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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 25 2013
pledged of $190,000pledged of $190,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 25 2013
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    1. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      A quick update - As part of their review process for our upcoming campaign relaunch, we've just been asked by Kickstarter to change the terms of our Designer's Oath and make sure backers who choose this add-on pledge the whole $ 320 now (instead of the $ 80 now + $ 240 later that we initially described in this update). We're still on track for a relaunch on March 12.

    2. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      Yes, the online game will work across all platforms so you'd be able to play together.

    3. Nestle on

      I don't remember this question yet:
      My wife has an ipad, I have a Samsung tablet.
      Will we be able to play together?

    4. Missing avatar

      AJ Harris on

      Thanks for the responses! =) A main reason why I really want the DE is because I do NOT already own the standard board game. I wonder if this is true for any others.

      I'm definitely a gamer, but I can't understand owning more than one copy of a game (except maybe in the event that you travel to many other places with your board game, then one at home, one for the road, as I would have done with my extra copy from the previous Flames level). I wish I was as sold on the DE as much now as I was when it came with so many other things. =/ Ugh! Decisions, decisions!

    5. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @ Marcus, yes shipping must be added up, because we will ship these rewards separately, so that people who pledge for the DE don't have to wait until that game ships to receive all the other rewards they may pledge for.

    6. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @ AJ, sorry for the delay we've been busy with other things ;). The Encyclopedia isn't currently planned to be in the DE. The 6 player map you will receive in the DE will be larger than the one offered at the Goblins and Orcs level. We think most people who purchase the DE will already have the standard version of Small World, and will thus be happy to have a 6 player map for it.

    7. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @ Michael, the resolution can't be the only criteria; other things matter. If your screen is too small, trying to tap on the right items might be too difficult and frustrating for instance; likewise, if your processor is too slow and the game crawls, it won't be any fun. It obviously is in our interest to try and make the game available on as many devices as possible, if we do Android; but at the same time, we want the game experience to be good; if we can broaden the specs we stated above, we will, obviously; we just want to be careful about setting expectations.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marcus Hambraeus on

      I've got a question about international shipping. I want the Orcs-level, and I also want the Designer Edition. Then I'd pledge $60 + $80 for the stuff itself, and how much for shipping? Orcs are at $18, and DE at $50, does that mean I should add $68, or does the higher cost cover both the costs? Also, I read in one of your replies that the KS exclusive races and abilites would be included in the DE, I assume that means I don't have to pledge an additional $9 to have them added aswell?

      Thanks, and I really look forward to this kickstarter!

    9. Missing avatar

      AJ Harris on

      Hey, DoW. You haven't responded to a post in like 5 days and I didn't want my question to get lost down in the abyss, so I'll ask again, albeit in a different form:

      Will the Designer's Edition come WITH the encyclopedia inside? I want the encyclopedia, but I don't want to have to pay for another 6-player board when I'm already getting one in the DE. Since the new levels have the encyclopedia bumped up above the board, I'd have to get a double, which I don't love or agree with, hahaha. Thanks.

    10. Jabooty_3 on

      I'd assume there are android users out there that would still be interested in purchasing the game even if they don't quite reach the resolution specs but have the required OS version to run a slightly fuzzy game.

      I just introduced Small Workd to three people lat night that really enjoyed it. Two of which will likely check out the rebooted campaign.

    11. Michael Pedersen on

      Suggestion? My phone has a pretty decent display at 1280x768 (Nexus 4). That means I actually have higher resolution than you're listing above. Don't make the tablet into a *requirement* to install the app. Make the resolution the requirement, and then people can use it on any device with a high enough resolution display, which will make everybody happy.

    12. Jordan York on

      I understand and agree with the comments coming from the $400 DE backers. You guys miss out on a few things that you would have got in the last campaign, which kinda sucks. I'm not sure how they should address that. On the other hand, what I think DoW did right this time is simplified their goal for this project and made physical beneficial items (the 6-player map and new races and classes) available to everyone as add-ons. What I think they need to do now is come up with some tiers higher than $80 that includes some more swag (figurines, the board game, expansions, art, etc.). There's a huge gap between the $60+add-ons and the $320 DE. I am willing to pledge more than ~$80 given that there are more appealing rewards available. We'll see what happens :)

    13. Daniel Shane

      I also agree that this KS is more expensive than the first one for the 400$ flame level and we get less stuff.

