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Bryan, a young Scottish man living in America, has one week to settle his affairs before being deported.

Our Story

The High Road Home is a film about a young Scottish man, living in America, who is about to be deported. He has one week to settle his affairs and attempt to patch things up with his estranged, American step-father. The story explores themes of guilt and redemption, as well as tackling social issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism and immigration.

The film will act as David Walton Smith's thesis project as he completes his MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This film sees the collaboration of film students and film professionals, and represents the culmination of the director's studies at SCAD.

The High Road Home will be shot on location in Columbia, SC from February 22nd-26th. The film stars a combination of professional actors and first-time talent. This should bring an authenticity to the story and performances. In addition, the director and cinematographer have decided to shoot the film on Super 8mm (Pro8), evoking a unique, cinema vérité, visual style. Utilizing the Pro8 format will enable the filmmakers to shoot in a native widescreen format and display the film in High Definition.

Importance Of The Campaign

Simply put, this campaign will allow us to shoot this film. The primary costs involved in producing this film include travel, accommodations, catering and film stock/processing. Once principal photography is completed, the long process of post-production begins; including but not limited to, editing, sound design, musical scoring, coloring, sending to festivals.

Which is where you come in - the public. Sending the film to festivals costs money (usually about $50 a piece). Granted, our investors will get to see a rough cut and the final cut on a private, password-protected website, but we want our film to be seen. Festivals are the best way to get our film out there, and for people to appreciate our hard work. We feel that our film has a strong, important message that will appeal to a universal audience. Help us take the message to that audience. Help us by donating.

Your donations will allow us to make the best film possible - as the cast and crew, we all share this common dream. This fundraising campaign is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get involved.

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word. Link and re-link to this site. Email your friends and family. With everyone's efforts combined, our network is limitless.

Keep in mind that KickStarter is an "all or nothing" experience. If we don't reach our funding goal, we don't get a dime. Please help us spread the word and thank you.

Our Team

Owen Hamilton • Director of Photography
Check out some of Owen's previous work and be sure to watch his DP Demo Reel:

Crynma Jang • Producer

Charlotte Savage • 1st Assistant Director

Katie Holland • Production Designer

Our Cast

Stephen T Smith
Daniel Jones
JC Conway


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