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We're an awesome group of people joining together to bring GOLD, the webseries that does double damage, to DVD.
We're an awesome group of people joining together to bring GOLD, the webseries that does double damage, to DVD.
57 backers pledged $2,920 to help bring this project to life.

DVD Update - the Details

Well, it is very nearly time.

As of the end of this week, all of the pieces of the GOLD DVD will be in place. We'll be putting the discs through several rounds of hard-core quality assurance testing the next two weeks or so, and will probably have to tweak a few things here and there, but as of right now all the bits of the disc are mostly locked, so we can finally talk about what made it in.

Here's the final breakdown of the GOLD Season 1 Special Edition DVD:

  • 1 professionally replicated DVD (not duplicated - professionally replicated from a glass master)

  • with:

  • All seven original Season 1 Episodes, with completely (painstakingly) re-mastered color and sound (approx. 75 minutes)

  • English subtitles

  • 2 separate commentary tracks for each episode (1 courtesy of the creators, 1 courtesy of the cast & crew and a liberal amount of beer & wine)

  • An interview with the GOLD cast & crew, hosted by GirlGamer's Cricket Lee

  • A special DVD club "thank you" video from the GOLD cast

  • A selection of trailers and sneak peeks from the world of independent web television

  • and

  • A DVD Exclusive GOLD Mini-Episode: "Palace of the Silver Princess" - available only on the GOLD Season 1 Special Edition DVD!

So, assuming you watch all of the episodes with and without commentary (and I know you will), and assuming my math is right (a dicier prospect, for sure) that's almost four and a half hours of content!

In addition, the Special Edition DVD will come with:

  • A special note from creator David Nett

  • A behind-the-scenes photo from the set of GOLD

  • A GOLD CCG character card

  • One of 12 different DVD covers (choose which cover you want at purchase)

The good news: this is a packed disc. We are filling every available bit of space with content. The bad news: we weren't able to fit everything we wanted to; a handful of potential disc features didn't make the cut. Honestly, we just plain ran out of space. Once the DVD is released, we'll be working hard to figure out what to do with those extra bits and bobs. We've some ideas. Oh, yes we have.

What's that? You want to know when the GOLD Season 1 Special Edition DVD will be available? Well, since we've still got to QA the master disc and then manufacture it, we can't say for certain. We're hoping to make it available before the end of April, but it may leak into early May. As soon as we have a concrete release date, we will let everyone know. This whole process has taken a lot longer than I anticipated, but I'm so proud of what we've done.

Of course, DVDs and posters will be in the mail to eligible GOLD DVD Club members as soon as they are ready - you'll get yours first!

Thanks again for supporting GOLD, and independent television. The future is ours.

-David Nett
Creator, GOLD


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