      Old flame level:

      DE + 6 person Map + 3 new races in deluxe format
      1 Physical copy of SmallWorld
      Digital Expansion + The art book + The poster
      SmallWorld on all platforms
      LONG sleeved T-Shirt
      3 Metal Pins

      The closest with the new KS is

      320$ DE + 6 player map
      60$ Digital extra races + book + smallworld digital version
      1$ to go into "a la carte mode"
      21$ for the T-Shirt
      9$ for extra races for the original game.

      Total: 411$ (and a copy of the original game is not included).

      Here is how I see it:

      We are trading the pins, poster, long sleeve t-shirt and original version of SmallWorld for a signed version with engraving + we have to pay 11$ extra.

      However, we only need to front 80$ now (which is cool!).

      I can estimate the removed goodies at about 50$ give or take, + we pay 11$ more. So if the engraving + signature + numbering is worth at least 61$ to you, you can say you are not loosing compared to the previous KS.

      I personally don't think I will be engraving my copy at all, since I'm afraid it would impact the resell value if I ever need to sell my copy.

    14. Missing avatar

      AJ Harris on

      @Peter and Jake: Even JUST the DE isn't staying the same price. The old $321 level got you the KS bonus digitals as well, where as this one does not, you have to pay extra (splitting hairs at 8 more dollars, but still). DoW is getting around this by saying that this new one will be signed and numbered (assumedly increasing the value), but I'm not sure that that is enough of a perk to draw more people in. I know it isn't for me. =(

    15. Peter McAndrew on

      @Jake: Just the DE stays the same price - $320 total add-on to the $1 minimum pledge level. If someone wanted to try to build the Flames level in the new structure, the closest they could get would be: Orcs level + DE + tshirt for a total of $401 and missing the pins and the extra copy of the game. So they'd be paying more for less. International backers are even worse off because instead of the old campaign's $49 shipping at that level, we'd be charged $68.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jake McEwan on

      I'm not entirely sure why some people are now complaining about the price of the Designer Edition being $320 in the new Kickstarter, when the old Kickstarter edition had it for...$321. Am I missing something here?
      If the problem is a loss in value compared to the old $400 Flames bundle, you can get a similar package by adding the $60 Orcs pack, which is mainly just missing the digital expansions, the shirt and metal pins, and an additional copy of the board game (which you don't really need if you're getting the DE, and DoW said they were throwing in virtually for free and so should probably be left out of the actual cost of the pledge level). So you'd be getting nearly the same stuff, for about $20 cheaper. I don't see why people are complaining.

    17. Jesse on

      @ Nestle. I don't know how #1 is going to work, though I'm sure DoW will set up an easy way to send in the payment. For #2, it seems like their plans for the DE have changed a little bit, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see a slightly different design in the new kickstarter. Since the DE pledge no longer includes all of the previous pledge levels, they no longer know if people will have the encyclopedia, so it won't probably have a spot in the DE box.

    18. Nestle on

      Honestly, 9 out of 10 of my questions have been answered just by reading the last 3 pages. 2 Still haven't been answered though:
      1. If we still need to pay $240 a year from now for the designer edition and it has nothing to do with kickstarter, how are we going to do that?
      2. Can you please clarify what is in the picture of the designer edition tray that holds the money bags in the top left corner? Is that the encyclopedia? Does it have a designated space in the Designer Edition?
      Thanks, Tim.

    19. Will Baker on

      I went from from a backer in the Designer Edition to no way I can afford that. You guys seriously need to lower the price. Otherwise I'm out. Sorry, just being honest.

    20. Peter McAndrew on

      The thing to bear in mind about whether the game is going for $10 or $15 in the new campaign is how many people would pledge at that level. If you get 50% more people willing to pledge $10 than $15 you get the same amount of money. I'd be rather surprised if it was less that 100% more people willing to pay $10 (especially if it's clear they can pay that much afterwards, albeit without the extra races/powers) so you'd actually be losing money by setting it at $15.

