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A highly strategic card game of logic, reason & nonsense!
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Huge Progress!

Posted by Stephen Woodford (Creator)

Hello you wonderful bunch. We’ve hit 550% (woo!) and over the last week the project has made significant strides forward. After many hours of playtesting we’ve tentatively determined how many “action cards” each deck should have (all listed below), and we’ve found an incredibly talented artist to make each card all the more spectacular. Below is an example of his work – it’s Galileo Galilei behind bars, for the “crime” of observing and publishing facts that didn’t support his state’s religion (a sad history, indeed). The quality of the design is crystal, but due to Kickstarter's compression it unfortunately won't show.

As of this moment you’ll all be receiving just short of 100 cards per deck, including the following actions cards (the text is not yet permanent):

  • x2 Steal: Steal a random card from a player of your choice.
  • x3 Discard: Discard one random card from a player of your choice.
  • x3 Distract: When a player puts down one or more fallacies, play this card to discard them.
  • x3 Rhetoric: Claim one of your opponent’s active fallacy cards as your own.
  • x3 Divine Right: Pick a player and name a card. If that player has that card, they must give it to you.
  • x2 Blasphemer: a player of your choice must discard as many cards as they have points.
  • x2 Resurrect: Revive any card from the discard pile.
  • x2 Destroy: Discard a current argument and all applied fallacies.
  • x2 Switch: Switch hands with a player of your choice.
  • x2 Skip: Make a player of your choice unable to play fallacy cards for two turns.
  • x1 Hitchslap (yet to be confirmed): Play this with a fallacy card to instantly debunk the argument and receive all of the played points.

Thank you all again so much for your support <3 I'll post more card designs as and when they're completed.

- Steve

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Hollas on

      Just a lovely card. Can't wait to play it at Game Night.

    2. Kyle on

      I. Cannot. Wait. For. This.

    3. Stephen Woodford Creator on

      Hey Robin, I'm glad you're happy with the Hitchslap mechanic. You're correct - it's not too OP, but still an excellent card. As for the keywords, I assure you that I'll get professionals to rewrite the cards before printing - great observation.

      Hey Stefano - I can't recall for sure, but I think it is indeed you that gave me the idea. Thank you : ) Looks great, huh?

    4. Missing avatar

      Robin Isomaa on

      At first I thought "Hitchslap" might be a bit OP, but then I realized that the earlier you play it, the fewer points you get. And if you wait a turn to try to get more points, someone may play the remaining fallacies and get the points. So, it's a powerful card that requires a lot of thought to use optimally. In other words, perfect!

    5. Missing avatar

      Robin Isomaa on

      Hi! A little card/board game tip: you shouldn't introduce new keywords unnecessarily, especially if it's only used on a single unique card. It's unclear what "revive" means: take a card from the discard pile and put it into your hand, or take a card from the discard pile and play it? It's better to be more specific.

      Looking forward to the final version,

    6. Stefano Paladini on

      Hi Steve, just for my curiosity, did you think of Galileo thanks to my suggestion in the comments section or you already had that in mind?