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Day2Night Convertible High Heel Shoes allow women to change their heel height from high to low by simply pressing a button.
Day2Night Convertible High Heel Shoes allow women to change their heel height from high to low by simply pressing a button.
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Buying a pair of shoes

Hi y'all!  Thank you so much for your support here on kickstarter.  Unfortunately, we  underestimated the amount of money needed to bring these shoes to market and are currently seeking investors. If interested in investing (minimum of $25,000) please email the founder, Candice Cabe:

If interested in purchasing or pre-ordering a pair of shoes at a huge discount, please do so at:

Thank you so much for your patience while we try to get this business off the ground!

- Candice Cabe

63 Hours Left to go! Update...


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Are you wearing those shoes yet?

Everybody keeps asking me if I'm wearing the shoes.  My answer usually is something like this... I wear the shoes on special occasions, like when pitching at an investor meeting, or the Day2Night Pool party we had the other night, however...the shoes are costing us around $1,900.00 for a pair right at the moment.  They only cost that much because they are prototypes and they are being made by rapid prototyping and cncing, amongst other combinations of materials and on top of simply material costs there are engineering costs associated with the design.  The good news is, we've been walking around not only at parties and meetings, but around the office and the shoes are holding up quite well!

We need to get a professional engineering firm to do Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or computer aided testing on the design that will give us some solid data telling us how much load pressure, torque force, and the product life cycle will be of the heels.  We are in the process of procuring an engineering firm for this now.  We are getting quite close to being able to bring these shoes to market.  

We just reached our $15,000 goal! yay!  I'm so excited!


- Candice & the Day2Night Team

Jean Hammond helped us cross the $12,000 mark!

Yay, we are very excited to have crossed the $12,000 mark on Kickstarter.  And not only did we cross the mark, but we were luck enough to have Jean Hammond as our backer for $500! Jean Hammond is an active angel investor in the Boston area.  She was one of the founders of the Boston Chapter of Golden Seeds- an angel investment firm that focuses specifically on helping women entrepreneurs.  Most recently, Jean helped propell one of Boston's hottest startups forward with ZipCar, whom everyone now knows and loves in cities across america.  ZipCar just IPO'd in a few months ago and has been wildly successful in helping city dwellers have quick, convenient, and inexpensive access to fantastic cars to run errands and off to meetings just outside of the city.  

Jean actually has an active portfolio of over 50 companies and has a board seat on over 20 of these companies.  Jean is an active mentor at The Capital Network, TechStars, and MassChallenge.  Learn more about Jean here.

Now, that we've peaked Jean's interest, we're hoping we can actually meet with her in more depth to get some strategic advice on the future of our company.  We also hope her investing might spark some interest in those of you out there who are thinking about investing but haven't made the move yet.  Please help out!  I'm begging :)

Even if you can only donate $1 or $5, I don't mind....every little bit helps.  It would be super helpful even if you could just donate a little and re-post this link on your 1) Facebook Page,  2) Twitter status, and/or 3) send an email to a few people

Thanks so much everyone and especially Jean Hammond!


Candice & Nadine


Day2Night Team

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Metal Posts have arrived and are installed

Hello Kickstarters!

We're officially at $11,939 right now so we have $3,061 left to go....

As far as the prototypes go, we've been sticking with the same design of the push button so far because it's the easiest to use, the best looking, and the strongest and most reliable design we have right now.  We originally were making all of the heels in complete plastic with rapid prototyping.  We recently got a piece cnc'd out of aluminum.  It's a metal post in the middle that runs the entire length of the heel from top to bottom.  So far this metal post has held up extremely well and seems to be working great.  When we had our mechanical engineers build it, they didn't quite get the tolerances correct.  

So, when the metal post and the plastic encasings arrived, we had to do a whole lot of drilling, sanding, and hammering to get them to fit together.  We now need to adjust these tolerances and make 2 more new heels.  Each time we make the heels they are costing us around $600 to make.  Once we get a new one in, if the tolerances are better- we'll be sending the design and the heels to an engineering firm.  This engineering firm is going to do a complete cnc of 2 heels which will cost around $1,800.00 just for materials and about $10,000 in labor costs to analyze the design and do computer aided testing:  finite element analysis (FEA).  

They also will be doing physical testing.  They'll be able to print up a report to us that will tell us that these heels will hold X amount of pressure and withstand X amount of torque from a person weighing at least 300 pounds walking a certain number of hours a day for a X amount of years.  So far we've sold about 30 pairs of shoes and we need to deliver a certain number of shoes immediately after kickstarter ends!  We need to get on this quickly.  We hope we can make this goal of $15,000.  We are so close and we have so many people who are really excited about this product and being able to wear these shoes!  

I'd love to tell you more about how this process has been, what questions do you have?

Send us a question and I'll post the answers here!  You can send a message or make a comment on kickstarter in the comments section!  

- Candice Cabe


- Day2Night Team