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A documentary exploring the constant push & pull between development and preservation.
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Aaaaaaaand we're LIVE! (with 3 versions!)

Posted by David Anderson (Creator)

Hello generous backers and supporters!!!

The day we've all been waiting for is here -- no, not Judgement Day, although the word "apocalypse" does come from the Greek word "apocalupsis" which means "un-covering" or "revealing" -- so it does seem appropriate, doesn't it?

I'm proud to announce that it's time to take the wraps off of the Healing Waters project, and share it with the world! We hope our Kickstarter backers who selected a digital copy of the film as their reward won’t mind that we’re making it entirely available to the general public immediately!

We think Pah Tempe's story is so important to share that we actually created 3 versions for you to choose from, based on your interests and time you want to spend watching. 

You can stream The Final Cut (49 min), the Anderson Family (1984-present) Cut (27 min), or the Extended Historical Cut (59 min) in "theater mode" directly by clicking here

We've also got a simple website to house interaction around the documentary and the 3 versions we produced, which you can check out here: (launch blog)

However, if you're viewing this message on the Kickstarter website and just want to jump in and click play right now, you can! Watch the Final Cut version embedded here:

To all other backers patiently awaiting their DVD's and/or movie posters: we’ll still be shipping them out to backers in those tiers as soon as possible, but we may need to push it into January -- the schedule for shooting, editing, releasing, and promoting the online version of the film has been amazingly challenging, but we'll turn to physical reward fulfillment as soon as we possibly can!

Many thanks for all your support! Don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments!

cheers, David

In the meantime, check out the movie poster/DVD cover for Healing Waters:

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