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Update #9

So much to report!


Well Kickstarters & Party People!  We are at $11,300 or so... now.

We've been extremely busy. 

Legal:   We've been meeting with ip attorneys about filing a second provisional patent and filing our utility patent.  This will further protect us for any discussions we may enter into for potential licensing agreements.  We've also met with corporate attorneys who specifically focus on startup companies and have some great contacts in the fashion space! 

Prototyping:  As far as prototyping goes, we got our latest and greatest prototype in that has incorporated a piece of CNC'd aluminum, an aluminum post.  Unfortunately, the mechanical engineers who drew them up in Solidworks didn't quite get the dimensions right and the post didn't fit inside of the 3d printed plastic encasing very well.  After hours of sanding, filing, and even microwaving the plastic in warm water and finally slamming the post down into the plastic with our trusted and sturdy hammer, we got them to fit!  These will be extremely strong and full proof.  Only problem is we need to now, get the dimensions and tolerances correct and get another one made, which is expensive.  We also got a newer and stronger design iteration printed in ABS Plus plastic with rapid prototyping.  We are in the process of attaching our heels to our shoes! 

An engineering firm is interested in working on a project basis under a tight deadline of time and costs to finalize our prototypes.

Party Planning:  We have a last minute pool party planned for tomorrow night at the Splash Ultra Lounge roofdeck and pool.  We have some ladies who will be walking in our heels and showing them off poolside. 

Networking:  We just went to a few networking events that had Angel Investors, Private Equity folks, and Venture Capitalists at it and it was a huge success!  I love that the guys are sometimes even more enamored with our product than women are.  They totally get it and immediately resonate with the fact that the women in their lives have complained about their feet hurting them more than several times in their experiences going out to events, etc. 

'Financing:  We've been diligently buttoning up our business plan and going over our pro-forma 5 year financial projections in preparation of being able to raise a round of funding if needed in the future. 

Shoe Designing/ Manufacturing:  We got a great recommendation on a shoe designer from NYC who is willing to help with manufacturing our first test run and coming up with 10-12 designs for a debut shoe collection. 

Selling:  We have a potential mentor and advisor who has successfully sold over $600 million dollars worth of product over 14 years who is willing to help us get onto QVC.

And, Nadine and I have been swearing up and down that we can't wait until our convertible heels actually come to market.  Last night at an event on a wooden roof deck, our heels kept falling through the cracks and we were about to break our ankles and wished we could've switched down to lower heels!   We've also been doing a fair amount of bicycling around the city from Boston to Cambridge, and even Allston and we always seem to be doing so in our dresses, skirts, and high heels.  The other night I forgot to bring extra sneakers with me, so I ended up biking home in 4 inch heels and my feet hurt so bad, I had to try going barefoot.  Both were equally as dangerous and painful.  Our lower heeled convertible heels certainly would've helped!

So....less than $4,000 left to us spread the word.  Thank you to all the 84 backers so far!  If you can't donate much $, just do a $1 and tweet out or facebook out, or even Google + this kickstarter link.


Candice & Nadine 


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