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A documentary exploring the constant push & pull between development and preservation.
316 backers pledged $15,022 to help bring this project to life.

A week in -- how we're doing so far!

Posted by David Anderson (Creator)

Hello to our awesome backers, all 50+ of you! 

I wanted to send out a quick update with some analysis about our current progress, as we pass week one of our 3-week adventure with making a documentary on Kickstarter. We've reached 20% of our goal, with just over 30% of our time elapsed. Which means we're tracking a little behind a perfect, straight upward slope to our goal -- but the amazing part is that we've been tracking so close close it it so far, especially launching the project, in all its urgency, just prior to Labor Day weekend, when the whole world is away from the computer and at places like Zion and Pah Tempe. :-)

The easiest and most transparent way to show exactly how we're doing is directly by the numbers -- so I whipped up a few annotations on a screenshot of our current project dashboard, below. Scroll it through! 

Whew! Made it all the way huh? Pretty interesting, we think. 

Feel free to leave questions, feedback or ideas as a comment! We'll take any advice or help we can get!

Off to do more press outreach! Thanks for everything, everyone!




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