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Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
4,751 backers pledged $261,885 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tyrone Maranian 4 days ago

      The colors looked so good that I upgraded my order from one set to the 'Doom' edition. One set just wasn't going to do it!

      Nice job guys!

    2. Andrew Huang, hunting PIN-UP monster
      4 days ago

      Glad the dice turned out fabulous! Well worth the delay!

    3. Heath Robinson Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Keven - Yes we do. You can add more items on to your pledge by login in at:

      @Donald Scott Massey - You do that through PledgeManager. We put instructions for that in the latest update:

    4. Donald Scott Massey 4 days ago

      How do I update my address for shipping?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin 4 days ago

      Also do you guys have a website where I can order an extra set for a friend?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin 4 days ago

      Man those samples look super awesome. It was well worth the wait. I cannot wait to use these dice with my Fiend blade lock

    7. David LaRocca 2-time creator on September 13

      @NOIRAULT - Shipping is paid now. Based on what you just posted you are all set. The upgrade was paid for as well as shipping. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      NOIRAULT on September 13

      Ahoy again, another question: i upgraded my pledge and paid for whatever was asked and now i am somewhat concerned. I see the prices listed as this:
      Reward: $69.00
      Add-Ons: $0.00
      Shipping: $22.10
      Your Pledge: +$30.00
      Additional Payments: +$61.10
      Balance: $0.00

      My question is this: are shipping costs paid now, or will they have to be paid when the items are sent?

    9. Heath Robinson Collaborator on September 11

      @NOIRAULT - If you go over to the PledgeManger here:

      There is a link to sign in at the top. That will allow you to unloclk and make any adjustments you would like to your pledge. If you want to see how to step through that process, skip to about the 3 minute and 10 second mark in this video:…

    10. Missing avatar

      NOIRAULT on September 11

      Ahoy lads, wanted to ask you now that i finally got my pay: how do i upgrade my pledge to the Collector set? Already pledged 30$ and the transport fee, so what do i do?

    11. Heath Robinson Collaborator on September 7

      @Nick Hryhoruk - We got word that they are actually preparing two samples for us and are going to send us some new pictures tomorrow. We do not have them in our hands---yet.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nick Hryhoruk on September 5

      Have the new samples come in yet?

    13. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 31

      @QuoteStar - That is great! I am glad to know they got out to you. That means they are headed out to all of our Canadian friends as well. :-)

    14. QuoteStar
      on August 30

      Got my enamel pins today! Very cool looking, and all numbered under 50! Astral Elder Sign -19, Brand of Cthulhu - 35, and Lovecraft Elder Sign - 43. Thank you! Can't wait for the dice. :)

    15. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 30

      @Jason - We are not putting out any kind of timeline yet, but we are optimistic that it will be before Christmas.

      @Orange Boy - Great question. We thought we did very well estimating the amount of time necessary for the project, because we were ready to send all of the necessary files to WinGo soon after the project closed. It has been the delay after the first round of samples that has slowed us way down.

    16. Orange Boy on August 30

      I really don't get creators when it comes to timelines. This is not pointed at this KS but most in general, and is tongue and cheek. Just some food for thought. Really though, why set you timeline for shipping so tight. "Delays are normal." Why not add that in at the start. Be like "okay we can get this done and shipped by August, so we are gonna say shipping will happen in November." That way if you are three month late you are on time, and if you are on time who is gonna be mad at getting something earlier than they thought.

      Keep up the good work.

    17. Jason on August 29

      I'm excited to get these, I order a full set as a gift for a couple I game with, what are the odds of getting them in time for Christmas? I know the have been delays and am grateful for being kept in the loop about issues that have come up, just curious.

    18. David LaRocca 2-time creator on August 27

      @NOIRAULT – No problem at all friend! We understand and we are happy that you came back to explain things. We all need to vent sometimes and I’m sure we have all taken out frustration on the wrong people in the past. I know I have ;)

      @Forar – Thanks for being awesome and we appreciate you being understanding. We were optimistic with our timeline and that was mostly based on prior experience with WinGo. Sometimes things take longer and it just so happens that this was the project that needed more time. Lesson learned. :)

    19. Forar on August 27

      We all have crappy days, and it takes character to admit when one lashed out in anger or frustration.

