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To win back Darke's sawmill, he and three friends brave the Unwithering Woods to hunt a monstrous elk from ancient myth.

It's only fitting that Darke is chosen to capture the Parandrus. After all, when he speaks to animals, they tend to obey.

This story takes place on Tiasa, the self-proclaimed Moonstone Capital of Silexare.

Darke’s sawmill is threatened when a wealthy stranger named Recher arranges to buy the farm against his family’s will. The sawmill will go under and their home will be auctioned away unless Darke is able to make a difference. He takes this as a chance to prove his worth to his father once and for all. He meets Recher and agrees to a bizarre request:

Tracy Flynn
Tracy Flynn

“Travel to the Lake of Four Falls and capture the Parandrus.”

Darke, an experienced hunter, accepts the challenge despite that until now he was sure the Parandrus only existed in myth.

He convinces his three closest friends to join and they begin their journey, some in higher spirits than others.

Tracy Flynn
Tracy Flynn

But the trip is wrought with more peril than they could have planned for.

Tracy Flynn
Tracy Flynn

They are tested by ancient guardians of rivers and forests, assaulted by alchemists, chased by grindbears, judged by forest spirits, stalked by great vultures and pursued by a shadowy threat.

The party is broken and when the moment comes to fulfill the arrangement, it is not at all what Darke expected.

There is far more than the sawmill at stake.

~~I've posted the first two pages on my blog~~

~~and the scene where Tahkaan finds his stones!~~

Regarding Silexare...

What's special about this book?

The fantasy genre is worn heavy by dusty footsteps of dragons, elves and dwarves. I want to create a world where new possibilities exist! My aim is to be a part of the literature that revitalizes fantasy, with beasts that make dragons miss their mommies and thou-less dialogue - cutting and edgy - that makes your latte spurt searingly from your nostrils!

Plus, fantasy artist Tracy Flynn will be providing 20+ original illustrations, one for each chapter!


Video of Tracy penciling "Darke Hunts." Compressed for time (to see the full speed version, go here) and musically adorned with "Carribeanspired"... because that song felt right.

Here are links to Tracy's blog, his fine art website and his Facebook page. Go have a look and prepare to be impressed!

Ok. But it's still just a fantasy novel.

That's right, it is. This Kickstarter is to fund the publication of A Sawmill's Hope. But I'm not just trying to get the book into the world.

I'm trying to bring Silexare to life.

I've been a fan of all things fantastic for as long as I can remember. I love fantasy fiction, art, maps, games, music... And within me lies a desperate need to create it.
I'll be the first to admit there are better writers, composers and artists than me. You might be one of them. For this reason, my dream for Silexare is not to hog it all to myself. I want to build a world for you as well! So that one day you can use the locations, monsters, artifacts, characters and fables to make your own artwork and music and stories and games!

Ok. That's cool. But I don't really care about art or music or books or creativity in general because I'm a muggle.

Well unfortunately you aren't alone. But I'd love to change your mind. Since you're already here, scroll down and see what I have to offer in return for your generous pledge.

Yeah... About that. Where exactly is my generous pledge going?

Well, have a look at this fancy MS Excel pie chart, why don't you?


Editing and illustrating are my chief concerns. Jamie Cain will be editing the book and he's made a most generous offer. Tracy's offer is just as generous. I'm blessed to have found them both. This is no coincidence.

Next is printing. Some of this expense is for the prizes I've chosen for you. As as far as book printing - I've found the highest quality printing company I could... and for that there are a few other expenses in addition to the purchase of ISBNs and a couple of URLs. Finally I'm funding a bit of promotion once the book airs.

Whoopity doo, your dream comes true and all that. What's in it for me?

I thought you'd never ask. Hold on to your anatomy.

(not all images final)
(not all images final)

For a taste of my music, check out my Soundcloud page

To hear Something Once Sacred, go to the band's webpage

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Special thanks for helping this Kickstarter to exist -

Bray, my wife. Hopefully the hours I've spent back here in the dungeon/office won't be in vain! Thanks for enduring my absence and keeping that little boy Simon entertained and healthy.

Jamie Cain, my editor and a friend of my family's. Thanks for giving the book a chance, and thanks for letting it grab you! If you deliver what I know you're capable of, all future Silexare fans owe you a huge thanks.

Brandon Duncan, neighbor and partner in rock, guitarist, songwriter and album art designer for Something Once Sacred... Also a graphic designer. Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you and thanks for lending me your expertise on all things digitally entrancing.

Drew Cochran, my bro from another life, yet another graphic designer and host of several websites (not limited to and Thanks for boosting my ego and providing feedback and advice.

Valerie Cox, my wife's second mom and a brilliant artist and decorator... as well as a published author. Thanks for your support and your (always in depth) advice.

Carrie Butler, fellow author, designer and (for all intents) expert on most things publishing. She blogs at So You're a Writter... Thanks for answering my relentless questions patiently and wisely.

Credits -

Illustrations (rough, penciled and inked) and paintings in videos and images provided by Tracy Flynn

All other media (music, art, video, written) created by David List

All original material herein is copyrighted by David List

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The book is written! Jamie has his red pen in hand! Tracy is so excited he's already begun on the artwork!
For you, dear pledger, I've tried to do away with all risk, having put hours and hours into all aspects of this Kickstarter. I've done my very best to maximize your rewards per dollar with books, art and music that will only be available here! I've estimated the date of completion generously enough so as not to have to rush my team or compromise quality.
The only risk remaining is that we come very, very close but don't make the goal. If the project isn't 100% funded by December 23rd, all pledges are voided and the project is cancelled. That said, my biggest challenge is convincing you to contribute. Even if it's $5. Even if it's only $1!
Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Please message me if you have questions!


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