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The only Bay Area microcreamery pasteurizing ingredients on site for maximum control over texture, and delicious flavor consistency!
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Deb Phillips

181 backers pledged $18,465 to help bring this project to life.

Great news! Pledges over the next three days will be matched by an angel investor!

Dear Backers,

I can't thank you enough for the support you have shown so far. I've been touched by your pledges, Facebook posts and belief in Lottie's. My last day of full-time employment at my non-profit job was on Friday, so now my time is 100% devoted to my new career. How many of us have fantasized about quitting our day jobs and going after our true passion? Let me tell you, it's a bit little terrifying and totally exhilarating!

We're moving forward with construction of our retail space and have hit a roadblock with the building's foundation, so reaching our goal on Kickstarter is more important than ever. We have 9 days left to raise just under $7000, and we believe that with your help we can do it!

We have great news. A donor has promised to match all of the pledges that come in over the next three days. This includes pledge increases from those who have already backed us. This a huge opportunity for us and we need your help getting the word out. The best way you can help right now is by sharing our Kickstarter page widely. Let folks know that you support Lottie's, and they should too.

Here's a sample Facebook post (or use it for the beginning of an email):I supported Lottie's Creamery on Kickstarter. They only have a few days left to reach their goal. Consider supporting them, especially while pledges are being matched dollar for dollar by an angel investor.
Here's a link to include with your post:

Remember, if we don't reach our goal no one gets charged and Lottie's gets zero. We've raised just over $11,000. It would be soooooo sad to see that disappear.

I'll be back in the test kitchen tomorrow perfecting some of our delicious flavors. I can't wait to serve you a scoop!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



    1. Creator Robert Porter on September 9, 2012

      Well, I've enjoyed your ice cream in the past, so I guess now's a good time to donate.