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Children of Morta is a story-driven hack ‘n slash roguelike game which will involve you in the adventures of the Bergson family.
3,427 backers pledged $108,938 to help bring this project to life.
Marcus Penna, Benjamin Gomez, and 30 more people like this update.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      For backing at the Mage or Hero Tier can the additional copy be used for a console version?

    2. Lee Brown on

      Really hope the Wii U stretch goal is achieved. Surprised the is no 3DS, there are millions of those.

    3. Sir Jordi

      Great for the Wii U port!
      Multiplayer..for how many? Up to 4 players maybe?

    4. AngoraFish on

      I couldn't care less about console stretch goals, or co-op/multiplayer for that matter, but I'm glad nontheless that the game will be funded.

    5. Krivvin Kenny Bailey on

      Co-op!!! Need that co-op stretch! XD *shares with everyone*

    6. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Wow, made the PS4/Vita stretch goal already! Does this mean I can have it on Vita instead of Steam? :D

    7. Stevepunk on

      I'm all for smooth lighting, but where is the light coming from in this image? Mist if it seems to be random.

    8. Zane

      I soooo want to get the chance to play this with the local coop on my WiiU. This update is making me try to see if I can upgrade my pledge level again.

    9. Motoki on

      To be honest, I feel like it would have been better to have budgeted for all the platforms in the base amount and then make the stretch goals general content that would appeal to everyone no matter the platform.

      For me on the PC I don't have any investment in all but one of the stretch goals. Meanwhile people initially looking at the project early on may have passed on it because there was no mention of their preferred platform at the time or it was in a stretch goal which early on is an iffy prospect.

      Anyhow, I still support the project and am glad you don't have to stress over at least meeting base funding until last minute like some projects do.

    10. Dead Mage Creator on

      @Nagyfi Richárd yes we have done the preliminary tests.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andre Rodrigues on

      Fantastic! Was hoping to see it on Vita.

    12. Nagyfi Richárd on

      @VkBest I see, please ignore my comment then

      good luck with the stretch goals guys!

    13. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @nagofy it's the magic of unity. 30k should be enough for any problem on ports

    14. Nagyfi Richárd on

      are you guys sure you aren't offering things you won't be able to deliver? I mean porting the game for 3 different consoles for 30k seems a bit of an underestimation

      still, I'm wishing you good luck with the project!