    21. Missing avatar

      AJ Harris on

      So, I wanted the Designer Edition before...but now that it's more expensive (I can't honestly see math-wise how the $80 "price cut" makes up for all of the extra stuff that came with the Flames level) I'm probably backing out of it, I'm not sure yet.

      My major questions about it, though, is that I want the encyclopedia, but I would have no reason to get the 6-player map if it already comes IN the designer edition. Why would I just need a random extra 6-player map? It made sense before because the Flames level came with a normal copy of the game as well...but now it makes no sense to me. Can we clear that up?

    22. Jordan York on

      I'm currently in for $69, but I'm hoping to see some $100+ tiers added in (maybe with a miniature or two). We'll see what happens. I'm excited for this regardless :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jazzopardi on

      I supported the first campaign and will definitely support this one.

      This campaign seems much better thought out and clear than the previous one which is great!

      Now lets hope we can get a Small World Underground digital stretch goal to really get us motivated!! :)

    24. Jesse on

      True...but to unlock them, it sounds like you'll have to be pretty dedicated to the game and play 1,000s of games. You're absolutely right, though, because it comes down to if people are willing to pledge or not. If enough people are like you and decide to 'wait until it comes out' then the project won't fund and they won't have the option at all. It comes back to interest in the game and the Kickstarter phenomenon. :-)

    25. Werehare on

      @Jesse. Unless, as they point out above, those exclusives can be unlocked in the game. :D

      I do take your point though. At the end of the day it all comes down to whether you think the game is worth it for you. My guess is that many people will be fine with it, which is why I expect the reboot to succeed.

    26. Jesse on

      @ Werehare. Saying that the digital game will cost you 50% more during this campaign isn't quite right. You're leaving out the part where $15 gets you a copy of the digital game for your device and 6 new digital elements to the game. If I remember right, these new Races and Powers are also exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign. So if you wait until it comes out on the device you use, you'll only have to pay $10 but you'll miss this element.

      Now you might not care about the races and powers, so you can wait...but exclusive content is kind of what Kickstarter is all about. :-) I don't think it's at all overpriced, especially looking at other kickstarters I've seen.

    27. Werehare on

      @Jesse. Yes, certainly some of the comments are broader than just this campaign but I don't have a problem with KickStarter in general. I'm sure I'll continue backing things which really appeal to me (and which seem worth my pledge).

      Also, I fully expect DoW to make good on their goals. I appologise if I made it sound like they were a risky bet. I know they are a well respected company in this respect, again that was just highlighting the fact that ANY pledge on ANY compaign is a risk. In this case I'm paying a premium AND accepting that risk in order to get a copy of a game I'm interested in.

      A 50% bump in the price seems like a lot just to register that you are interested in the product. Personally I'd rather show my support for the Android store by purchasing the other games that are already available (such as Elder Sign).

      I'm really not sure how I feel about linking the KickStarter to the adoption of a platform. It now almost feels like the platforms are being held hostage. "Pay an extra 50% for our game or we won't bring it out at all". (Yes I know that's a little unfair but for the sake for argument...) Again, I'd feel happier if the pledge level was the same as the final price, then what they are saying is "We will only bring the game out if we know we can make money off it." which seems a lot fairer.

      And again, I'm not actually suggesting that anything is changed. The goal for the developers here is it bring in money. I was just going to leave it, but I'm assuming that there are other people in the KickStarter community that are thinking the same as me so I thought I'd just share my thoughts in case they we of any use to anyone.

      The only open curiosity I have is, should the new KickStarter campaign be sucessfull (which I expect it probably will be), will DoW be then using this Android experience to bring things like Ticket to Ride to Android as well?

    28. Missing avatar

      OldPeculier on

      Just a bit of feedback. My interest in what you're doing with Smallworld has tanked between the first campaign and the new one. I cannot describe to you how disinterested I am in these new plans. Don't care about Android. Don't care about PC Steam. I care about the Designer Edition, but $400?! Shoot. I'll buy a new iPad for that, or something. Good luck and everything.

