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Families and individuals can learn how to pave a positive path to their future and still manage to deal with their anger!

Families and individuals can learn how to pave a positive path to their future and still manage to deal with their anger! Read more
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This book is about understanding that anger is a normal human emotion we all deal with and learning to put anger in its proper place so your life will revolve around being positive. Its content includes addressing anger within the family; anger and the individual; helping children understand and develop anger management skills; road rage; domestic violence and child abuse; and some tips on bringing more positivity into your life. You will learn about anger, how it is produced, and many techniques to help you manage your response to your anger and the anger of others.  Examples from my experiences with clients and colleagues will show you how to implement the many techniques illustrated within these pages in many different situations, including anger between family and friends, in the workplace, while parenting, driving, and navigating divorce, single parenting, and even building a blended family.

Anger Effects Everyone!
Anger Effects Everyone!

I believe that anger management is for everyone--not just for those who have encountered problems as a direct result of out-of-control anger.  Because anger is a normal human emotion we all feel, I believe that we can all benefit from an occasional reminder of how to best handle our emotions.

Rough Budget

Publishing a book of any kind is a process with many layers. Projected funding includes:

Copyright…$250.00;  Developmental editing… $3000.00;  Copyediting… $2000.00;  Cover design/graphics…$1000.00;  Book formatting and layout…$1500.00; ISBN…. $200.00;  Author photo. $500.00;   Kirkus Review…$500.00; Website…$2000.00;  Marketing…$7500.00;Translation into other languages…$2000.00 

Because marketing is so essential to a product of this kind, I have estimated a substantial amount for that process. I believe this book will benefit many and I hope to translate it into several languages. There are also printing costs that I have not considered at this point. This is a rough draft of a budget but as you can see, publishing a book is indeed a process. 


Why Campaign on Kickstarter?

Publishing is an expensive process. With economic challenges constantly chomping at our heals, publishers are partnering more and more with the authors. This partnering includes the author footing a portion of the publishing process.

The genre of self-help books opens up possibilities for anyone facing a barrier to services and assistance they may need but are unable to access due to isolation, work schedules, or finances. Because anger is a normal human emotion we all experience, and the world we live in is ever changing and challenging, there is always a need for current information and techniques on the subject.

The future of publishing is constantly changing and remains uncertain at best, but there are a few things that I feel confident about. An even more direct connection between writers, readers, publishers, and publicity has led to new forms of collaboration, interaction, and celebration in writing. Stories or self-help books will be written, or consumed, or funded by whole communities interested in a particular topic. And that is after all, why Kickstarter came to be—a way for all of us to help each other meet our goals.

Working together will ensure we all succeed!
Working together will ensure we all succeed!

 What Will You Get By Supporting Me?

I guarantee that you will get a well laid out self-help manual geared toward helping readers to grasp an understanding of anger and how to handle it effectively in their lives. It is packed full of activities I use with my clients that aid them in deciphering their anger while they determine a better approach to expressing that anger.

I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work, coupled with an Arizona State license in substance abuse and certification in behavior modification. I have twenty-seven years of experience in mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence counseling. I have focused on anger management for the past thirteen years and in that time, I have been recognized by the Arizona State Governor four times for “helping Arizona families improve their lives.”

I have also been recognized in the Eastern Arizona Courier repeatedly in the “Letters to the Editor” section where families have publicly stated that my approach to anger management helped them improve the relationships in their families.

I am passionate about anger management and its importance in all of our lives. My purpose for writing this book was to reach a larger audience with the intent of helping each of them take a positive step toward their future.

Why Anger Management?  

Anger is a normal human emotion. However, if it is not expressed appropriately, anger can have devastating and lasting effects on people and their relationships. Learning to manage anger is an important life skill, so emotions do not become overwhelming, out of control, and lead all of us into trouble.  

EVERYONE can benefit from learning about anger management! Benefits of effective anger management include:

 Being able to recognize and appropriately respond to normal feelings;

Learning better judgment and impulse control;  

Better communication with friends, parents, teachers, co-workers;  

Increased positive outcomes in relationships with others and self; and,

Less conflict at home, school, work, and the community. 

We all need to master the fine art of expressing ourselves and the more positive we are when we express ourselves, the better we will be able to pave a positive path to our future. 

There is hope for a positive future!
There is hope for a positive future!

Risks and challenges

Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding source so there's really little risk involved. As a professional MSW, I have twenty-seven years of training in staying on top of things. Should this project be funded, I will stay on top of every aspect of its development and I have the skills to push it through to completion.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Anger is a normal, human emotion we all experience. It's also an emotion we need to help balance out our positive feelings. Anger management is the process by which an individual expresses his/her anger. Because anger is an emotion that's a part of us, it is necessary to find an approach to anger that is positive and productive. Anger management helps each of us to establish the best possible approach when expressing our anger.

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  • There are many reasons a person may become angry and benefit from anger management education and techniques. Anger is a necessary and helpful emotion that can be expressed in many healthy ways. When a person is unable to express their anger in productive and healthy ways, they may benefit from anger management education. Common reasons people seek anger management education and treatment are:

    !) Trouble with the law or they are ordered by the court to attend anger management classes;
    2) They have difficulty expressing their emotions to loved ones without getting into a fight;
    3) They find themselves having violent outbursts where they hurt objects, people or things around them;
    4) They lose their temper regularly;
    5) They threaten violence against themselves or others, even if they do not follow through;
    6) They feel their anger is out of control.

    Anger management education helps a person regain a sense of control over their emotions and teaches them healthy ways to express their anger and frustration.

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  • Here are some of the most common signs of problem anger:

    1. Road Rage: Yelling swerving, using a vehicle as a weapon

    2. Bullying: Treating other people like they are worthless

    3. Throwing/Breaking things: Taking out your frustration (or revenge) on yours or other people’s property

    4. Sarcasm and Teasing: Showing people (in a humorous way) how stupid or ridiculous you think they are

    5. Pouting: Feeling sorry for yourself, not cooperating just to get your way, creating guilt trips

    6. Slamming doors/Stomping feet

    7. Criticizing others: To hell with being politically correct, power trip

    8. Saying “You’re right” but not meaning it: Seething, gets you out of a situations you are uncomfortable with/shuts them up fast

    9. Condescension: You feel superior to everyone else and tell them about it in a nasty or sarcastic way

    10. Interrupting: Your opinion counts the most; a form of bullying

    11. Lying: Sneaky revenge, making up/spreading rumors, making promises you never intend to keep

    12. Emotional abuse: Continually putting the same person down/controlling/threatening them repeatedly

    13. Domestic abuse: Continual physical and/or mental cruelty toward those you live with

    14. Yelling: Creating fear and/or submission through threatening volume

    15. Body tension: Squeezing fists, clenching jaws, flexing muscles, turning red, stress

    16. Withholding affection: You’ll show them who’s in control, lack of forgiveness, revenge

    17. No forgiveness or forgetting: Hanging onto the hurts of the past

    18. Low self-esteem: Hate yourself because you see yourself as stupid, worthless, ugly, lazy, a doormat

    19. Threatening others with harm: Physical, mental, financial, property, loss of freedoms/choices

    20. Plotting revenge: Planning elaborate schemes to get back at your enemies

    And many more.

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