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$69,135 pledged of $150,000 goal
By Deep Fried Manna
$69,135 pledged of $150,000 goal

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Thanks for your Support!

Fellow Mannanites!!!

When we launched our campaign 30 days ago, we knew the target was a very ambitious target - out of the 35k successfully funded projects, only 394 were over $100k. But it was what we believed we needed to get this project off the ground. Unfortunately, we did not make it to our goal. But we have been so completely blown away by the generosity of friends, family, small group members and total strangers alike. People who have been tweeting, emailing friends and doing everything they can to help us spread the word. 

We finished at just a little bit shy of $70k, which itself is amazing. The outpouring of enthusiasm, the messages of prayer and support, the people trying to find ways to support us in addition to the pledge have all been way above and beyond what we'd expected, and we're so grateful for it! While there is a certain disappointment in not reaching our goal, this process has been an amazing journey for us - to feel God's calling, and fling ourselves at it despite the odds, and having to learn to totally trust and depend on him...and learn a dependence that is not conditional on a successful outcome, but depending on him regardless of circumstance. 

If this is your first time pledging to kickstarter, projects that don't meet their goal don't receive any of the funds. So your pledge won't actually be deducted from your account. If you're wondering "Man, I wonder what other good, uplifting Christian project I can support instead?", I would highly recommend you consider making a pledge to Linsanity: The Movie. They just launched their kickstarter campaign yesterday. I had the good fortune of seeing a screening of it recently, and it is an amazing and inspiring film, and it's clear to see God's hand moving throughout Jeremy's life in ways that only God can.

Thank you guys again from the bottoms of our hearts! The best thing to come of this is the overwhelming sense of encouragement and gratitude we have for all of your generosity and support!!


Live on Reddit!

Quick update - we're taking drawing requests live on reddit right now!! Come join the fun!!!

Reddit tomorrow!

Wow, we just crossed $62k! Thanks for all of your generous contributions!!!

We wanted to let you know that we're going to be doing an AMA on reddit tomorrow (Wednesday). If you're not familiar, we've done this a couple times in the past where we go on reddit and take drawing requests from random people on the internet. This has always been tons of fun. We might even livestream Jeff drawing! So, starting at 10am PT/2pm ET, we'll be live on reddit, and will subsequently send out a link. We're not sure how it will turn out, as we've gotten some great love and support from there, but it's also generally pretty hostile toward Christian content. Come and join us for the fun!! In the meantime, here's a new drawing:

And here are some highlights from our previous AMAs:

Breaking Batman:

Batman High Fiving Spock:

Neal Patrick Harris Riding a Rhino Carrying the Hammer of Thor:

A little context

First of all, we crossed the $50k mark this morning! Woohoo!! 

This is a message I sent to our street team last week, that I thought would be good to share with all of our supporters. It provides a little history and context for kickstarter and why I think this is bigger than just our campaign.

While we obviously want our kickstarter campaign to be a success, we really feel like God's at work, and there's something bigger than we could ever imagine brewing. Initially Kickstarter began as a community for indie artists and few people considered it a platform for anything serious. One day, a Chicagoan decided to raise funds for an iPod based watch which raised nearly $1m! That certainly got the world's attention! Shortly thereafter other hardware projects started sprouting up with even bigger ideas like Ouya and the now famous Pebble Watch, which received over $10m in funding from average people like you and I! Likewise in games, things were chugging along, but along came the Double Fine team with their Double Fine Adventure that raised over $3m! Suddenly the gaming world took notice and more and more people, legends in the gaming world, turned to kickstarter to even greater results!

Do you see a pattern? Each category started with small indies, when suddenly the right idea combined with the right timing smashed through. The breakout hits created a movement that emboldened others in the category to follow suit. The first breakout game brought tons of gamers onto kickstarter, and once there, they were eager to fund other gaming projects. While we are certainly not the first Christian kickstarter project, our prayer and belief is that by reaching our goal, suddenly other Christian creatives will take note, and know that there are indeed Christians on kickstarter seeking to fund other projects focused on advancing His kingdom. THIS is really why we're so humbled and excited to be doing what we're doing. If we can meet our goals, hopefully that means somewhere down the line someone else will beat it, and we'll soon have a thriving community of believers helping each other get their projects off the ground.

We've been completely blown away by our friends and family who have come out in generous support of us. But this is not something we can achieve on our own strength. We know that *if* we get there it will be all Him and not us. He will be moving in people to get the word out, and he will be moving in people to pledge. That's why I'm asking you guys to help us mobilize your networks. Get active, be intentional. Email people, talk to people, message people on Facebook. Without you, we won't make it across the finish line!!

Some specific ways to share:
1) Share a picture of our prominent Mannanites, that usually gets people's attention or share a piece of art. This one usually gets great responses.
2) Always include a link!
3) Be specific and ask people to share and pledge if they feel called

Thank you guys. We really appreciate each and every one of you!

Deep Fried Manna

A Slap in the Face

When I first showed my 6 year old son our kickstarter video, he cracked up and asked, "Is it real? Did Uncle Jeff really slap you?" He then tried to slap me a couple times. This is not the type of behavior we want to encourage. BUT, I know all our supporters are mature and able to handle mild comedic violence, so here's a compilation of all the different times that Jeff slapped me in the process of making our video for you to enjoy.

"Now I rejoice in what I am suffering for you" - Colossians 1:24 ;)


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