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DCXV Clothing - Launch Our Label!'s video poster

DCXV Clothing is a Nashville, TN based company designing and hand printing apparel from the heart of Music City, USA. Read more

Nashville, TN Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on March 3, 2012.

DCXV Clothing is a Nashville, TN based company designing and hand printing apparel from the heart of Music City, USA.

Nashville, TN Fashion
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About this project

Hello, my name's Adrien Saporiti and welcome to my company's Kickstarter.

DCXV Clothing, the name representing the roman numerals for the Middle Tennessee area code of 615, is a Nashville, TN based clothing company. Everything is designed and hand printed right here in Music City, USA.

I started DCXV Clothing in my garage last summer with my own paychecks and a few hundred dollars I borrowed from my dad. I ended the year by quitting my day job and going full time into DCXV. This time last year I never would have envisioned this happening, but I couldn't be more excited for what's in store for DCXV this year.

Why do we need your money?

We need money to grow! With the funds raised we'll be able to develop and produce a full line for Summer 2012. Last year was an incredible start and with your assistance we'll be able to go a lot further.

What are we going to do with your money?

With the funding we receive we'll be able to afford all of the equipment we need to grow, as well as crucial money for advertising and promotion to help spread the word of our great brand. Between a never ending need for shirts and other prodcuts there is definitely a need for increased funding. We do our best to be good stewards, so we use environmentally friendly inks and practices to reduce our impact. We primarily use American Apparel shirts, so not only are you getting something that was made in America, you're getting something that's good for it too!

What have we done so far?

We formed this past year in my garage, like all great startups do and the reception has been incredible. So far we've only sold online and at select boutiques and festivals, but for 2012 we're looking to increase our presence through larger festivals, launch parties, and our very own retail experience. Your contribution will help support all of this!

Why Kickstarter?

From our inception, I wanted DCXV to only use the resources at our disposal. We made a choice early on to pursue slow growth and bootstrap our own endeavors. That means we look for publicity over advertising, we partner only with other small businesses, and we don't take money from banks. And that's why we need you. We've done extremely well at creating a solid foundation, but now we need that extra push to help us grow. Think of it this way: We're a plant in your garden, doing well and growing on our own, but you have the miracle grow that could help us bloom into something beyond our wildest dreams!

What are the risks?

None! If we hit our goal, you get some great swag and help fuel a small business, and if we don't, you don't get charged. In business school they called that a "win-win".

What are the rewards?

Many and plentiful! Check out the tiers on the right to see the great things you can get by contributing to our worthy cause!

The 2012 Summer Nashville series will include: Our Nashville Skyline design, Bobbie's Dairy Dip, Pink Elephant, Grimey's Records, and our Broadway design.

The shirts in the video and in the images below are from 2011 or are limited editions made for Kickstarter. Our 2012 collection features some awesome new colors and designs!

The Kickstarter exclusive black DCXV logo shirt!

Our "Shades" design from our DCXV line. Be cool. Be James Dean cool.

The Pink Elephant, this classic combo and all new colors in Summer 2012!

The original "Nashville Skyline". Wait till you see 2012's!


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    The warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting small business!

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    A personal thank you on all of our social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, etc.), as well as a surprise design for your computer's wallpaper. And that warm, fuzzy feeling of helping a small business.

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    A pack of Kickstarter exclusive DCXV stickers to slap on any and everything. Give them to friends, or declare your love for DCXV on your favorite lamp post.

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    Get one of the first prints of our 12"x19" DCXV Nashville Series poster, featuring 9 of our best designs from that series! Only 20 in the first run, all numbered and signed by the artist, yours truly!

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    You can get yourself a Summer 2012 Nashville Skyline t-shirt and one of those sweet Kickstarter exclusive sticker packs! Show your love for DCXV and our hometown, wherever you are!

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    The Summer 2012 Nashville Skyline t-shirt, a sticker pack, and a Spring/Summer 2012 Kickstarter exclusive: the black DCXV logo shirt. It's featured in the video and we like to call it the "Johnny Cash".

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    The DCXV Sample Pack with one shirt from each of our lines (Nashville, DCXV, and BALANCE) the kickstarter exclusive black DCXV logo shirt, the sticker pack, a poster print of our Nashville Skyline design, a personal thank you note mailed directly to you, and that warm fuzzy feeling that you helped a small business.

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