    29. Jesse on

      @ Warehare. It almost sounds like you have more issues with Kickstarter as a whole, instead of just this campaign plan. I've seen several projects where the items you're getting aren't even close to the cost you're pledging. $15 for a digital copy of the game (which will retail for $9.99 eventually) along with the new digital races and powers is a great price!

      As far as your concern that DoW won't actually create the product...this is a well-established company who knows how to deliver. There is WAY less risk in this Kickstarter than most of the projects out there! Of course that's always the risk, but it's not a very big one with this company.

      When it comes to your last comment, I think it's worth showing you this (posted in the general comments area):

      "Assuming no one but Android and Steam users pledge for anything in this campaign (including the various add-ons which could be of interest to board game and iPad players of the game), and assuming Android tablet and Steam users only care to pledge at the $ 15 level, this campaign will fund if we can get 5,000 backers in each group (ie 5,000 Android users and 5,000 Steam users) to pledge in.
      If we can't achieve this (or any other combination that gets us to this goal), then I'm afraid this would mean there is no real market for Small World on these platforms..."

      Basically it sounds like if this project doesn't fund, DoW will take it as a sign that even though there are extremely vocal Android users who want the game, there aren't enough to make it worth their time and money. It totally makes sense, and it would mean that if this project doesn't fund, they will not be making an Android version.

    30. Werehare on

      As someone who doesn't own a physical copy of SmallWorld, I'm afraid you've lost me. I realize that KickStarter isn't a preorder service and the goal is to get you money to develop the port, but that doesn't stop people like from from looking at the rewards as a simple risk based cost/gain equation. You are asking me to pay $15 for something which will be worth $10 in 1 years time. Plus, due to the nature of KickStarter, this product (due to unforseen circumstances) may never actually happen. If we assume that everyone who pledges would buy a copy anyway then what you have is an interest free loan which you are charging us to give to you (plus we are taking on all the risk of non-completion.)

      Now, I don't actually have a problem with any of what I have outlined above. If you can get people to buy into it then it's fantastic for you guys, but it just seems like you are taking advantage of your potential customers, and not just that, you are taking advantage of your most loyal fans (ie, the people who are already customers, already love the game and want to support you directly.)

      Now, I'm not actually suggesting that you change anything because, like I said, if you can make it work then you are laughing, but for me you'd need to reduce the basic pledge to $10 or do something like add one of the existing expansions into the mix for free for each $50,000 over the goal.

      I've backed a few projects now. I understand that I'm not buying into your company and I'm not pre-ordering an item, but I want to feel like my act of goodwill (which is what I see this as. I'm giving you money. I'm accepting that I might lose that money completely. I'm accepting that the final product might turn out to NOT be what I'm expecting.) is actually being rewarded.

      Unless you turn around and say "If this KickStarter fails then we will never do an Android version of our games" then I'm afraid I just don't (personally) see anything to get me excited about this one. Sorry.

      I do wish you all the best with the new campaign though.

    31. Mads Luther Nørlem on

      I may have missed if someone already has asked this, sorry if that's the case, but is there any chance we can add an additonal platform (so you can get 1 for android and 1 for steam as an example) as an addon to say (so I can add $X and be able to choose to get the game for another platform)?

    32. Dane Turner on

      This has everything I liked about the last campaign, plus some more. I will be sure to back this, probably for more than I was backing the first campaign! Are you still planning to start this one in March?

    33. Jesse on

      @ Jabooty, I imagine that access to the exclusive powers and races are linked to your DoW account, but you'll download the expansions and be able to use them offline. Are there any games where you can play some of it offline and some expansions are only available online?

    34. Jabooty_3 on

      If the Kickstarter exclusive powers and races are accessed via DoW accounts, will they also be available during local offline play?

    35. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      And yes, the Spiderines will be back

    36. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      Yes there will be offline play in multiple forms: pass-and-play, solo vs AI, etc.

