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A visual story focusing on the decline of the airline job in the U.S.

Since deregulation of the domestic airlines in 1978, airline careers have been in a graveyard spiral as low-cost carriers emerge, forcing the entire industry to do "more with less" to remain competitive. Since many of the costs in the industry are fixed, as competition heats up there is still a line-item cost which can, and does, get adjusted according to the economic trends...the labor cost.

Now, a majority of the industry has done a great "re-set" by going bankrupt, and by and large gutting labor contracts. Careers which supported glamorous lifestyles are now just lonely jobs which keep mothers and fathers away from their loved ones with greater regularity as the once-great airline companies engage in a race to the bottom, both in services provided and bargain-basement ticket prices. The next great airline economic expansion will be met with wariness, as retirement plans and flexible days off give way to a modern-day hobo lifestyle, where the uniformed once-proud crewmember lives out of a suitcase for extended periods. Where will our next generation of pilots come from? Who will make a career out of being a flight attendant when it means being gone from your household twenty of every thirty days in the month?

"Glamor Gone" is a visual documentary which focuses on the decline of this career field. It will give unique insight into the modern-day hobo, traveling city-to-city for work. I'll be spending time with employees in this unusual, once-glamorous industry and presenting their stories in black and white images full of emotion and impact.

Your generous financial help will provide for film, processing, contact sheets, book dummies, and gallery prints as I bring this subject to reality. It will provide for basic meals while I'm traveling. I will pay for my own travel out-of-pocket, as necessary. You are NOT providing me are providing me the ability to translate this story into visual representation.


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