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Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      Hiya, any update on the physical copy?

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco Gutierrez on

      Dean, when are physical copies shipping?

    3. Evan Peterson on

      Any new updates on when physical rewards are shipping? I received my digital download months ago now but have yet to receive the physical copies.

    4. Michael Woods on

      Hey, Dean. Might be time for another update, buddy. It's been almost three months since the last.

    5. Missing avatar

      Evan Boaz on

      Nothing has shipped or been emailed yet :(

    6. Jala Prendes (Neon Skies Studio LLC) on

      Did this ship? I have not received it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lukas Baerwald on

      Hi Dean,
      i would really like to so say "Thank you for that" in regard to having read your book. Any idea when i will be able to do so?

      Greetings, Lukas

    8. Kyle Augustine on

      Hi Dean

      Any update on shipping timelines? thanks!

    9. Ronnie M on

      @Dean - Great pictures. Can't wait to read this. Keep up the good work.

    10. Jaroslaw Ejsymont on

      " I hope you like the book. It's been tough going, but I'm proud of the result." ?
      You mean books are ready and shipped?
      I got nothing (I got no digital, either)...

    11. Jack Baur on

      Thanks, Dean. I'm looking forward to seeing the book, and glad to hear that this has been a healing experience for you.

    12. Tim Brown on

      Dean, that is such a brave move. It must be difficult but you are making so many brave moves, especially with the comic. You give me strength.

      Bat signals


    13. Michelle Devon on

      (HUGS) I know this was a tough journey, but it's going to benefit the world in ways unimaginable to you--in ways you will hear and know from those who are already and will talk to you to those who will never tell you how much it meant to them. My son is one of those people. I am one of those people through him. Thank you for making the difficult journey you did so that others' journeys might be less lonely. Congratulations on going to publish! Exciting times now for you lay ahead!