    37. Jordan York on

      Will we still see a spiderines reward? I was really interested to see what people came up with.

    38. Jabooty_3 on

      +1 on Peter's latest comment

      I'm definitely in for Tritons + Royal Bonus. It would be great for add-on options for the 6 player map and encyclopdia. My other idea would be an Orcs variation that had the physical Kickstar pieces instead of a digital version of the base game: an option for current iPad owners that want all of the Kickstarter rewards short of DE without an additional copy of the digital game. Or an Orcs variation without the digital base game that could still have Royal Bonus added to it.

    39. Jordan York on

      I also like the idea of pass-and-play.

    40. Chris Gripkey on

      +1 for pass-and-play

    41. Peter McAndrew on

      One other question I forgot in my long post below: Is there a completely off-line play option? I tend not to turn on the internet on my phone unless I'm specifically wanting to use it, so would want to be able to play against the computer and/or pass-and-play.

    42. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      Nice, I'm eager to see this KS revived in March. :)

      Will the cardboard version of the new races and powers be included in any of the pledge levels? Or will it be in the "optional extras", and we just throw $9 into any pledge level to get them?

      IMO, the KS could use a donation tier between the $15 and $40 one. Maybe the 6-player map without the book? Or the digital rewards + the cardboard version of the new races? It does risk the pledge levels getting complicated again, though.

    43. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      All expansions will be available as in-app purchases (and DLCs, in the case of Steam) directly within the app.

    44. Carlos - "Koey" on

      Oops just read the first blue post.
      This is what I get for not refreshing after reading the email.
      Also is there a way of getting the in-game expansions for the electornic game. Like the previous hafling level.

    45. Carlos - "Koey" on

      Does the Troll tshirt include shipping for international backers?
      I assumed it will be since all other shipping was explicitly mentioned.

    46. Peter McAndrew on

      Some observations:
      1. From what I've seen of other campaigns, the more successful ones seem to have a reward structure with several levels covering plus allowing most, if not all, of the items as a la carte options. The important part of this structure is to ensure that the higher levels are cheaper than the same options a la carte (for example, the current Flames level compared to the proposed a la carte options to get the same)
      2. Asking people to pay a premium to allow you to make the game is going to steer people away from the campaign. I for one was not willing to pay for Skeleton or Halfling levels in this campaign and will not do so in the next with the currently proposed structure. IMHO the Skeleton level should be set at $10 (the MSRP) with extras (the exclusive races/powers) thrown in. At the highest, the exclusive races/powers should be costed the same as an expansion module ($2 I believe - therefore $12 total).
      3. Both my mobile phone and my tablet have resolutions slightly lower than specified. From what I can see, very few Android devices actually function at that resolution - the Kindle Fire, for example, has a resolution of 1024x600. Please consider reducing the minimum resolution.
      4. Asking for people to pay extra after the campaign is finished is a very risky idea. For one thing, I have ignored campaigns in the past with this sort of funding structure (admittedly it was shipping costs and part of it was the fact they didn't even give an estimate). You will probably also get people who pledge for it without noticing the fine print about extra costs and will want to get a refund when they find out.

    47. Missing avatar

      AJ Harris on

      Sooooo, now I can get the app for "free," but there's no tier for getting every expansion of the app like the halflings level? Maybe it's just not released yet, but this truly does seem like a worse campaign "reward-wise" for me. I definitely feel cheated out of a lot of stuff that I was willing to pay for before. I'm not mad, I'm just kinda bummed out. I don't know what I was really expecting, though, hahaha.

      I totally agree with Yi Zhao, we are definitely getting less for the money. The DoW response that THIS Designer Edition is signed like the one in the $650 tier left out the fact that that tier also came with an "exquisitely detailed 3D figure," which I'm sure was the main reason for the $250 leap between tiers, not some embossing. I still don't own the board game or the app, so you've got my money either way, DoW, but I'm certainly disappointed. I understand that I'm the minority though. It's ok.

    48. Chris Gripkey on

      Also you'll need to make a copy, didn't want someone trashing it

    49. Chris Gripkey on

      Suddenly wishing I could edit KS posts...