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Fighting Evil. Saving the World. Punching the Clock. An anthology horror comedy series from the team who brought you THE GAMERS.
Fighting Evil. Saving the World. Punching the Clock. An anthology horror comedy series from the team who brought you THE GAMERS.
676 backers pledged $38,644 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. hotmumbo on May 22

      A very belated congrats - great to see we bucked the trend and then some to almost make the first stretch goal. Great effort guys!

    2. Emil on May 21

      Sorry for the late congratulations (relative to what I'm used to), but it has been quite a busy week. But here it is. Congratulations on yet another successful kickstarter, and hopefully I will have more time to participate in the comment section during the kickstarters to come.

    3. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 20

      Folks, it ain't over yet! Backerkit will continue the fundraising. We may unlock those stretch goals yet!

    4. Missing avatar

      Laura Lee Catter on May 20

      Woo-hoo! I'm so glad we made it!

    5. Timothy Camilleri on May 20

      Woot! Congrats all. Pity we almost made the stretch goal, ah well.

    6. Steve Barnes on May 20

      Well done all!

    7. Gordon Duke
      on May 20


    8. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 20

      Wow this is awesome. We're gonna rest now, and then come up with a plan and get to work. Love and buttkicks...

      -The DG

    9. Sarge
      on May 20

      There will be wine... I heard it said, and life is good.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander McFall on May 19

      You guys are fantastic. I've followed your work since I was shown 'The Gamers' years ago, and this should be nothing but even better! Here's to all the pledges that made this possible and to the rest that make it even greater!

    11. Brad Gabriel on May 19

      Thank you.
      I made the daft Timezone counting error and was an hour early. Silly round Earth!

    12. Brad Gabriel on May 19

      is there a link for the live stream please?

    13. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 19

      And we're gonna livecast the last 2.5 hours!

    14. Jimmy McMichael Collaborator on May 19

      @Moritz We've still got 4 hours to go! No throwing in the towel yet! #RedVancil

    15. Moritz Schubert on May 19

      I'll guess we'll have to save Duarmerthrax for season 2

    16. Jimmy McMichael Collaborator on May 19

      @Quinlan, He does NOT. It's gonna be awesome! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Quinlan Schultz on May 19

      All right, next step is 40k! Let's get Matt back in that makeup. Whether he wants to or not.

    18. Bill Henker on May 19

      Someday there will be waffles of shame, today is not that day. Congratulations!

    19. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 19

      Just added a new reward level for a special backer. I did not limit it. $1500 TRAINING MASTER. It's not for everyone, but thought ya'll should know.

    20. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 19

      Ok so the question now is, can we unlock any more episodes? What do you wanna see in the Duamerthrax episode? LOL

    21. Emily Olson Quann Collaborator on May 19

      Jens, RIGHT??? I got up to make my kids lunch and then BOOM! GOAL MET!! :)

    22. Jens on May 19

      What the... you turn your back for a minute or two and sudenly the whole thing is funded! CONGRATULATIONS!

    23. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 19

      AND WE HAVE GOAL!!! I would publicly thank our superfan, but I'll let that person come forward. We can't WAIT to have you on set! Again. :)

    24. Morten Poulsen
      on May 19

      Thanks ZOE!

    25. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 19

      Great news! Ben over at ZOE's gonna send updates today! It's the final boost. Let's do all we can do! We'll count it down together starting at 6:30pm Pacific Tonight! Join us!

    26. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 19

      JQ3, Hands of Fate and Attacking the Darkness were ZOE projects, not DG. I can ask them if they'd be willing to send out an update today. They did send out an email to 12,000 previous backers however, and I'm nearly positive Hands of Fate backers were included in that. Great ideas all around folks!

    27. poisonpainter on May 19

      That's the thing: I get notifications, both the note, that I backed a project and if it got an update, even the ones where the creators back other projects. But the last ones I got were the Updates on JQ3, Gamers and AtD back in April. Nothing since else then (and in my activity timeline only those are displayed).

      I have had the problem with Patreon, when I deleted too many notifications without reading them, but so far I didn't really do the same with least not that much that it'd qualify for blocking...

    28. kericmason on May 19

      It's possible your email provider's spam filters blocked the emails.

      I've activated "follow" for ZOE, DG, and Matt Vancil on Kickstarter. That has been helpful in getting notifications.

    29. Alexander Peterhans
      on May 19

      I mentioned this earlier in the campaign - never received any email about this project either, eventhough I've been a backer on most DG/ZOE projects of the last 18 months.

      Perhaps there's an option I should've enabled somewhere in KS' preferences? Or the mailing system is seriously spotty.

    30. poisonpainter on May 19

      @old beetle: Checked again, no email received...

      @deadgentlemen: Maybe that's why some people haven't gotten here? The emails didn't come through?

    31. old beetle on May 19

      @poisonpainter, I think I received three different emails about the campaign in the last couple of days. DG are certainly reaching out through previous campaigns.

    32. hotmumbo on May 19

      I have supported Gamers: Hands of Fate, Attacking the Darkness, Journey Quest 3 - haven't seen any updates in any of those kickstarters promoting the Demon Hunters kickstarter (at least not recently). I am pretty sure most people who backed those KS would be interested in Demon Hunters.

    33. poisonpainter on May 19

      Small question: Did you sent the email to previous backers? Because I don't remember ever receiving one...

    34. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 18

      I mean... infinite. Yes!

    35. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 18

      @Patrick - Pretty sure they are 8GB. I'm not looking at the quote right now but I remember discussing that it would be plenty.

    36. Patrick Boden on May 18

      Out of curiosity as I don't think it's been mentioned how much storage would the warehouse (key) have?

      I'm guessing infinite right.

      I'm debating upping my pledge but cant decide which $100 one to go for.

    37. Patrick Boden on May 18

      Wow a good jump in numbers over night. Let's keep this up.

    38. hotmumbo on May 18

      Dammit Jason - your noble sacrifice and my weakness for Jen Page compels me to also pledge to the Anti-Tank Sally level. Jen is sooooo hot! Now excuse me as I need a cold shower...

    39. Jason on May 18

      Alright, gang, I'm up to the Anti-Tank Sally level, and I'm tapped out because it turns out I'm buying a house (I was as surprised as anyone else was)

    40. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 17

      Dustin_00, you wanna be our new marketing manager? :P

      Don't forget folks, the livecast starts in 30 minutes. If you got questions you can post them ahead of time, as well as during the broadcast. See you soon!

    41. Missing avatar

      on May 17

      Guys, that email for this was terrible. The Kickstarter link should be at THE TOP and LOOK LIKE A LINK. Came damn close to just giving up. Are you hoping this doesn't get funded???

    42. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator on May 17

      Everyone: We can see you're doing a great job of spreading the word. We have to stay with it! We have had 2-3 thousand backers on a single project before. It's really about number of backers more than a few backers pledging large amounts.

      Average pledge is $57. So if we can get around 600+ backers total we should be there. Right now it's encourage those who haven't pledged, but could, to do so.

      There's an email going out to 10,000 or so fans today, and we're sending out backer updates to previous projects as well to help boost the signal.

      Don't forget tonight's livecast at 6pm Pacific!

    43. hotmumbo on May 17

      Just upgraded my pledge - really want to see this made. I am really surprised that there aren't more closet demon hunters backing this.

    44. Patrick Boden on May 17

      I really hope someone swoops in and gets the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER or TABLETOP AT HOME PLEDGE to give us a big boost.

    45. Laura Scott on May 17

      Really wish i had more to push.

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