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$238,823 pledged of $27,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$238,823 pledged of $27,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Jason Arnold just now


      Slippy the warforged, he's a lawful good fighter, he's the equivilent of a 2 year old when it comes to exploring the world and social etiquette and follows instructions quite literally

    2. Benoît Lauzon
      less than a minute ago

      Tasslehoff Burrfoot, man was I annoying.... ;-)

    3. Mark Møller Hansen 2 minutes ago

      Just about 20 hours left, and it's backed with more than $200.000 above the target.
      This is insane, in a good way.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Carneiro about 1 hour ago

      My favered RPG character was my werewolf Biker in WOD, because he always did crasy things and i helped him with even crasier Diceluck ;) #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    5. Missing avatar

      Lorenzo about 1 hour ago

      My paladin from D&D 2nd edition... ah, the charm of thac0 :) I played with some good friends, we all had only moderate interest in the stories that unfold from playing D&D and much more interest in creating bizarre situations, and boy, we were good. I don't remember the name of my paladin, I played it 20 years ago. What I do remember is how ridiculously overpowered I was (as were my friends): at level 8 I already had my Holy Avenger and shiny full plate armour, my personal mount was a wild boar. In all our missions we did take care of the main objective, but also desecrated every church we encountered. The problem was when we encountered a church of my own cult... the first thing the party suggested was, strangely, to go to a tavern and not to the church... I, player, immediately understood their intention, but I, character, was naive and just happy that my party chose to spare my church. So we went to the tavern, they got me drunk, left me there and went to pillage my church and poo on the altar. They were fast and I was still drunk at the tavern when they returned, so they brought me away from that town so that I wouldn't find out. True friends :)

      Another episode. Our investigations brought us to a burnt farm. Spent some time in and around it, couldn't find a clue to lead us forward, so we decided to have a race around the farm. I rode my boar, the thief rode his donkey, the wizard his owlbear. At the second turn I failed a roll, lost control of the boar, it carried me straight through some brambles. No damage for me, I had my full plate armour (never ride your boar without), but remained stunned in the brambles for a while; the chaotic evil thief went crazy at the scene and set the brambles on fire. Luckily other party members dragged me out in time.

      Side note about the wizard's owlbear. While finding our way out of a maze, we all failed some INT rolls, whereas the owlbear managed 3 times in a row a critical success. The DM then decided that the owlbear could follow the steps of his master, so every future critical success on INT would make it cast a small useful spell (DM choice).


    6. Missing avatar

      Ronnie Persson about 2 hours ago

      Hector Beertoth: Played him for several years. He saved the daughter to a minor god, drank beer with the Minotaurs, he slayed demons and more…. He came back as a ghost in a later game helping (in an annoying way �) the characters.

    7. Lordson Yen about 2 hours ago

      One of the reason I backed this because I've recently started D&D 5th ed. In my 31 years of being alive, I've always wanted to play and now I am. I play a Tabaxi (Catlike race) who is from Shou, a ranger who knows the underdark very well, also a zhentarim. Being away from home when young, he was abandoned and adopted by travelling strangers who groom him, growing up with dark elves, he learned their ways but also looking for enlightenment.

      He seeked for all the gods, and one day trapped in a dream, he went to a place known as gaia, and learned of civilizations even more foreign to Faerun than where he was from. He learned of names and possessed knowledge only understandable to him, but to everyone else, he's a crazy religious lunatic.

      Now as he travels around looking for the place known to him as Eden, he joined a bunch of adventurers, spouting nonsense and quotes like, "The Bill of Gates provide a way through Windows." and constantly annoys his team mates with names and sayings that make no sense.

      He found a kindred spirit in a Alpha Direwolf he named as Snowball because it is all black except for his balls that are white. Karl and Snowball now travels together in seek of Eden.


    8. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 2 hours ago

      It is awesome reading all of these! I'm going to post mine tomorrow. We are pretty tired so we are going to call it a night. We'll be up bright and early to start the final day of the Elder Dice campaign! We'll see you all soon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tim Palakis about 3 hours ago

      My favorite character was a 3.5e D&D character. He was a rogue who turned assassin. His hide and move silently skills were off the charts. Even rolling a 1 he was nearly never spotted or heard. #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke about 3 hours ago

      Greak (gr-ech) a vampire goblin.
      He was the smartest and slickest of the goblins. Started as a lackey to the mob boss krenko (A buddy of mine did a magic themed pathfinder game) who rose to power by wooing a vampire to bite him from the orzova clan. He then stole his inheritance by going to court and claiming that since he was the newest relative he should get all the wealth.
      Getting his law degree through the ghost council and cementing his place he was chosen to work with jace the living guild pact. Through his adventures he incountered many dangers which he always passed off to his lackey Jeeves who at one point was an angel who stupidly signed his contract for a loan and was put into greaks ownership.
      After living the high life for a while he settled in the black market as the vice chairman to the guild of contract devils. He now plans his eventual takeover and how he can find a way to turn souls into cash.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathan Little about 3 hours ago

      My favourite RPG character would have to be my first DND character. A 3.5 Fighter by the name of Dom, he was a morose character who wielded a scythe and was questing to bring those to their deserved fate. Whilst adventuring with a group of strange people he suffered from hypothermia (waking up naked next to a naked dwarf whoclamed it was for preserving bodyheat!) and did most of the fighting from a prone position. Two of his best combats he won after being knocked down and still managing to sweep his opponents off their feet. His fnal moments were spent saving the party from a horde of giant beetles while, you guessed it! Fighting while lying down (he had charged and slipped on the wet cavern floor) yet he still managed to slay eight of the beasts before being crushed to death by his final victim.
      The party ended up preserving a lock of his hair for a full ressurection once they got the funds.

