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The D. Bess solo album will be a mix of reggae-blues-ska-funk-disco-dub sugar. Some cocoa and spices. Donate some change we can believe in :)

Friends, family, lovers and haters, the damned and the beloved:


The D. Bess solo album has just begun. We started recording in April and will do so until the album is finished. A mix of various genres, it is a departure and an evolution from the Public Property sound. This non-polemical album will touch on everything from booty texts to Silvio Berlusconi's various scandals, as well as love, loss, lust, stories made up and stories true and untold.

Dave Bess is playing all of the instruments on the album. So far we've got funk, hip-hop, folk, blues, rock, ska and reggae flavors. Should be at least 17 songs long and we hope to release it in March or April, 2011.

The money donated to the cause will go to recording costs, production, artwork and design, mastering and printing of the album, as well as setting up a website for free download of the album when it is finished. They will also go to printing posters, stickers and T-shirts for donors. Additional funds will be used to pay for the recording of our soon-to-be-announced very special guest on the album. This will include travel expenses, recording costs and studio time.

Right now we are experiencing with different techniques to build the songs. The drums on the album are a mix of cajon, hi-hat and percussion, which is the same thing used in lives sets to build the drums. On top of that we are using guitar, an octave pedal and various guitar pedals to create a full sonic experience. Most of what we are using is what is used in live sets, though plans are in motion to record crickets, a cannon shooting a cannon ball, barroom banter and perhaps some Hammond B-3 organ.



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    Free download of the album off the D. Bess website: You will be thanked by name on the Thank You song, unless you wish to remain anonymous, along with anyone and everyone who has donated to the project.

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    Same reward as the $10 reward, along with a free hard copy of the CD signed and personalized by Bessly and delivered to your address.

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    Same benefits as the previous awards, except you also get a very special poster designed by a nationally renowned designer of concert posters. Signed, sealed and delivered.

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    All of the previous rewards, as well as a T-shirt and stickers to boot.

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    All previous rewards, including a batch of chocolate-chip cookies made by Dave and inspired by his mom's delicious and awesome recipe.

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    All previous awards, including a signed copy of the album by Dave's super special guest. This will be announced soon.

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    All previous awards, along with a private solo show. The private show (or public show, if you choose) will be arranged between Dave and the donor to coincide with a time that works for both.

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    All previous rewards, excluding the $500 private show reward. Instead of a private show, you would get one of the songs dedicated to you on the album OR you could choose to have a song written for you, about you, about something you love. We could collaborate on ideas and the song would be available on the website as an additional download.

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    All of the rewards that the $200 reward gives you, including a credit on the album itself as one of the album's producers.

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    Same rewards at the $2,000 reward. Extra reward is that you get free access to all Public Property and D. Bess shows for life, along with free tickets to any festival either Public Property or D. Bess play.

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    Everything in the $5000 reward. However, the top pledge reward will buy you a ticket to hang out with and be a part of recording Dave's special guest. This will include airfare, lodging, and the experience of a lifetime with Dave, his sound engineer, and the special guest. Special guest TBA soon. The trip will be about a week long and will occur between August 20th and October 31st. Details regarding this will be updated weekly until we have figured out a set time.

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