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pledged of $190,000pledged of $190,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 25 2013
pledged of $190,000pledged of $190,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 25 2013


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      Hannes on

      Btw.... if you are ever in need of a good developer, i would sympathize.

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      Hannes on

      @Elizabeth: Ryan is right. As i understand this whole cancellation thing, the ipad users will get the upgrades anyway. I, for example, have no ipad (and i never will, cause i don't like the ideal behind apple) and i'm really looking forward to the android an steam version, cause these two platforms are yet not blessed with Small World. I'm sure they will make things right. so that everyone will reach the maximum happiness in this, otherwise they wouldn't have cancled this (quite surley) successful campaign ;-)

    3. Ryan S. Davis on

      @OldPeculier...did you read ANYthing from the official announcement? Anything at all? The Designer Edition is still coming. The iPad sequel is still coming. There will be no delay for either one. Am I the only one that actually reads the whole update instead of just the headline?

    4. Ryan S. Davis on

      @Elizabeth--Really? You're angry? At what, exactly? You "wanted the iPad version." Ok, so go buy it. It already exists, and you'll get a free upgrade to the new version later this year. Nothing has changed with it at all. You also "wanted to support" Days of Wonder. Ok, so go do it. If you have that much money, send them some--they will accept it. If you want to receive something for your support, buy any of their games. If you want some of what they were offering in the Kickstarter, wait a month and pledge for it then. Nothing has changed except that you get to keep your money for an extra month. Nothing has been taken away from you. And for this, you are angry?
      A lot of people don't seem to understand what this cancellation means. Small World 2 is still coming, still free for existing owners, and will still include multiplayer maps for async play. I suggest holding off on the new questions to give them time to focus on the relaunch.

    5. Missing avatar

      OldPeculier on

      I'm disappointed, and I think you've made a mistake. The campaign did have too many goals, but it sounds like you're turning away from the two goals that interested me (#1 Designer Edition and #2 iPad sequel) toward two goals that interest me not at all (Android and PC editions). The $99K pledged so far may very well be higher than what you'll get next time.

    6. Elizabeth on

      As someone who wanted the iPad version and wanted to support you I am disappointed and a little angry about this. I think you got bullied and this cancellation was misguided. If anything, start another Kickstarter for those goals. I have no interest in your new proposed Kickstarter and am very bummed about this.

    7. Nestle on

      It's just a good example of how so many people played victim to what DoW was doing here.
      Honestly Barrie, I'm sure you've read some of the other EXTREMELY rude comments on this thing. None of them were censored, why would they censor yours?

    8. Ryan S. Davis on

      Barrie, your comment is posted on the main page, not the update page, and is a bit insulting. If you're only interested in something because of limited availability, and lose interest if it becomes more available, that makes you...what? A profiteer? A speculator, in it for the money? Either way, it doesn't sound like you are a fan of the game itself. I want the Designer edition too, but unlike you, it doesn't become less appealing for me if many people are able to acquire it.

    9. Jesse on

      @ Barrie, I don't think the Sponsor can edit anything. But maybe Kickstarter can?

    10. Barrie Cotton on

      I made a lengthy criticle comment earlier today and it's not shown. Censored ?

    11. Kris Wiggins

      I haven't read all 100 previous comments so I don't know what's really been said already. My interest was only in the Designer Edition, but it was just too expensive for me. I know production costs are high, but I wonder if the pledge levels this time were so expensive because you were also trying to fund the digi version? As the main focus in fact. If I'm just too poor, that's fine, but if you kickstarted just a designer version at lower pledge levels, maybe I could afford more than $1 just to be able to comment! haha Here's hoping anyway... Also bring back some discontinued Memoir '44 stuff! haha I've been wanting to ask you guys for that, maybe you'll actually see it here! :)

    12. Tim Hower on

      It's time to show the Android some love. There are a lot of us out here. I would purchase every DOW game for the Android the day they are released if they would just make them available on the Android. I only found out about the Android stretch goal because I complained about the lack of an android version.

    13. HAL-13 on

      @Carlos, assuming you refer to the updated ipad version. There are no info regarding a rise of the Small World app on the iTunes store. They have stated however that the update would be free to existing users, so there is no benefit to wait that I can see, at least if DOW's next KS is done properly and does not penalize existing users (as this one did).

    14. Missing avatar

      Niall McGrath on

      I agree with Travis as well, I signed up for the $400 level plus international, I wanted all the goodies and extras and the designer edition. Hopefully in the future those of us in Europe will be able to get all these items for less than the kickstarter cost.
      I wish days of wonder success in the future and hopefully some more super special editions of their games. I look forward to seeing their new plans.

