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A highly strategic card game of logic, reason & nonsense!
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An example of the Strategy Cards

Posted by Stephen Woodford (Creator)

We're now over 400% (thank you!), and I think it's about time that I reveal what's currently in the works. Tomorrow I shall release a play-through video to better explain the mechanics of the game, but for now I'd like to share with you many of the cards that are very likely to make it into the final game (the art, language, etc., will likely change, however). Your suggestions have been absolutely fantastic by the way, please keep them coming (thank you again), as many of them will certainly be utilized.

While the game will partly rely on luck (like life itself), without a strategy you'll almost certainly lose. In fact, it is for this reason that I keep loosing to my table-top fanatic friends! The mechanics have been designed to heavily favour those who can think ahead, recall what's been played, and call their opponents bluff. 

Similar to other table top card games, there will be duplicates of some card types (such as "steals") but each card will have unique art and subtext. For example, one "distract" card will feature Zeus' Witnesses (as shown below), while another will feature a Red Herring. The plan is to ensure that what's featured makes sense with what the card does. A Hitchslap, for example, won't destroy someone cards, but rather will instantly debunk the argument.

Anyhow, here's some of the cards!

Much more to come soon!

- Steve

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      Mike Hargreaves on

      Might suggest -

      Choose a player to [do X]


      Choose a player to discard a card at random.

      Choose a player to discard cards equal to their total points.

      Try to standardise the language as much as possible - look into the way Magic the Gathering had to do this over their many expansions.

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      Mark Clemmens on

      Hitchslap - the ultimate card.
      A perfectly defined card too. Glad to see approval was (is) provided. Very excited about this game Stephen. Am stoked to be apart of a worthwhile and fun project.