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Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
1,768 backers pledged $48,269 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Joanna Price-Murray on

      Jason I haven't and it's a month since you asked? Not sure what's happening?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Koronkowski on

      Has anyone received their digital version yet? According to the last email (DIGITAL COPIES SHIP FEBRUARY 18th 2015.), we should have received this by now. How is the digital copy being delivered?

    3. Chad Maupin on

      Thanks for the update Dean.

      We should all understand. You're one person, not a giant publishing firm.

      I'm appreciative of you keeping us posted and hope the negativity isn't weighing you down.

      Looking forward to an awesome book.

    4. Adam Wallenta on

      Being a dad I understand. I also understand depression very well. Stay focused. Looking forward to the book.

    5. Missing avatar

      Renard Mccrary-Ortiz on

      Better late than never, right? For me, I can understand that Life is full of drawbacks; even for the most kind-hearted, things do not always go accordingly to plan, but hey, you've been good with the updates and making the rounds to show folks what's up.

      Still supporting you, dude. Just continue with them updates and work on that dream to reality.

      For Freedom!

    6. Ed McKeogh on

      I'll get it before my next birthday! Happy birthday to me!! It's all good. :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Jill Garvin on

      I am not worried Dean! I know that you are doing a great job and look forward to getting my copy when it is ready. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this project.

    8. Ronnie M on

      @Dean - Thank you for the update. I'm still looking forward to seeing the updated Something Terrible in print.

    9. Dana Seilhan on

      No worries. I've supported a few projects by now (not just on Kickstarter) and haven't gotten any of them delivered yet so you are definitely in good company. I am seemingly almost never on time for anything and I don't have half the stuff going on that you do!

    10. Ryan Gray on

      To be honest, I can't believe anyone who has been interested in / backed you in this endeavour wouldn't be able to wait a few months while things get done. Keep your head up, Dean, and keep looking for those opportunities to spread the story further.

    11. Dan, D-List Super Villain on

      Dean, keep up the good work mate. The best ways to try to keep the negative chatter about the book not being released is to keep the updates coming, no matter how little progress has been made.

    12. Chris Call

      I agree that this is not an uncommon thing for Kickstarter comics to be behind schedule. I definitely don't mind waiting, knowing it is still coming. Take your time, finish it up, and I will be patiently waiting. Thanks!

    13. Raphael Soohoo on

      Keep going Dean, don't let the negative people get to you. It's well worth the wait!

    14. Zachary Lasater on

      You're getting it done, and that's all the matters. Some people just aren't good with patience.

    15. Nikki Frankel on

      No worries Dean :)

      I would also like to ask how shipping addresses can be changed, as I have moved since providing my address when funding closed.

    16. Elizabeth-Amber Love on

      Dean, I've known plenty of projects that took this long. When you're doing everything that a publisher used to do back when it was a whole different business, it's overwhelming and takes a toll. I haven't seen anyone in my feeds complain about your project, thank goodness, so keep your head up.

    17. Emma Barnes

      Thanks for keeping us updated :) Best of luck on everything going forward!

    18. Nathan Seabolt

      Thanks so much for the update, and just so you know-here's one (more) fan who believes in the message as much as the comic, and will (eagerly) wait for the complete and polished book.
      Take care and thanks again for everything you're doing!

    19. ShadowRaven on

      Thanks Dean for the update. I admit, I was getting a tad concerned as there has not been a lot of word from you on the book, but I do understand that you've been busy. My concern was never that the book would not come out, just when. I'm also kinda eager to have the book out, as I think I may buy a couple copies to donate to local school and public libraries.

    20. Sarah Brick on

      Dean, this kind of project is a real labor of love. I support you. Take care of yourself. 2015 is totally fine. Out of the twenty-something projects I've supported, only a couple have actually delivered on time. So many unexpected things can happen to cause delays. Hang in there.

    21. Tim Brown on

      The delay is fine with me Dean. Get well from the flu and I look forward to the delivery early next year.



    22. Missing avatar

      Evan Boaz on

      I think the problem here was that there was zero communication since August and people were getting antsy. Sad to say, but most of the bad feelings could've been appeased with a little bit more communication from Dean. It didn't start out as, "Hey, where's my book?!?" It was, "Dean, can we get an update?" If he's holding off on releasing the book until he has all of his ducks in a row, that's fine, but don't be a stranger to the people that have contributed to getting this thing published regardless of what's going on. You can't be mad at the backers that are just frustrated because they don't know what's going on if you're not telling them. I'm still looking forward to having a print edition of the book when it's ready, but even just a post every other month would be nice. As Someone on here had said previously, part of the fun of supporting a project through Kickstarter is getting to experience the development of that project from its infancy to its developed product.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robin Clendenin on

      Srsly, people, did you give to this Kickstarter to get a book, or to GET THIS BOOK OUT THERE? Have a little patience. Books take a long time to be born. I would have been happy to give to this cause for nothing in return.