    15. Michael Smudde on

      I completely agree with Travis Clarke. I was only in for the physical Items... I really did care about the digital stuff I just wanted the Designer edition.

    16. Travis Clarke

      Frankly, I was mostly interested in the designer edition, and physical bonus items. I had little interest in the mobile versions of Small World, as I mostly enjoy playing board games with friends and with physical objects. I had originally pledged at the Flames level ($400) and would much appreciate the designer edition being offered, along with all of the various items (including the dragon!). Ideally, I would love to see the deluxe edition cover Underground and maybe Realms as well, or at the very least Cursed!, Grand Dames, and Be Not Afraid tokens. It would be a spectacular item for my collection.

    17. Jesse on

      @ Johannes, why would it matter if we got 'first dibs' or not? I also pledged at the Flames level but as long as there isn't a limit to the number of Designer Editions they will make it won't matter if I'm the last one to pledge for it...I'll still get it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Johannes Sia on

      Pledged at Flames level and I'm disappointed that this had to be cancelled and the project further delayed. Maybe you could have just proceeded anyway (being at the halfway mark) and then just create a new project for Android users after the deadline. All that excitement just fizzled for me now. I'm glad you're still pushing through with the iPad version. The question now is the Designer Edition, which I would've gotten as a Flames pledger. Will you give original pledgers like me FIRST dibs on it? And for how much?

    19. Ted Hahn

      That's a really sensible, though highly risky, course of action. I'm in for the app, defiantly, and I wish you much luck :)

    20. Carlos - "Koey" on

      How much is Small World estimated to be retailing?
      Would be interested on whether I should attempt to download it now or wait for the 2nd version to come out.

    21. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the votes of confidence. We'll work to make it even better ;)

    22. Nestle on

      I know you did what you had to, but know that several of us really wanted this thing to suceed.
      When you relaunch I'll be there. ;)
      And always keep in mind you can't make everyone happy.
      Some people just like complaining.
      Good luck in the future.

    23. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      Good decision, DoW! Thanks for listening to the feedback. Revamping this KS to give it clearer goals and less confusing rewards would make it a lot more accessible. I'll be thrilled if the new one is dedicated to making the Android and Steam releases happen from the start.

    24. Adam Schuter on

      I have played the heck out of my iPad version of the game, and just recently got my first physical game in the series with Underground. My only 'complaint' with the original campaign was that I'd get physical versions of races for a game which I only have digitally. Had there been an pledge level to get all the digital KS exclusive goodies, their physical counterparts, and a physical copy of the game I would have jumped at it. The Designer Edition looks awesome, but just isn't in the cards at the moment.

      In the end, as long as I get to play an updated iPad version of the game, I'll be a happy camper.

    25. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @Christopher, KS doesn't allow 2 campaigns at once - or at least strongly discourages it. And this does not delay the iPad update.

    26. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @D, no it doesn't.

    27. Christopher on

      Terribly disappointed.
      I understand people wanted SW on the other platforms, but instead of canceling, why not just start a second campagin?
      So we ended up kickstarting a big delay.
      Where is the "Stout" ability when you need it?

    28. Missing avatar

      D on

      Does this setback mean the updated iPad version is now definitely pushed back from the original June target date?

    29. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @Nick, we agree - simplicity is absolutely key.

    30. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @nathaniel, @kane, the answers are yes to all

    31. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @palenoue, asynchronous online game will help you play against friends even if they're not around when you are.

    32. Jarikith - Legendary Bowlord

      I agree, this is the right choice to make. I don't have an iPad or any tablet at all, I never would've have jumped in on this if all that would come about is an iPad version or even a tablet version. I only gave now to support the decision to reboot with a focus on PC (yaaay!) and Android. You can count on my support for the relaunch.

    33. Nick Vance on

      It's a tough decision that you made but I feel like you guys made the right one: this campaign was too spread out between platforms and digital/physical rewards.

      Learning from this, it seems like anything that can be done to make it simpler in the future would be good. I'm worried a campaign for PC Steam and Android, with levels for the KS-promo races/powers and possibly the Designer Edition is still complex. Perhaps you should think of ways to simplify this.

      One idea would be separate campaigns with lower targets for each platform, you could also sell the designer edition through a third KS campaign (so you only had to print what was ordered). The KS-promo races/powers could be low tier rewards for any/all of these mini campaigns.

      In any case, I'm looking forward to Smallworld 2 for iPad. Thanks.