      As a bit of a veteran of the platform, it's always a juggling act. Delays are common, but they really shouldn't be to the degree that they often are (a few weeks or months is one thing, I've had multiple KS's 1-2+ years held up, that's... more than a mere 'oops'). This one is still only a quarter or so off from the start, and I remain hopeful it'll proceed in a timely fashion (without compromising quality, of course), but at the same time, this kind of situation is why when someone says a project will deliver in half a year, it's adorably quaint if nothing else. :-P

      At least Heath and David and Rhea are communicative, and there's no concerns about things going completely sideways. If the company doing the production end wants everything lined up (colours and designs alike) before moving to punching out dice by the thousands, that's not surprising. I'm sure they've been burned in the past by issues or troublesome clients (not that the IB are a problem, noting that we're probably paying for the sins of others who came before us), which would be fairly reasonable.

      As noted in the update, I'm... skeptical of the timeline sticking, but there remain enough months in the year that even a full quarter delay wouldn't be a huge problem (personally, I wouldn't dare speak for the thousands of other backers), but that's if everything else goes perfectly.

      Which... well...

    20. Missing avatar

      NOIRAULT on August 26

      Ahoy, everyone, looks like i betrayed my word and came back to say another word. One of explanation this time.
      I just got a job. I know it doesn't sound like much, but in the past three months i've been treated like sh*t by everyone around me except for a handful of those i still call "friends". This message was basically three months' worth of repressed anger sent in one go at someone who didnt deserve it.
      To be honest, as soon as i get paid i'm upgrading my pledge, because
      1-I think those dice will look amazing;
      2-I think the bookcases look awesome;
      3-i've been quite a d*ck to Heath and David and wish to apologise.

      So, i guess it's not farewell anymore. Such feedback as i gave was no help at all, and it potentially hurt Heath and David in ways i hadn't thought of... So yeah, truly sorry about this. Everyone who called me out on this was right; but well, three months late for a kickstarter campaign doesnt seem like much considering all the ones that had to wait a year or more to get what they pledged for.

      So basically, to Heath and David: my apologies for this rather toxic message; and good fortune on this project.

    21. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 26

      @Marcelo Maceratini - Thank you. I have a pretty good relationship with WinGo. This is the sixth Kickstarter I have done with them, and they did let me share booth space with them at Gen Con. This project is just moving slower with them than others for some reason.

    22. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 26

      @Andy Gladdis and @JoeC - Thank you very much for your kind words. This is the second Kickstarter of six I have done that has experienced a delay. Both times it was because we got samples back from the manufacturer that we felt still needed work, and sent them back for second round. Both times we felt it was more important to make sure that the product was right than to go ahead an get it out fast. If you want to check out how that project went, it was for TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers. When that campaign ran we thought the rewards would ship in January 2016, but it ended up being March 2016 before they shipped. Here is the link to that campaign:

    23. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 26

      @NOIRAULT - Thank you very much for putting your faith in us to get this project accomplished. We are especially grateful for your support because this is the first Kickstarter you have ever backed. We take the support that everyone has given us very seriously. We are not trying to cheat you or any of our backers, and I feel genuine concern that you feel we have cheated you, betrayed you, and caused you to lose hope. I will contact you through email in just a moment to see what we can do for you, including refunding your pledge if that is what you want.

    24. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 26

      @John Medany - Disapproving silence noted. We are very disappointed ourselves that this process has stretched so long. We never expected to have to go through two rounds, and for it to take this long.

    25. Andrew Huang, hunting PIN-UP monster
      on August 26

      I am too pretty disappointed with the manufacturer's attitude.

      But mind you, I am happy with David and Heath being foremost in their regular updates to us backer. Regular updates and reasonable explanations on delays IMO put the creators in a good light. I would rather having delays than to get sub-par dice.

