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$99,230 pledged of $190,000 goal
$99,230 pledged of $190,000 goal

And one more thing... about the Designer Edition

The Designer Edition is a Kickstarter exclusive - We will only manufacture exactly the number of copies required to fulfill pledges made during this Kickstarter campaign (plus a handful copies for the Author and Publisher). 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stuart Campbell on

      Maybe I missed something somewhere (and I emailed DoW, but haven't heard back yet), but the pic of the Designer Edition shows it numbered and signed.

      The Amazon level ($650) is a signed and dedicated copy (so the text says).

      So I am assuming that all of the Designer Editions are signed - just that the other ones are dedicated.

      If this is not correct, can someone clarify?


    2. Nathan Larsen on

      I was thinking it would be possible because the designer edition at the amazon level is signed, so I was hoping it would be possible to do that for lil ol me.

    3. Matt Freitas

      @Drallie - well they offer it at the $650 level. But yea i imagine having him hand sign 100+ copies of the game for everyone over the 300 dollar level would probably delay shipments and cost too much.

      Though i am definitely on board for wishing my copy was signed. I soo wish i could afford a signed copy i just can't justify 250 bucs for it.

    4. Drallieiv on

      @Nathan i'm not sure they will be able to sign the box or packages, because the Kickstarter seems to be managed only by DOW US. The game designer Philippe Kayerts is from belgium. Maybe a signed congratulation letter.

    5. Days of Wonder 2-time creator on

      We will post details and some cool pics about the Amazons level in a future update :)

    6. Nathan Larsen on

      So much awesome news today.

      Any chance of an addon to get it signed (and numbered!)? I don't really need the Amazon statue, but I think having an autograph would make this even sexier. I'd pay a few extra bucks for it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Thank you for the update - I don't know if this will satisfy everyone but it certainly helps answer most questions that have been floating around the forum.

      If possible, could you post some details regarding the amazon figure available at the $650 level? (Dimensions, material, possibly a sample or drawing, etc.). I think people have been hesitant to pledge for that tier without more details.