    34. Sharkey

      Thank you very much for your care to your products and the community.

      I would greatly like to see a kickstarter for the designer edition of the game (with all races included: Original, 3 mini expansions, and Underground). Whether that is a separate kickstarter or part of the steam one so be it. The PC and steam versions are greatly anticipated, but I suspect that there is a large population that would love to upgrade their existing smallworld board games.

    35. Stephen Harvey on

      Will the cost of the deluxe edition change? It would be in poor conduct to raise the price of it I would think and I'm sure many others would agree. If anything the price should go down if it will be separate from the digital content support that it was first released under.

    36. Ian Beck on

      Lame, I'm really disappointed in this decision. I have absolutely zero interest in either Android or PC versions of Small World (only own a Mac). The only reason I funded this Kickstarter was in hopes of helping the iPad version come out sooner so I could start playing it again (finally quit playing it when Retina updates didn't come, and didn't come, and didn't come...) and because the Designer Edition looks awesome and there was the option to acquire that without getting any of the other stuff (I already own all Small World expansions, both iPad and physical). If neither of those things is going to be part of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, I can't see any reason I would want to participate.

    37. Kayne K on

      Is there a way I can be updated on the designer edition in the future when you do decide to release it, I really don't want to miss out on this one.....

    38. Missing avatar

      nathaniel zoso on

      Will there be an encyclopedia???? and 3 physical races???

    39. palenoue on

      Could you work on a more robust AI for single-player games? I play most of these games solo because my friends (online and off) are usually busy when I have the time.

    40. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @ Martin, Small World 2 will come out on the iPad no matter what, with free new features like asynch online play and 3-5 player maps.

      The Steam version will focus on PC exclusively (no Mac, sorry - we just haven't been successful enough selling even a broader game like Ticket to Ride on that platform, with or without Steam).

    41. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      @ Ray, existing customers of Small World iPad will be able to upgrade to the new iPad version of Small World, which will include asynchronous online play and 3-5 player maps, at no cost when it ships. Be Not Afraid will be available as an IAP purchase, not unlike the current Cursed and Grand Dames expansions.

      And when we relaunch the campaign, there will be a way for existing iPad players of Small World to acquire the new kickstarter bonus pack of new races and powers that Philippe has designed, even if you're not interested in any other aspect of the campaign relaunch.

    42. Nathan Larsen on

      @martin - V2 will still be coming for Ipad. It is well on its way and was coming no matter what. They just don't really need to kickstarting something that will be happening anyway.

    43. Robert Moore

      Definitely a good choice. I'll be very interested to see more info on the Android version and the Designer's Edition!

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Meyer

      I am disappointed that this is being cancelled and it is subsequently taking so long to relaunch. It seems to me that the interest and dollars are there for this project, and many of the details could be ironed out via greater depth in the stretch goals. In addition, making all of the fun books and trays and coins and races available a la carte as well would probably make sense too. It just seems a waste of the progress that is already here. Plenty of other gaming oriented kickstart campaigns have adjusted on the fly to accomodate the wants and desires of those willing to fund them...even if their initial offerings were messy to start with.

      It all comes back to how things look at the end of the fund raising period.

    45. Missing avatar

      Martin Gallo

      I think I am more confused by the update than the original campaign - "This new campaign will focus on a single goal: funding an Android tablets and Steam PC version of Small World 2"? Does that mean the iPad "update" is no longer a focus and so there will be no V2 for iPad? I am assuming you mean "This new campaign will focus on adding Android and Steam versions". Also, will the Steam version be Macintosh compatible?

    46. Ray Gans on

      Sorry if this was asked and answered already (I didn't see it). But do you care to comment if the new iPad version will be a free upgrade to current users?

    47. Mark M on

      313,000 even!

    48. Mark M on

      Kicktraq has you on track to get 370,000 and usually underestimates at this stage but anyway if you made a clearer list of systems you intend to port the game to you'd probably get more troll tier backers and it'd be nice if you could get a digital only version of the troll tier (Game + expansions on all systems) with maybe a digital encyclopaedia?

    49. Missing avatar

      Saul Escobar on

      Great move in my opinion. Just be sure to make some nice pledge tiers that cater to both fully digital and physical customers as well.

    50. Kyle R. Woods

      I'm glad you decided to do this. The whole campaign seemed a bit tainted. I would gladly pay for the new app when it releases. I also would love to have the designer edition of small world, though it would be great if you made it availible through a regular order on your website, and if you started accepting orders a little closer to when you intend to release it.