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Pine Tree's video poster

An obsessive carpenter is forced to reevaluate his life when his latest creation, a beautifully crafted table, begins to speak. Read more

Philadelphia, PA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on January 5, 2014.

An obsessive carpenter is forced to reevaluate his life when his latest creation, a beautifully crafted table, begins to speak.

Philadelphia, PA Shorts
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About this project

Pine Tree is about Ryan, a carpenter who makes furniture from recycled wood. Ryan owns a shop where he creates and sells custom pieces of furniture. However, for every piece Ryan sells, he hoards 5 or 6 more pieces.

When his girlfriend Florence (Anna Margaret Hollyman), a face painter at a circus, discovers his hoarding problems, Ryan fears he may lose her. As a result, he creates a custom table just for her and promises never to keep another piece of furniture for himself.

However, Ryan quickly discovers that the table he created can speak, forcing him to face the reality of getting rid of his greatest work.

The film will feature a strong production design and stylized look. In addition to the aesthetic, Pine Tree will feature an original soundtrack that meshes folk and electronica into one unique ambient score.

Check out our test scene:

Pine Tree is an extremely personal film to all of us on the team. Every artist has struggled with artistic insecurity and through this film, we explore an artist's discovery that he must ultimately let go of his work. From the warm embrace of a creator, the piece enters a world where the audience is free to interpret it.

Through the lens of magical realism, drama and a dash of surreal humor, the world of Pine Tree will be brought to life, much like the sentient table in the film.

This is a film that our entire college careers led to and something that Adam worked on for over 2 years. It is a deeply personal story that seeks to understand not just the world, but also ourselves.

However, it holds a deep connection to Adam. After 3 years of being rejected from his dream university and studying at a community college, he decided to try one last time. He made it in. Now after studying at Temple for 4 years and living out his childhood dream of making movies, he is ready to shoot his senior thesis.

Pine Tree was born from a time where Adam worked so hard to get to where he was, but ultimately became insecure about his work. It was a paradox that puzzled Adam and from that, he wrote this film.

It is truly a culmination of his entire college career.

Also, sustainability. The film follows a carpenter who recycles old wood. Timber reclamation is something few people know about, but it is essential in ensuring the survival of our planet's natural forests. It is important to us to not only explore environmentalism in this way, but to also get the word out there.

In order to complete our film Pine Tree, we need your help

The goal of $3,990 will help us with everything from getting professional actors to art direction of the film. Below is a detailed budget:

1600---- SAG Student Film Minimum for Actors ($100/day for 2 actors)
1100---- Lodging and Travel for Actors/Crew
500----- Art Direction
200----- Marketing Material (Graphic Design)
200----- Professional Composer
390----- Kickstarter and Amazon Fees
Total: $3,990 

What happens if we reach the budget? We have stretch goals! 

 As a thank you for your donation, we've designed some really fantastic rewards. You can check them out to the right! --------->

In keeping with the sustainable theme of the film, most of the rewards are digital in order to cut down on emissions from shipping and paper waste from packaging.

On top of whatever reward tier you choose, every donor will receive a survey where they can choose the fate of the director's 8 month old beard!

It is up to the Pine Tree Family (That's you!) to decide whether Adam will #SaveTheBeard or #ShaveTheBeard

The results of the survey will be revealed a few days after the campaign has been completed and the subsequent shave or save will be recorded and put out on the film's various social networks.

Art by coldwives
Art by coldwives

 Through donating, you'll also receive update videos that explore certain key aspects and people behind the film.

 An amazing film never comes from one singular person, but rather from the result of an amazing collaboration between many talented, unique people. 

The Male Lead: Ryan- Tobias Segal is an American actor, best known for his work on stage and in the independent film The Other America, which appeared at the SlamDance Film Festival and Philadelphia Film Festival in April 2004. In 2002 he became one of the youngest actors to win a Barrymore Award, which he won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a play for his performance in Equus. He appeared in The Bridge Project at Kevin Spacey's Old Vic Theatre (spring and summer 2009) under the direction of Sam Mendes, followed by a brief Broadway run of The Miracle Worker. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

The Female Lead: Florence- Anna Margaret Hollyman was born in New York City and grew up in Connecticut with a little bit of Austin, Texas thrown in. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and graduated with a concentration in Theater Arts and Art History. She studied the Meisner technique at the William Esper Studio with Suzanne Esper. Film-wise, she’s starred in, "White Reindeer" by Zach Clark (SXSW 2013), "Social Butterfly" by Lauren Wolkstein (Sundance 2013, SXSW 2013) "Small Beautifully Moving Parts" (SXSW 2012) by Annie Howell and Lisa Robinson, "Adelaide", “Anna” and " Samantha" by Liliana Greenfield Sanders. Other film credits include, "Funny Bunny" by Alison Bagnall, "Mojave" by Bill Monahan, "Summer of Blood" by Onur Tukel, "Gayby" (SXSW 2012) by Jonathan Lisecki, "The Color Wheel" (AFI Fest 2012) by Alex Ross Perry, "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (SXSW 2012) by Bob Byington, "Movement and Location" by Alexis Boling. TV-wise she was on ABC's "My Generation".