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on August 25

      ok, lets get something clear shall we?
      David and Heath have been on point so far keeping us up to date. while they could have taken steps to mitigate some of the issues that have arisen (the tracking price issue, those WinGO delays), they have man'd up about it and kept us informed about it. GenCon is just somethign that happened along the way, that happened to be something they were involved into, and I understand them wanting to post some kind of good news to cheer up when giving us the bad news (sandwich theory).

      Pretty much EVERY kickstarter runs late. haven't seen one that kept the original dates to the T.

      Having said that, i am more annoyed by the actual manufacturer's attitude of "suck it up" than by the delay.

      I am confident we WILL get our pledges and they will more than make up for the wait we had to endure.

      Noirault.....if you are the kind of person that swears a KS is their last cause of a couple months delay, Kickstarter is DEFINITELY not the right platform for you.

      I took part in a Q-Workshop Kickstarter for some pathfinder metal dice, we had almost a year delay....... and they are to date the most fantastic dice sets i've ever owned (and trust me, i own a few)......they were definitely worth the wait...even if we wanted to murder someone to get them to arrive....

      just relax and think how you gonna use 'em when they finally get there, i know i am.

    27. Missing avatar

      JoeC on August 25

      Noirault, as a fellow backer I understand your pain, but as I can tell you many Kickstarter campaigns run long past their due date - but most still get you the product you asked for. Development takes time, as does a quality product. I would much rather get a fantastic set of dice that are well balanced, easy to read at distance, that don't break down easily over time, and are in bright even colors through out the production run, and in well made cases that won't easily fall apart (they are cardboard stock and paper). I have backed a few that are over a year old, and that can be disappointing, but as long as the developers are posting updates regularly (at least once a month) and showing progress I am confident I will see the product, even it won't be "this year's Christmas gift" that I was hoping to give, there is always next year or maybe a birthday instead. Regards, JoeC

    28. Missing avatar

      Andy Gladdis
      on August 25

      You guys realise Kickstarter isn't just a shop yeah?

      These are brand new products being made. It takes time to get things right and that time can be estimated but that's all it's going to be. If the products were already made the guys wouldn't need Kickstarter! You go into this knowing there are potential risks on time frames (or you do if you actually read). Would you rather have rubbish products?

      Also, believe me that these guys are keeping us really well up to date on how the production is going. I've backed a lot where you hear nothing from the maker for months.

      I can understand your frustration with wanting to get your hands on the stuff, but that's simply not how it works. You have to be patient.

    29. Missing avatar

      NOIRAULT on August 25

      Greetings gentlemen, I've been waiting quite eagerly to receive the Elder dice i ordered because i think they look splendid, and have been looking forward to using them. However, with these constant delayings, i am starting to doubt i will even receive them this year. From estimations i made with the information you have given us, the sampling fiasco(let's call it what it was), the changes that have to be made and the new sampling, before Wingo even starts to make the molds and start mass production, are going to put us well over two months late, if not three. This is the first message i post, because until now i was really eager and my enthusiasm couldn't be sapped. This is also the first and only kickstarter i have backed, and from the looks of it, it's the last i'll ever do. Now that we are past the date the dice were originally due, i am genuinely disappointed.I feel somewhat betrayed and cheated. And to be honest, even receiving them would be a miracle in my opinion right now. I have stopped expecting anything. And between feeling betrayed and not expecting, i do not know which is worse.
      So in any case, well, congratulations on the success at GenCon, and good luck for everything that comes next.This will be the only and last message i post here. I will come back to you to give feedback about the dice when they arrive, but until then, i have lost forty dollars.
      Good day and goodbye, gentlemen.

    30. John Medany on August 24

      I have to echo that sentiment - given that delivery was already due not having even finished samples is ... disappointing. I'm not going to say more. Assume a disapproving silence.

    31. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 24

      @Marcelo Maceratini - I am very sorry Marcelo.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on August 24

      I was gonna pour my thoughts on the last update, but my wife don't like it when i rant and banter.....and says that if i aint got nothing positive to say i should i guess i am STFUping.........I guess you can imagine what was the general latitude of my thoughts.....

