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$12,279 pledged of $33,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$12,279 pledged of $33,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. kericmason about 20 hours ago

      Thank you very much for such a thorough answer :)

      I hadn't checked the dates but it did seem close to the original Gamers, and a contemporary setting is much easier/cheaper in terms of costuming, locations, and set decoration. They were good projects to cut your proverbial teeth on.

      (Some of those movies weren't Batman, they were abominations :P)

    2. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 1 day ago

      kericmason: Excellent question. The OFFICIAL answer is that the first two original college movies are NOT canon, though much of the events are. Much will be explained in the World Bible. Reason being that we felt we should not be beholden to story and filmmaking decisions we made while we were figuring out how to actually do this. :)

      For that matter, The Demon Hunters: Orientation Video is not entirely canon either.

      But here's the thing, it's kind of like how the Tim Burton Batman movies are not in the same continuity as the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, but it's still Batman. And in our case, many of the same actors reprising their roles.

      Demon Hunters, and Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake were the first ever films we did and we learned a lot. They are their own continuity. The Orientation Video is its own continuity, but again, similar story, similar background, many of the actors reprising their roles. Some roles recast. Expect that in this show too.

      Other thoughts, Demon Hunters: S.O.L. COULD take place before the events of the first two films... or... after the events of what took place in Hell... maybe. No spoilers... yet. This sounds like good material for an update soon. :)

    3. kericmason 2 days ago

      Do we know what happened after Dead Camper Lake? Some how Gabriel and Silent Jim made it out, or we wouldn't have our first SOL episode. (I backed the campaign on principle, and then watched the existing videos I could find. So please pardon my ignorance.)

    4. Jason 2 days ago

      Time for an avatar update, I think.

    5. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 2 days ago

      Thanks Alexander! I just think it's fun to share and see what people will do. If we're all under the same license, we only benefit from each other. Totally excited about this.

      -Don Early

    6. Alexander Peterhans
      2 days ago

      Can I just say how cool it is to see ZOE/Dead Gentlemen open up their work to other creators - you guys keep going from strength to strength, and I feel this open attitude only makes it more possible to keep growing and evolving.

      Makes me even happier to pledge than I already was.

    7. Emil 3 days ago

      I greet ye, backers and creators, old and new. So many familiar faces in likely places. It's great to ride again.

    8. kericmason 3 days ago

      34% - over a third of the way, and apparently Douggie is amazing, thank you Douggie :)

    9. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 4 days ago

      Thank you Douggie! You're amazing!

    10. Rob MacLennan 5 days ago

      Yeah, no one ever noticed that Jim pulls whatever he wants out of his coat, did they? What coat?

    11. Jimmy McMichael Collaborator 5 days ago

      You talking about those weird people in the long coats who exist outside of time? I don't see what that has to do with Demon Hunters. Let's stay on topic here, people!

    12. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 5 days ago

      You noticed that did you? :)

    13. Jason 5 days ago

      So, I may be way behind the curve on this, but I just watched the orientation video last night and noticed the reference to "hoppers" during the history bit...

    14. Rob MacLennan 5 days ago

      Looking good so far. Everyone needs to share, to keep thew momentum going!

      My co-workers are sick of hearing from me about it already ;)

    15. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 5 days ago

      Beau's actually written some really short content that will go with the episodes as well.

    16. Jimmy McMichael Collaborator 5 days ago

      Moritz, both Matt and Beau will be writing episodes of the show once we start opening up stretch goals.

    17. Moritz Schubert 5 days ago

      In which way are Matt and Beau involved exactly?

    18. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 6 days ago

      Added a couple items to the FAQ. Any other questions? Comments? Suggestions? Whoo-to-the-hoo!

    19. Morten Poulsen
      6 days ago

      25% - that is one fourth of the way in one thirtyith of the time :-)

    20. Brad Gabriel 6 days ago

      fantastic update!

    21. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 6 days ago

      Those of you who have backed, check out Update #1. :)

    22. nightscar
      6 days ago

      Woo hoo here we go again. can't wait.

    23. Matt Vancil 6 days ago

      The hoo, it is woo.

    24. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 6 days ago

      You all are going to LOVE the first backer-only update. :)

    25. Matt Vancil 7 days ago

      20%! Go, go, go!

    26. TheJenPage 7 days ago

      Super excited for this series! <3

    27. Brad Gabriel 7 days ago

      signed up!

      and every time I see a creator post I can't help but hear it in Gabriels Voice

    28. Anderson Hughes 7 days ago

      To quote Gabe once again *dons shades* "We ride."

    29. Tracy Barkley
      7 days ago

      Well this is sure to have my youngest running around the house chanting "Who wants human? I do! I do!"

    30. Ruben Rydell-Sandgren 7 days ago

      Welcome back, all.
      Time to rock (while patiently waiting for the days to go and All The Numbers to increase)!

    31. Patrick Boden 7 days ago

      And here we go!

    32. Moritz Schubert 7 days ago

      The first episode was a lot of fun and I hope the others will be as well!

    33. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 7 days ago

      Whoohoo! Great job everyone!

    34. Jason 7 days ago

      Time to start the over/under on when I increase my pledge, and by how much...

    35. Matt Vancil 7 days ago

      Woo-hoo! 10% funded in an hour-ish!

    36. Missing avatar

      MADMANMIKE 7 days ago

      YEE-HAW! Let's do this!

      (hops on a demons back and steers it by it's horns)

    37. Dead Gentlemen Productions 6-time creator 7 days ago

      Frank, if enough content isn't unlocked during the campaign, we'll be including those on the DVD most likely. They are available in their entirety on YouTube as well by the way.

      We're actually OUT of DVDs for those original films now. I think Paizo has the last few. If we don't offer them as add-ons during the campaign, we'll definitely offer them in Backerkit after the campaign is over. We are hoping to upload them to VHX as well.

    38. Frank 7 days ago

      stupid question. i know its stated more add-ons will be added later as the campaign grows.

      does this include any copy/version of the Demon Hunters and its sequel movies?
      i ask cause i cant seem to find these on the website for those times i want to do a marathon

    39. kericmason 7 days ago

      Don't forget to visit the kicktraq page and suggest tags for this project... We might catch the eye of some new people:

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