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Miss our Kickstarter?! Click below to order this hilarious and fun game.
Miss our Kickstarter?! Click below to order this hilarious and fun game.
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    1. John Harlon Raisor

      A user-updated database of custom made scenarios presented as "Open Incidents" sent down the dispatch by Mission Control could be awesome. I'm not sure if that is basically what Danny already said.

    2. Kenneth William Wheeler on

      I had an idea, don't know feasible it is though. I had a thought of a link to a private YouTube channel that has several different short dispatches from the brotherhood to the player's teams.

      My idea was like Gabriel or St. Peter in front of a BotCT backdrop giving a brief overview and dispatching our team to a scenario. Now I know that requires time from your wonderful actors and writers, but I thought it would add a nice little extra level of immersion to our games. maybe even record a short congratulations if senario was successful or condemnation and ridicule of senario was failed.

      It was just thinking about an old vhs StarTrek tNG board game that was behind this idea. At the beginning of the game you got an intro and instruction from Riker and if you did not complete the game by the end of the time you received news of your demise.

      Anyway, can't wait to get my hands of the game. I'm forcing myself not to look at it till I get my delux hard bound book though. Oh the agony of antici.................................pation.


    3. Dead Gentlemen Productions 7-time creator on

      Randy: our experience proves your statement false. That said, I see no reason not to include a short URL as well.

      Andy & Danny: It has been suggested on the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch Facebook Group that we entertain a non-publically linked Brotherhood Wiki. That would allow you to upload pics and bios and stats and even your own adventures/missions rolled up.

      Danny your idea sounds freaking awesome. We're definitely going to be looking into that. Wonder if there's a way to combine the wiki with the kind of thing you're talking about.

    4. Corey Watson on

      Honestly, if doable, what Danny said sounds pretty amazing.

    5. Randy on

      Do not use a QR code. No meaningful number of people will ever scan it.

      Instead create a short URL that you can redirect as you see fit.

    6. Missing avatar

      Grimpen on

      I like the redirect idea (to, and if you figure out a fun and useful thing for, you can always implement it later. The "Coffee House" themed random mission/monster generator that Danny suggested for example. An extra little tool themed for the Celestial Torch. You could still have lots of links to

    7. Rob MacLennan on

      What about having redirect to a 'back room' area of, that isn't otherwise accessible via a link on the main page? Of course you would then have to get someone to code a gateway a la the Cipher's access page in the DCL (preferably in Spanish).

    8. Danny S Atwood

      For security purposes, it should keep up the pretense of being a coffee rewards card site.
      Honestly, what's the point of masking the damn things as coffee club rewards if any tween can use them to hack the Brotherhood?

      Secret brotherhood communications could be hidden in the names and descriptions of drinks, or in the helpful news and weather widgit on the side of the page. Or hidden communications could be retrieved by entering a valid "coupon code" but instead of 5% off your next latte, you get a heads up to the latest weredolphins abducting kids from Sea World news.

      For those too terminally lazy to flip open the book to the 5 Minutes to Mayhem pages and roll dice against the tables, you could script a ramdomized dump of output to generate a Mission Sheet, and then hide all that from our demonic enemies in the descriptions of mochas and smoothies and things with boba.

    9. Andy Johnson on

      The Celestial Torch site could be a used for people to upload/link photos or videos of their team in action.

    10. Dead Gentlemen Productions 7-time creator on

      Yes, but is that what you want it to do?

    11. Missing avatar

      Helen B on

      Um, couldn't you just have reditect to