    33. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 24

      @Paul Stasiak - We wish we could send lots more than pictures too! But, we do believe in keeping everyone updated as we have information so that is what we are trying to do.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Stasiak on August 24

      More delays... we keep getting "feel good" pictures and "we had fun at this convention you couldn't go to". I'm sorry but this is taking longer than expected and just sending pictures of stuff doesn't help. Venting over.

    35. David LaRocca 2-time creator on August 24

      @Brian Lewis - It was great to meet you too! Thanks so much for stopping by. Gen Con was very good for the both of us. I hope to see you again next year! :)

    36. Brian Lewis
      on August 20

      Great to see both of you at Gen Con! =)
      I hope you both sold lots of games/art!

    37. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 13

      @ZOARLOB - Yes, indeed. That is something we have been working with WinGo on.

    38. Missing avatar

      ZOARLOB on August 12

      Did my own research in the update comments - heh - noted that you had told other backers you did comment on the color of the green die set to WinGo. Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      ZOARLOB on August 12

      Hey Guys - I'm not sure if you've answered this (probably have) but was the shade of green among the fixes you sent off to the dice manufacturer? It changed drastically from the originally offered dice to the ones you showed in y our last update, and in my opinion - not for the better.

      Thanks! Prretty excited for these awesome dice!

    40. Heath Robinson Collaborator on August 12

      @Michelle Shute - It is easy to change your shipping address. You just need to unlock your pledge on PledgeManager. You can sign in using this link right here:

      If you would like to see the process of unlocking your pledge and adjusting your shipping address, check out this video:…

      I will also drop you an email.

    41. Missing avatar

      Michelle Shute on August 11

      I'm not sure what's going on with the app but after 6 failed attempts at a private message, here I am. I am in dire need of changing my shipping address to receive products and have been unable to do so on app. Can you please please help me out. I don't want to miss anything. Thank you.

    42. David LaRocca 2-time creator on August 11

      @Odessa Knight - Because we are working with fulfillment partners all of the pin orders will have to be shipped in the mail. BUT, please stop by and visit us! We want to say hello and shake everyone's hand (or first bump, con crud is a thing haha)

      @Kevin - Yes, it would have been easier and faster for us to tell them to move straight to manufacturing after the first round of samples but as you said - perfect is better and worth waiting for. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Kevin on August 11

      I was looking forward to using these dice on my bday, but guess I have to wait till they are perfect which is better :)

    44. Odessa Knight on August 11

      Hey there! Saw the post about the pins and I was wondering if I could pick up pins I order online now from you guys at Gencon?

    45. David LaRocca 2-time creator on August 10

      @Russonc You definitely need to stop by and visit!

    46. Russonc
      on July 29

      I hope I remember to see all my KS project creators at GenCon..(my first)...

    47. David LaRocca 2-time creator on July 28

      Here is where we will be located at GenCon:

      I have table #56 located in the Artist Alley. You can see it here:…

      Heath will be located in WinGo's booth and you can visit him here:…

      If you plan to attend Gen Con we would love for you to drop by and say hello!

      @Forar and @Angry Prophet Games - We look forward to meeting you!

    48. Forar on July 28

      I'll be attending Gencon for the second time this year, and would be happy to meet the creators and shake their hands (or just fist bump, as someone who works local conventions, I respect that avoiding the 'con crud' is important). Do please post the booth numbers once you have them!

    49. Heath Robinson Collaborator on July 27

      @Angry Prophet Games - The pledges will not be available for pickup at GenCon because it does not look like they will be finished with manufacturing. Please see the latest update right here:

      However, David and I will both be at GenCon and will have booths set up. We would love to meet anyone who will be there. I don't have booth numbers with me right now, but David will have a booth in Artist's Alley and I will have a table in WinGo's area. Please come by and see us!

    50. Angry Prophet Games on July 27

      I'm sure i missed a message somewhere, but will the pledges be available for pickup at gencon and more importantly will you guys have a booth there ?

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