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Anachrony's designer is getting married in August and is releasing a limited 2 player coop game on this occasion. Art by David Cochard.
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Hi, I’m David Turczi. You might have heard of me as the designer of Anachrony, Days of Ire, Kitchen Rush and a few more things. This is Wai-yee, my soon to be wife.   

We’re both crazy board game fans (d’oh!), so it made sense to have the wedding gift to all our guests be a small card game they can play and remember us by!   

After some brainstorming with Wai-yee, we came up with a small 2 player co-op (it had to be a 2 player co-op, right? :) ), where the players are raising a “tamagotchi-like” dragon. We wanted it to be fast and accessible - for the first I wanted a real-time game (returning to the genre after Kitchen Rush), for the second she suggested the classic “Memory” game, where you have to look at face down cards and remember their position. After a few more thematic inspirations (and a neat idea from my friend Jon Gilmour!) Pocket Dragon was born! Plays in 5 minutes, it originally used a sand-timer, but my playtesters pointed out how much better it would be if it had an app that kept time precisely, and told you exactly how much time is left - so one of my playtesters came to the rescue and made a simple online-accessible app for it! Thank you Adrian so much! :)  

But after being spoilt by the many amazing teams I had a chance to work with throughout my board game designer career, I was not gonna settle for a powerpoint + clipart solution, I needed professional quality. So I reached out to the amazing David Cochard (whom I had the pleasure to work with on Tash Kalar: Etherweave), to ask him to use some of his mad skills to make it beautiful. The team finally got rounded out by adding graphic designer Zak Eidsvoog (Nights of Fire, Impulse new edition, etc) and here we are, with a proud, finished product! :)   

But making a game (even a tiny one) costs money, and I was dangerously blowing through my wedding fund to spend on art - so I now need to make some money back, and I figured the best way would be to share our joy with you, and give you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own this game. And if you need more reasons to back, check out the stretch goals.  

One note: I already paid for the art, and I’m definitely making the game for the guests, so any extra generosity will all be added to the wedding fund, and promptly celebrated away :)   

The game is played co-operatively over 5 minutes, in real time (the app keeps track of it and a few more things). Your job is to collect skill icons (Endurance, Strategy, Charm, Attention, Confidence) to be able to help your dragon fulfill tasks (Learn to make scrambled eggs, design a board game, go on a date with his unicorn girlfriend, etc), so that he can become happy! Every now and then you need to collect some of his favourite foods (Steak, Sushi, Tzatziki, and a certain hazelnut spread that can’t be named for trademark reasons :)) to feed him before he starves!   

But you should probably watch Rahdo's and Slickerdrips' videos as they explain it a lot better. :)  

See Rahdo's rundown and opinion of the game

See the game played by Tom of Slickerdrips

Yeah, but did he like it? :)

Alternatively, you can read the rulebook here.

I was thinking long and hard about what stretch goals to offer for those of you who help me enhance this special occasion. Here is what I came up with: a promo card for each of my released (or soon to be released) games! Yes, it will be on different card stock (for some games even a different card size), but no worries, they’re ALL designed to be “placed on the table”, never shuffled together with anything!    

This entire game is of course dedicated to the wedding with Wai-yee. May you continue to kick my butt for many decades to come.   

Special thanks go to Adrian Schmidt, who created the app for me in probably half an hour when I asked him to playtest the game. Huge thanks to Jon Gilmour, who gave me the last inspiration when the game was one action short of being interesting, huge thanks to Nick Shaw who relentlessly made his poor daughters play this game until we could remove all no-brainer moves. And thanks to our close friends for playtesting but especially: Neil HK and Anthony Howgego. Thanks for Richard Ham and Tom Heath for their fantastic videos and all their supportive words! Thanks for all my wonderful publishers who promised to contribute a promo card or otherwise help out! Mindclash Games, Mighty Boards, LudiCreations, NSKN Games, Artipia Games: I love you all!  

  • Game Design: Dávid Turczi & Wai-yee  
  • Illustrations: David Cochard 
  • Graphic Design: Zak Eidsvoog 

 The game will be produced in Hungary using small scale printing services, and shipped by our friends at NSKN Games from Poland. Considering the low declared value of the game, it should not cause additional taxes in any country. No tracking will be available. The game is not intended for retail distribution, and will possibly forever be exclusive to this campaign, unless a publisher makes me an offer I shouldn’t refuse.  

Risks and challenges

This is a project of love. While everyone involved is a professional in the board gaming industry, this project does not have a resources of a large scale operation. We tried to minimize all problems by keeping production and fulfillment simple, but things happen. But with the generous help and patience of you wonderful folks, I’m sure we’ll tackle anything.

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