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A highly strategic card game of logic, reason & nonsense!
2,554 backers pledged £76,739 to help bring this project to life.

One week to go!

Posted by Stephen Woodford (Creator)

Hello my fellow apes! We now have just 7 days left of the Kickstarter campaign to go, and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this game a reality <3 After countless hours of play-testing it's pretty much complete! The art assets are steadily being produced (there are some more examples for you to see below) and we've nearly solidified a deal with a manufacturer and distributor.

Having looked over the project's costs we've concluded that we can achieve some of the stretch goals for less expense than we anticipated, and so we've updated them! We've also added (as requested by educators and some people living in the Middle East) a printable PDF version of the game (and of course, all pledge levels will receive this too). The next 7 days will sure be exciting, and I'll be sure to update you as and when progress is made! Thank you.

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      Daryl Smith on

      Cary Fosback Sr.

      I might be wrong - but my understanding is that these cards are in addition to the others?

      I'm not well-versed in these style of games, but I've played the Fluxx card games, and there needs to be a variety of card types to serve the game mechanics.

      I'm guessing we'll have the 'fallacy' cards that you are expecting, but these 'cartoon' cards, along with the argument cards themselves, are what will make it a proper game...?

      (and I'm in my 50s - so logically, that debunks an assertion that it's your age that is sufficient to explain your objection! hahah!)

      I'm sure we're all gonna enjoy the game when it's finished!

      (no affiliation, etc, btw!!!)

      All the best!

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      Brian on

      Is there a way to integrate syllogisms into the game?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hunter on

      Just a quick comment. Is it possible to have neutral card images? I want to play this game with people in my family who are believers. They would get offended at seeing a "zombie jesus" card. Stick figures or something neutral would be preferred if at all possible. I know this is late to the game but maybe for a second run this might be an option?

    4. Missing avatar

      Cary Fosback Sr. on

      VERY disappointed in these new card samples. I joined in support of an adult oriented card game that promised to invoke some real advanced level thinking and reasoning with the fun. THE ORIGINAL STYLE OF CARDS WITH SIMPLE YELLOW FIGURES - WHICH MADE THE IDEA WRITTEN
      THERE ITSELF THE BEST WAY TO REMEMBER THE CARD - AS OPPOSED TO PEOPLE ASSOCIATING WHICH CARTOON SCORES BEST ON WHAT - would be far more useful because of this. Also I feel that cards based on the icons from the show make a MUCH more attractive, professional looking and we'll, serious. Like a real grown up game.
      When I saw these [expletives] cartoons looked for the "just kidding" twice. Now, I'm 52 so maybe thats a factor, if so please forgive. BUT: Doesnt anybody on the team see that the cool cards I was eager to support are being replaced by unremarkable kids cartoons that harken to every deck of cheap Old Maid or Crazy 8's games that I quit playing by 12. I was hoping I would be able to encourage some friends to try a new game that might sharpen the mind WITHOUT following it up with a deck of GO FISH cards from a kids birthday party! Maybe I'm not who you're targeting OR maybe you can FIX IT. Such a HUGE misstep can result in a catastrophic fall/fail.

      Caring critique cause I Want you to succeed....(and the game to be good!) Best wishes to all. FozZ™

    5. Stephen Woodford Creator on

      Hey Robin, good catch! Resurrect is not supposed to have the same effect as Destroy - it actually allows a player to revive a card from the discard pile.

      Hey Tony - I am going to be at the Faithless Forum in Texas next month, but other than that I don't currently have any plans.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robin Isomaa on

      Great to hear!

      One question though: is Resurrect supposed to be have the exact same effect as Destroy?

    7. Missing avatar

      Arielle Finberg on

      So exciting. I am so happy to see all your backers and am so looking forward to playing my game! :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Phillip Middleton on

      Very excited to see the game and have several others waiting to play and learn with me.😀

    9. Tony Black on

      Are you going to go to any events between now and delivery where we could get a trial run of the game with the one and only Stephen Woodford?