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We'd like to release new music in the form of an EP or an LP. All funds would go toward the recording, mastering, artwork and pressing.

  • What we want to do: Simply put, we (Dead Sound) would like to record and release our own LP, or in the very least an EP of our own material. Awe geez, who are we kidding? Maybe we'll have a cover, on the recording, of a band that rhymes with Catcher Von Acrid.
  • How we plan to do it: Let's be honest; the recording, mastering, and pressing of any format of music is expensive. And though it would be cheaper to record, master, and ultimately release the music digitally, it's not nearly as gratifying as having a piece of vinyl that you manually drop the needle on, and interact with. Nor is looking at the artwork and lyrics on an 2" x 3" iPod screen nearly as gratifying as seeing the artwork in its entirety, and reading the lyrics in a reasonably sized font. With that said, we are currently in the process of writing songs and tightening up some of our older material which was previously recorded and released on our 2010 demo. What we'd release, be it an EP or an LP, is dependent on a couple of things; A) How many songs we'd have ready to record at the time of, well...recording, and B) How much money we have saved from playing shows, selling merch, and donations collected through this site, etc. An LP would be the ideal format for which we'd like to release our music, however an EP (or even a series of EP's) would be suitable as well. We are proud of our music and getting the opportunity to share it with others in this manner would be amazing. We've got a few rewards (patches, shirts, and records) set aside for anyone that donates $5+, $15+, and $20+. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  • What the money is for: Any and all funds collected through this site will be put toward the recording, mastering, artwork, and pressing of an EP or LP. 
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