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Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
1,768 backers pledged $48,269 to help bring this project to life.


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      Alexandra Trias on

      "I'm also trying to work something out with Kickstarter or Amazon to refund the few folks who have decided that the best way to help me complete my project is to bully me here and make stuff up"


      Please add me to the "asking for a refund" list. This is the only forum in which I get any communications from you (I backed the project here and I don't think I should have to follow you elsewhere to find out its status). I've been patiently waiting for almost a year - no emails, inquiries or comments - and this kind of passive-aggressive excuse for an update is the only thing I've seen from you in that time.

      If you don't want backers questioning your intentions, you should address them regularly and respectfully, instead playing victim and making excuses to avoid the very valid questions they pose.

    2. Waz on

      Is there a delay because your more working on getting publicity and selling else where like comic cons and amazon before your backers? There is no malice to this post. Just curious, working out your comuc con visits advertising this book.

    3. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      At the risk of being labelled a 'hater' I'll just add my voice to those saying the reason people felt sceptical and hurt was because of the total lack of communication on what was happening. I wasnt aware of all the recent issues Dean had been going through, and I can totally understand why they've taken precedence. However, Dean needs to acknowledge thats the reason for the comments and accept it instead of issuing a somewhat passive/aggressive update against the very people that have funded the project. If he'd just dropped a brief update now & again instead of months of silence, people would have understood.
      I must say as well, that on a project that's fundamentally about standing up for yourself and having the strength to speak out, removing Lori Choman's comments is really not cool. That has disappointed and disturbed me more than the delays.

    4. Tim Brown on

      Dean, you've got all the tools you need in your utility belt. The road is difficult but you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

      Bat signals.


    5. Joanna Price-Murray on

      thanks for letting us know! Life has a way of being unpredictable and downright shit at times. I've asked recently how things were going and as backers we are invested, financially and emotionally in the outcome of this little part of your journey. So I'm sorry for your loss, glad you'll have a little more time on your hands and optimistic we'll be cheering with our backer delights soon. If not, let us know. People can be amazing when they are included. (sorry for the haters, but they are everywhere aren't they?)

    6. Shannon McMaster on

      Thanks for the update, Dean. I'm sorry people have been ugly. Having actually experienced a campaign where the individual took the money and ran, I can't believe there are people who have gotten the impression that's what you've done. Your campaign is so far from a con, from trying to dupe people. Shame on them. Hate has no place here.

    7. Christopher Hooker on

      Is it at all possible to have the folks wanting refunds confess their donation amounts? Some of the faithful could look for friends and colleagues who might want to jump on their pledges.

    8. Lori Choman on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    9. Blythe Battram on

      Thanks for the update. Virtual hugs being sent from Indiana as you handle all your challenges. I am so eager to get the books and donate them to two charities (and hopefully more!) in my local area who work with survivors of abuse. But as the wife of a survivor, I understand that priority number one is for you, the creator of this awesome cause, to work within a pace and balance that is not overwhelming. Anyone who has dealt with trauma counseling should understand that there is no timetable for anything related to survivor issues - especially one as life-changing as creating and distributing "Something Terrible" - and life doesn't stop confronting you with new challenges just because you are working on this. All that is to say, I got your back, I get it, and if it takes another year for the book to come out, that's cool. I have faith in this cause and its ultimate power to heal.

    10. Missing avatar

      vince bayless on

      Dude don't sweat it. Some people just have to be jerks, don't think they would have an excuse to exist otherwise. And anyone who thinks you're bs'ing them about how long this is taking, try doing a book yourself. Comics are one of the toughest artfroms. Looking forward to the book whenever I get it and know it will be awesome.

    11. Stephen Reid on

      You're awesome, and I know you're awesome, and I know the book will be awesome. Continue to be awesome.

    12. Travis Tidmore on

      It's amazing that a project like this, which is supposed to help people who have gone through traumatic experiences through the story of someone that came through it, has people that have to get on here just to attack the creator.

      Lori, you've done a pretty great job of showing your true colors on your own. Maybe you should just walk away from this project instead of continuing your campaign of harassment.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jill Garvin on

      Hi Dean! Thanks for the update! I have only actually backed two kickstarter campaigns, and they are both running long because you and the other author are really awesome books. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to do really good work. I know that when I am making an afghan in a style that I have made a million times, it is finished quickly. When I make something new and different, there is a lot of ripping out and redoing to make it just right. It's also a lot more stressful and more satisfying when I finish. I am looking forward to getting your finished project. I'm so proud of you for following your dreams! You've got this!

    14. Lori Choman on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Ronnie M on

      Thank you for the update, Dean.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sean Yang on

      Thanks for the update Dean. As others have said, we support you and believe in the work; regular updates and communication from you would go a long way toward alleviating the concerns and tension around this campaign.

