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Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
1,768 backers pledged $48,269 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. C C on

      @John Rovnak, if only that were true.

      Unfortunately, Dean has far to many people willing to believe any and every excuse he throws their way for this Kickstarter to "destroy his career".

      He's currently flying the flag proudly for Bernie Sanders on Twitter, writing for the Huffington Post online, and taking other paying jobs for magazines and comic book projects.

      Dean could give a rat's hairy behind at this point what any of us think, particularly those who have been vocal about how he has chosen to run this project. He simply does not care. He doesn't care what you think of him, or what you say about him, or how this has affected anyone except HIMSELF.

      He has taken your money and now with the claim that he has a fulfillment company handling the distribution of this book, he can wash his hands of it and blame any further lateness on them. You can demand a refund all you like, you are almost assuredly NOT going to get one.

    2. John Rovnak on

      Should I even inquire as to when this book ships? I've messaged repeatedly, and gotten no response. I'm glad to see I'm not the only pissed off backer. February 2014?!?! Really?!?! That was when you received all of our money, and we are all still waiting. You're destroying your career. Please give a clear answer to your backers as to when this book ships. Or should I just demand a refund?

    3. Vincent von Doom on

      Can I please get a refund, you've blocked me on Twitter and ignored my emails.

    4. Missing avatar

      Evan Boaz on

      @ Vincent I've been hitting him up on his social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) and his email address since he said that was the best way to contact him. He never responded to the five different requests that I started in May of this year, but he did finally acknowledge my request with this last update. No refund yet, but supposed to be on its way. Maybe try the same method of "hassling" him?

    5. Vincent von Doom on

      Can I please get a refund? I have tried to contact you through email and Kickstarter but haven't heard back. Thanks!

    6. Lori Choman on

      Dean, As for "promoting" my books, I asked for the same courtesy I gave you. A shout out, I gave you a positive shout out on my blog, on my facebook page, my personal page, and my twitter account. All I did was ask for the same professional courtesy. That was my first mistake, assuming you would be professional. As we can see in your response to me instead of including me in your apology, you are still being hateful. As for your "note with the check" there was no was a paypal refund. And while you may not have used my name, I knew you were about me, and so did anyone who I sent to your page. But that's okay, because your true colors have been shining bright. Have a blessed life. I can't wait to see if people actually get a hard copy of your book.

      Note from Dean Trippe:
      Sorry for my part in escalating this conflict and exacerbating your stress. It's not been easy here either. All the best. . Sent using the PayPal Mobile application.

    7. M. Sweeney Lawless on

      Happy Batman Day!
      Looking forward to the ST hardcover and to your next project, so good luck as you wrap up this one and full steam ahead!

    8. Celine Lux on

      Someone should make a parody of "Flashlight", call it "Gaslight" and dedicate it to Mr Trippe because so far that's the only consistent "material" that these backers have received from this KS.

      If you don't know what "gaslight" means, google it. Here's a definition from wikipedia: "Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity."

    9. Blythe Battram on

      No matter how many times I read "Something Terrible," it still brings tears to my eyes. I am not a survivor, but I know and love a few who are. I truly believe your story is saving lives, and I'm excited to share it wherever it is needed. Thank you.

    10. Dean Trippe Creator on

      Lorena and Evan - Refunds will be going out in a few days. Sorry for the delay.

      Lori - As you know, I also already wrote you an apology for adding to your stress and escalating our conflict along with the refund check I mailed you, which you said would result in dropping your hateful, deceitful campaign against my work, which, as you know, began when I declined to promote your books, which I hadn't then and haven't now read, to my Facebook followers. I didn't use your name when I posted my response to your nonsensical accusations on my FB page, so the only reason anyone knows I was talking about you is that you've spent all this time claiming your own words and pretending I sent my followers after you and that I deleted your KS comments, an ability a KS project manager doesn't even have. You clearly enjoy this relationship, as you're the only reason it persists, despite your refund and your promise to call us even if I sent it. I have no more sympathy for you. But as I know you will, please continue to make stuff up if it suits you. It has no affect on me anymore.

    11. Stephen "Switt!" Wittmaak on

      Happy Batman Day Dean, Thanks for sharing the love!

    12. Sable Delaney on

      This update is BS. There's no apology here at all. I've written 6 times now asking for my refund - both by email and via fb. Each time met with silence. If Dean was at all sorry for his behaviour he wouldn't be a complete selfish stealing *******, refusing to acknowledge those people who wanted to support him and have been met with nothing but lies and deceit - and fake apologies.
      How about some honesty Dean?

    13. Lori Choman on

      So I'm assuming that you are including me in your apology since you decided to drag me through the mud on twitter, your facebook fan page that you run and I'm sure various other places all because I asked for updates and got met with hostility. And then of course you threw me to your rabid fans and allowed them to make even more nasty remarks. But it is nice to see you place blame where blame is due.

    14. Missing avatar

      Evan Boaz on

      Can I please just get a refund? I've asked five times via your various social outlets and email address that you provided since May and you've ignored me on every single one while still posting different comments and material. I would like a refund.