The Crew:

The Director Adam Evans is an award winning producer and director, whose work includes a self- distributed documentary short "Meta: The Culture of IPL" that was viewed worldwide. He has also produced 2012 Freese Foundation Award Winning shorts “Recipes From Yuiza’s Kitchen” and “The Witmans.” He is also a published writer and contributor to multiple award winning websites.

The Producer Jaime Sweet is an emerging producer of independent film and new media based in Philadelphia. Most notably, Jaime has worked as a producer for the Mid-Atlantic Emmy®-nominated web series, One of The Guys. Taking on different producing roles has allowed her to gain on set experience, social media marketing skills and distribution knowledge. Jaime acts as the social media / fundraising coordinator for the iBook app, The Computer Wore Heels by documentary filmmaker LeAnn Erickson and is currently a producer on director Adam Evans’ upcoming short film, Pine Tree.

The Producer Benjamin Davis is a filmmaker and producer residing in Philadelphia PA.Benjamin is co-director of the feature film Driving Not Knowing, to be released in 2014. He is a co-owner of Lunar Circle Productions, where he has served as a director, cinematographer, and editor for twelve short films as well as multiple event pieces ranging from Mac DeMarco concerts to interviews with Agnès Varda.

The Producer Craig Hacker is a junior from Temple University studying Film and Media Arts. He has a background in student, Indie and profession video and film making. In his freshman year he won Best Film at the Temple Film Collective film festival. He just received his first major credit as the office Production Assistant for the film Paranoia. He is very excited to be working with the rest of the team on the movie Pine Tree. Craig thinks fog in movies is the coolest thing ever and one day hopes to abandon his past life for a career doing fog for major motion

The Producer Jacob Berman is a screenwriter, producer, and film critic at Temple University. He cannot remember a point in his life where he did not want to work in the film industry. This is Jacob’s 2nd producing credit, after the low-budget short The Erin Effect. His film criticism has been seen on Temple’s Honors Lounge Blog, and in the Ritz Theaters’ popular Film Magazine. In his spare time, Jacob watches a lot of movies and tries not to refer to himself in the 3rd person.

The Director of Photography David Dominguez is a Philadelphia based cinematographer that has recently graduated from Temple University's Film and Media Arts program. David draws inspiration from many different cinematographers such as Harris Savides, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Rodrigo Prieto to name a few. He was awarded "Best Cinematography" in the 2013 Diamond Film festival for his work in the short film "Sweepstakes".

The Art Director Brianna Didyoung is a Philadelphia-based artist with work concentrating on painting and video. She is a graduate of Tyler School of Art with a degree in Fine Art, majoring in sculpture and video art. She is involved in producing live video at music events and recently had her paintings showcased in her solo art show, "Modern Witch". Currently she is involved with the art and music collective Mad Waves and is working to expand her presence in the VJ scene.

The Editor Joe Lee is a 23-year-old filmmaker from York, Pennsylvania. Joe has worked on multiple short documentaries, usually about subjects in his hometown: the most recent being a film about multiple industrial artists based out of York, PA. Joe is the director of the award winning film “The Witmans.” He has also documented the Philadelphia native band Cold Fronts on their recent tour across the Midwest and to Austin’s musical festival South by Southwest. He also has much experience working as a 1st and 2nd Camera Assistant and as an editor.

Be sure to spread the word and visit our various social media sites:

Risks and challenges

The largest challenge for the film comes in the form of world building. With the magical realism setting and the artistic tone, the film sits in an interesting place that requires both strong visuals and a compelling story. As a result, the film requires careful consideration in every step of the production process.

However, through a long pre-production phase (nearly 2 years!) we have crafted an intricate film that lives far beyond the screen. It is with every dollar raised that we will be able to bring that compelling vision to life.

The careful planning and execution by an extremely talented crew will ensure that every dollar spent is a dollar completely necessary to bringing our vision to life.

In addition, we will be participating with Kicking It Forward:

This means that after the project is completed and the necessary money has been used, 5% of the remaining money and any money earned upon the film's release will go towards funding other Kickstarter projects. We believe in helping others!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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