    17. Jack Gonzalez on

      Hi Dean,
      Thanks for the update and sorry for your loss. Like I said on my comment, I understand life happens and a lot of it can affect the process. Specially when you have to go through the hurtles of your own mind. I think that for what has happened in this kickstarter it is a shared fault. Like I stated majority of your backers are here to support you and getting the book is not a priority. Some of us just want to feel like we are not being ignored, specially when there is a lot of confusion and rumors. I really wish you the best and don't be afraid to drop a line here and there you'd be surprised how much support you can get from your backers. Good luck on your endeavors!

    18. Chad Maupin on

      Thanks for the update Dean.

      Take care.

    19. ShadowRaven on

      I am sorry to hear about the haters again, but really I feel the most sorry for them. It's so sad when someone has to resort to bullying and such to make themselves feel better. I do hope you can get things sorted out, and remove that pile of steaming stress from your life. Be well, and yeah, while I, and many others are still waiting for our rewards, that's okay. I trust you to get them done, and to us. You've opened your heart and soul to us, how can I not? Be well Bat guy, and see you next update.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Ben Silva III

      Hi Dean, After reading your update, I wrote and submitted a report/request under Kickstarter's Trust & Safety page. This kind of thing pretty clearly goes against Kickstarter's community guidelines, and I think it would be good for everyone if others let it be known this is happening. Allowing people to pay money to harass someone without recourse is definitely not the kind of system we should foster here.

      Hope you're well, and I hope this helps. -Michael Ben

    21. Miluette on

      Thank you for the update! I'm glad things are still coming along for you in spite of the challenges.

    22. KZ (KingZombie)

      Thanks for plugging along and keeping us informed. Don't worry about the haters....focus on the positive people waiting for a great comic. Good things come to those who wait, right? So...don't rush...just keep on doing what you're doing.

    23. Theresa MacFarlane on

      Hey Dean! I want you to know you have one more backer who is just happy that you are here. I love your art and thank you for sharing your story. Thanks for keeping us all informed! Take care, and know that the few who are selfish and uncaring don't deserve to be in your life. They should just go be miserable somewhere else.

    24. Stephen "Switt!" Wittmaak on

      Good on ya man, keep on trucking. You're no where near the level of lateness quite a few of my Kickstarters I've backed are. Vocal minority will always be there but as long as you keep following through, they'll have nothing to complain about. Got my mail btw, thank ya! Got one happy kiddo here!

    25. David Bednar on

      Hey Dean! Good luck with getting everything done. I was thinking about stalking your comments section and posting comments like, "I AM PATIENTLY WAITING FOR A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT AND UNDERSTAND THE TIME CONSUMING DIFFICULTIES OF CREATING A COMIC, TO SAY NOTHING OF THE LOGISTICAL CHALLENGE OF PRINTING!!!!1!", but there were already some people there and they were scary so I ran away. Wish I could have made SC Comic Con! I heard it was really good.

    26. Missing avatar

      Steve Beaumont on

      Just got an update via kickstarter, Sorry to read about your loss of your Grandmother. I totally understand why you have been delayed. We should never underestimate the pain of losing a loved one and the effect it will have.
      My condolences .

    27. Emma Barnes

      Hey Dean, no worries (easy to say, difficult to do) - gutted to hear that some people are bullying you about this. They should be ashamed.

      Keep going at whatever pace is feasible for you - I'm really looking forward to the finished product :)

    28. Chelle Destefano

      I feel for you, I know what it is like to be bullied. We are here for you and we are happy to wait. Afterall they say, not to rush means the product will be better quality. Don't let those small minded bullies beat you down. To anyone who has bullied, you should be ashamed of yourselves! A project takes a lot of time and work, down to the last detail, perfection and better quality is what all of us want, not a rushed job. Dean, keep your head high and keep going :) xo

    29. Jeremy Wiggins on

      I can't understand the people that are being demanding. This is a project about living through abuse, and now they are going to be abusive about it? Why did they even support it in the first place? Makes no sense.

    30. Ed McKeogh on

      You know what? I've never met you and know about your life only what you've shared in a few messages and tumblr posts. That said, I think you're awesome, and in another life, we'd have been great friends. If I didn't live on the south side of the Atlanta metro area, I'd be at your store every week. I couldn't be more pleased than to have contributed to this book, and I'll be delighted to get it whenever it's done to your satisfaction. And if it wasn't for you, I'd have never discovered the Phileas Reid Kickstarter and connected with Marc and Scott. You've positively effected my life in good ways, so count me among those who have your back. And a piece of advice I hear all the time with regards to my own afflictions: "Action is the antidote to anxiety." 'Nuff said.

    31. Missing avatar

      David Chauvel on

      Thanks for the news, Dean. We can wait, what's the problem ? Let's learn to be patient with the things we want. Take all the time you need, we all know it will be worth the wait. Cheers from France. David.