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Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
1,768 backers pledged $48,269 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jonathan Walters

      For those still waiting, I just received mine today, so I'm assuming the rest will be received within the next few days.

    2. John Rovnak on

      Can you please tell me if I can expect my copy anytime soon? I pledged on the initial campaign, and a friend of mine who didn't pledge but purchased a copy already has his copy before me. This is insane!!!!

    3. Dana Seilhan on

      OK, now it's been almost another month. I'm gonna have to contact Kickstarter if I don't have this in my hands by the end of June. I've been more than patient. I can see the posts to Dean's FB page wall that he hasn't published (dunno why I can see them, I just can), and I can see how much people have been harassing him, and I have NOT, not even so much as contacted him directly asking about the book. I've been way more patient than he deserves, mental health problems or not. I'm not made of money, and I'm done. That cashola's better off going to someone who will actually produce something for it.

    4. Miluette on

      I took a peek at one of these books at TCAF. Good stuff! Looking forward to having mine.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ashlee Cunningham on

      Because of the infrequent nature of this project I have only just seen this message. I am unable to change my shipping address. Good stuff>:(

    6. Jonathan Walters

      Thanks again for taking the reins of this mess and seeing it through to completion. Definitely excited to finally get my hands on a printed copy of the book!

    7. Jeremiah Clark on

      So apparently some people still didn't get the memo and still think of Kickstarter as a pre-order service.

    8. CHUNK on

      "If you ordered a hard copy of the comic, your ability to edit/update your shipping address will be closed THIS FRIDAY. Please get that taken care of ASAP!"

      Oh look! A time limit for us! Hahahahha! This shit is a joke. I asked for my money back ages ago with no response.

    9. Fred Chamberlain on

      Looking forward to reading this in hard copy.

    10. Mathieu Doublet on

      Hope everything will go as you planned. By the way, when you mean "hard copy" it's the same as "physical copy", right ?

    11. Nick Davis on

      Happy to support the project, but it has been a very, very long wait for this book.

    12. Jeremiah Clark on

      I updated my address on the survey, but the"ship to" address is still wrong and I don't see any way to update it. Since the primary address is correct, am I ok?

    13. Missing avatar

      J P on

      Hope Dean paid y'all up front, if not, good luck.

    14. Missing avatar

      Evan Boaz on

      Sent email to Matt about refund.

    15. Ronnie M on

      Thanks for the update, Spike. Can't wait to see this.

    16. Tim Bond on

      Hey - thanks for the update!