank you all for your patience and support. Let's keep plugging away at that final stretch goal!

- Nolan

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    1. Kalayna Nicole

      Curious how this works in solo.

      Also curious about a 2 player game (pretty much the only other way I play aside from solo). Is it just an auto 10 points for both players (one for most and one for least)?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Chenery on

      what is the cover art for? Are these coming in individual boxes?

    3. Missing avatar


      @Creator, I don't know how you are going to decide which item is the *first* item, it seems you've left quite a hole there, if I understand correctly.

      However earlier you had said the base game could be added to Intern pledge without additional shipping, so that's what I'm calculating as my *first* add-on with free shipping. And then I'm including the listed shipping charges for my additional add-ons.

    4. Bonnie Doiron on

      Am I the only one who reads : Two Minutes to Midnight and starts singing Iron Maiden? lol...

    5. Eric Robertson on

      How does this sheet work with solo play? Similar to the +/- cards (using 7+ gets you 7 points) or does it work similar to the parks in each street?

    6. Deep Water Games 4-time creator on

      @jeff Nothing in this update is a stretch goal or an add on. The Score sheet is the final reveal for the thematic pads.

    7. Jeff Levy on

      A little confused is this a stretch goal or an add on?

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott

      I think I'll try to figure out what I owe in the add-on section for the post-campaign times. I may or may not want extra dry-erase sheets, but I think I only really want the Christmas add-on pack.