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To be adventurous. To be inspired. To be brave. To Be Forever Wild. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 12, 2011.

To be adventurous. To be inspired. To be brave. To Be Forever Wild.

About this project

To Be Forever Wild explores the ways that people interact with nature in the Catskill Mountains.  These landscapes have for generations captured America's imagination and inspired a love of wilderness.  In our film we meet hikers, artists, cliff-jumpers, farmers, naturalists, philosophers and dreamers. 

The message of our film is that reconnecting with nature is not only life changing and enriching, but also a strong foundation for personal growth, artistic inspiration and environmental protection. 

A crew of more than 20 filmmakers, photographers, musicians, artists and friends collaborated on this film. Our exploration of the Catskill Mountains gave us a deeper appreciation of the natural world and the transformation that comes with time away from day to day modern life.  We have completed principal filming and are now beginning the edit. Once completed, we will submit the film to major film festivals, host regional screenings and release the film on DVD and online - that all starts with this Kickstarter campaign!

Join our film adventure by making a contribution and telling your friends!

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Micro Budget Filmmaking + You

To Be Forever Wild captures beauty in grand landscapes and exquisite detail.  It will look like a million dollars, but will cost a small fraction of that.

The project has been conceived as a micro-budget film.  That means we are making the most of very limited resources to get the film made.  Our team not only includes professional cinematographers, musicians and editors, but also the Catskills community: local businesses and farmers donated food to our crew, and our interns are from local high schools and colleges.  Now we hope that our team will include you - every donation to our Kickstarter campaign makes a big difference for us!

The funds we raise with this Kickstarter campaign will allow us to complete the initial edit of the film, collect archival footage, work with local interns and students, and put us in position to complete the film in early 2012.

The People We Meet

At the heart of To Be Forever Wild are the people we meet.  Over the next few weeks, we'll highlight some of our new friends.  They include:

·       Bob Berman, astronomer, pilot and WAMC regular

·       Mary Dette Clark, renowned fly-tyer from Roscoe, NY

·       Ellen Kalish, Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

·       Lama Karma, KTD Monastery

·       Jim Krul, Catskills Fly Fishing Center & Museum

·       Michael Kudish, natural historian

·       The Fertile Minds Collective

·       Dakin Morehouse, Empire State Railway Museum

·       Bob Titus, Catskills geologist

·       Dave and Carol White, authors and 3500 Club members

For more info and pictures visit our website:

Production Credits:

·       David Becker, Producer/Director 

·       Craig Hymson, Producer

·       Pamela Romanowsky, Producer

·       Dennis O'Clair, Camera

·       Kazio Sosnowski, Camera

·       Brian Dentz, Camera

·       Ian Holden, Alexandra Hayes and Tim Amerman, Production Assistants

·       Karen K. H. Sim and Ari Bassin Hill, Consulting Editors

·       Brett Nieland, Website

·       Featuring the artwork of Ekaterina Smirnova

·       Featuring the photography of Mario Valentino Tozzi

·       Featuring the music of Skooby Laposki, Justin Wixson, Luke Adams, Gryphon Rower-Upjohn, Odetta Hartman, Tyler Beatrice, Ian Holden and Kazio Sosnowski

·       Interns: Mike Caffrey, Lauren Harris, Jeremy Linardakis, Ben Onderdonk, Kelsey Wickham

This project is funded in part by the New York State Foundation for the Arts and The Catskills Center Artist in Residency Program.


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    Signed personal note from the director and Thank You in the credits of the film

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    DVD of the completed film + Thank You note and credit in the film

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    Signed Limited Edition DVD with hand-printed and painted DVD sleeve + Thank You note and credit in the film

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    Framed and signed 8x10 limited edition photo taken in the Catskill Mountains by one of our cinematographers. Choose from 5 beautiful prints captured on one of our shoots + DVD + Thank You note and credit in the film

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    Box Set including DVD, Soundtrack CD and DVD, framed/signed 8x11 photo, and collection of 6 fly-fishing flies from the world-famous Dette's Trout Flies in Roscoe, NY! Contained in a handcrafted wooden box. Includes Thank You note and credit in the film

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    Contributing Producer credit + Box Set + An invitation for two to a special Sneak Peek screening in New York City!

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    Flight and breakfast with Bob Berman, renowned astronomer featured in the film and pilot with 20+ years of flying experience. You and a guest will join Bob and director David Becker on a flight over the Catskills, then to Millbrook, NY for breakfast and conversation + Box Set + Contributing Producer credit + Sneak Peek

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    We are rewarding one original watercolor painting featured in the film, created by internationally recognized artist Ekaterina Smirnova. Painting is 30"x22" and will be framed. Includes Box Set + Contributing Producer Credit + Sneak Peek

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