    24. Diana M. Rodriguez on

      I'm not at all upset about the delay, and I completely understand! Do it you have to do, take your time and take care of yourself. Anyone who has a problem with this clearly doesn't understand how difficult it is.

    25. Missing avatar

      feralcat52 on

      In my line of work (Restoring old Harleys) we have a saying: "You can have it right, or you can have it right now." I feel that this is a similar type of thing, and I, for one, would rather wait and get a better final result. Keep on with what you're doing.

    26. Melanie C. Duncan on

      Dean, you have my full support. I've appreciated the updates, and look forward to receiving the finished product. Keep being awesome!

    27. Missing avatar

      Barrie Fein on

      I never bothered leaving a comment saying that I had no issue with the delays because I thought it was kind of a given. Clearly, I forgot how the Internet works. So please consider this my official notice that I trust and believe you when you say that delays have been due to you trying to make the book better. I am sure it will arrive when it should, when it's ready to.

      Also, I'm glad to hear you're doing better! I almost sent you a message saying I hoped you did, but I know from personal experience how the uplifting-ness of messages like that can be overwhelmed by the (self-induced) burden of feeling like you have to respond right at the moment when that's the very last thing you feel like you can handle. So know that I was thinking about you, even if I didn't say it.

      And, the things you're working on besides ST sound really cool! I can't wait to see them come to fruition. (I also can't wait for FCBD, but that's neither here nor there.)

      Looking forward to what's coming next!

    28. Chelle Destefano

      Totally understand how u feel. Dont worry u hace my support. As an artist myself I know what it is like to have a project take a long time to complete. Those who accuse u or get mad at u and troll u, they need to grow up and understand the pressures on u. The money u used to spend on com cons etc are a good investment into this project n they should be understanding of this. Take as long as u need to as we know the book will come finished when all the work is done :) rush and it wont be good quality. Again people should understand and appreciate this :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Gord Clement on

      Hi Dean,
      Thanks for the update. What is the best way to update shipping addresses for the people that have moved since the survey went out?

    30. Justin Allen on

      Dean, no need to feed the trolls. You are awesome, and have been through so much, good and bad this year. I'm glad things are looking up for you, and hope you have a great 2015!

    31. Micheal Rohrer on

      Patience is a virtue. And to be perfectly honest, I didn't contribute to your KS just to get something. I contributed because you have a work and a story that I believe in. We all have a story to tell. And yours is one worth waiting for. Be well, friend.

    32. Missing avatar

      Summer Suzuki on

      Thank you for the update.

    33. Lori Choman on

      Given the total disrespect that you have for your backers, I would still like a refund.

    34. Miluette on

      Thanks for the updates! I'll be ready when the book's ready -- I want to see it presented the way you see best. Glad you've got some strong goings-on in your life, and I hope it keeps going well.

    35. Jack Baur on

      Thanks for the keeping us in the loop, Dean, and I'm sorry about the haters. I know that this has been a big project for you, and how difficult bringing a project like this into the world can be. You still have my full support, and I look forward to the day I can hold your beautiful book in my hands, whenever that may be. Please take care of yourself and make sure this is the best damn book it can be.

    36. Fred Chamberlain on

      8 months late....? Looking at my list of egregiously late, outstanding kickstarter campaigns I've supported over the past handful of years, that still puts you in the minor league pally! (In all seriousness, glad to hear it is on its way and excited at the prospect of reading it.)

    37. Missing avatar

      Jesse Farrell on

      You know, I've always been one of those people who'd rather have a comic that's good rather than one that's on time. There was something like six months between the 11th and 12th issue of WATCHMEN, and while at the time that seemed like a hell of a long wait, now that I've had the collected edition on my shelf for 25 years, it all seems worth it.

      Take the time you need to tell your story right. I look forward to reading it.

    38. Ryan Read on


      I completely understand. I was having so many delays with my own book that I was having people wondering where the book was. In fact I just finished the audio book as of tonight. 3 months from when it was supposed to be out. Didn't count on my wife losing her job, surgery and a few other things I couldn't control. But the end product was worth it. People are loving the book despite the delays. I know yours will be too.