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A documentary exploring the constant push & pull between development and preservation.
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Ken on Pah Tempe's finances and legal structure

Posted by David Anderson (Creator)

Hi again, everyone!

We're doing great so far, and it's all because of you! 

As we continue to compile footage and interviews for the documentary, we're digging deep into a very complex situation, and we wanted to share a clip from one of the interviews with Ken regarding something we've received a lot of feedback about from early viewers: people want to see more detail about the business of Pah Tempe, and its current/future legal structure. 

Basically, it seems that people who don't already know the family are (understandably) concerned that by supporting the Kickstarter, they might just be lining the pockets of a profitable enterprise. Thankfully, we had put those questions to Ken as part of one of our earliest interviews -- take a look!

Happy soaking, 


PS... 17 days left, and we appreciate your continued support! Anything you can do to continue to spread the word and share the Pah Tempe with all of your nature-loving friends! ;) 

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