    12. AcesofDeath7
      about 4 hours ago

      Dwarven Fighter named Rangrim! Loves to hack goblins with his axe!! #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    13. Missing avatar

      Merideth about 4 hours ago


      My favorite rpg character is a d&d character called Eema, she was a half orc barbarian, bit stupid and loved smashing things!!! She had an interesting relationship with a human fighter! he was so smitten by her, took every opportunity to be with her, she though he was just an ant, untill oneday he was knocked unconscious, she didn't feel sorry for him just kinda didn't know why he wasn't bugging her anymore so she ended up strapping him to her back.... but he was Upside down..... so she was carrying this human on her back for a few sessions.... even used him as a shield at one stage! So much fun!!

    14. Tara Litton
      about 4 hours ago

      I've always enjoyed playing a warrior. I like it when people get up close and personal with my axe. #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    15. chris sudweeks about 4 hours ago

      Right now i am playing a Warforged Bard C6X, he has a player pipe organ built into his chest and the pipes come out his back. C6x spent a few millennia stuck in a storage dimension until a large mansion got pulled thru near enough to him that he got pulled in. that's how he ended up in front of the death house in the Curse of Strahd.

      C6X has a very sad past no one in our party knows anything about. he is a bit on the crazy side, spending so much time floating in near emptiness. It probably doesn't help that before being discarded by his own creators he spent so much time being tortured, mutilated and rebuilt into a player organ by a rival faction.

      I really enjoy playing support classes


    16. Cylis Patronum about 4 hours ago

      I'm really hoping for $270,000 that way we can say it got 10x the goal.

    17. Rodrigo Croda Barragan about 4 hours ago

      he platform of the pyramid retracts and begins to fracture. Lean looks back at the champion who has suddenly disappeared into the shadows.

      With temper, Lean walks toward the portal raising the glove.
      "The portal to the underworld"

      Lean down the portal spreads his new wings, crouches, closes his eyes, touches the ground with both hands, breathes deeply, opens his eyes and hurries out to the large purple portal with a single flutter.

      The rain pounding on Lean's face, his gaze lost in the purple light, a tear that slips and leaves behind in the air. With a devastating scream followed by a punch of the white glove they hit with an invisible wall that fractures in purple lines.

      The girth of the portal is reduced and absorbed by the aura of the glove. The rain is suspended for a moment thanks to that magnificent blow, the portal implodes shooting the water away from the center of the portal, just as Lean directly against the hard floor of the stone platform, followed, the great golden sword is buried to some Centimeters of it.

      Lean now with a purple aura around her she gets up with difficulty, can not help but tremble physically. The storm had ceased, in the same way, he took his mother's sword, took it back and stuffed it. He raises his fist and directs it towards his father, dizzy and about to fade, manages to point to the inert body and with a spell his father's body is transformed into light and disappears.

      At that moment an ornamental dagger is stuck in the lower part of his back.
      Lean without energy turns to see the mask of the legendary warrior, so close to each other that they can hear their opponent's breath.

      The glove fiercely rises as he grabs the collar and pulls it up as high as possible. Lean as he stares at the immutable mask says:

      I like the truth more when it's me who discovers it when someone else shows it to me |

      Lean slowly levitates upwards while holding the legendary warrior, as he tries to break free, the ground is increasingly found farther and farther.
      "The Great Fall"
      As they move away through the majestic skies of Ixtabai, Lean pulls out the dagger and stares with hatred towards the great legendary warrior.

      | I am the redemption, I am the deceitful of deceit .... |

      Lean buries the dagger, in the throat of the legendary warrior. And throw it heavily in the air.

      I am judgment and executioner of the truth ... |

      Lean - "Judgment and executioner of the truth"
      After a moment of tranquility after a sea of ​​adrenaline. An entity separates from the body of Lean and instantly loses reason.

      Lean falls uncontrollably into the vast sky of Ixtabai, his black wings move uncontrollably through the air ...

      The immature face of Lean falling through the clouds, Ixtabai in the distance, jungle, water and great pyramids. Soil.

      End of the prologue. Lean "Judgment and executioner of the truth"

    18. Missing avatar

      John Kwiatkowski Jr. about 4 hours ago

      Congrats to those that won! Although I haven't managed to play him yet, I designed a character for D&D 5e that was an Arcana Domain Cleric, who basically acted as an investigator, using his high wisdom and charisma to find the criminals, and deal with the seedy underbelly of society. I actually can't wait to use him in a more social-based mystery session. #ElderDiceCountdownParty for the win!

    19. Heath Robinson Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      This is how we are doing the Elder Dice Kickstarter Countdown Party:

    20. Rodrigo Croda Barragan about 4 hours ago


      Ill Share with you all my favorite RPG Character. Here´s her story.

      Lean - "Judgment and executioner of the truth" Prologue.

      | Believer and devoted to Draaj, he makes a great personal sacrifice to uphold the values ​​and convictions of this Ixtlite god of truth and justice; Native of great forests, beautiful fauna and the great ancestral pyramids. His great fervor to be always in the way of the good, protecting the right, generated a compulsive obsession of masking the truth at any moment. Being the product of an angelic being by his mother and possible container of one of the 12 legendary warriors of Ixtabai by his father, he generates a weight and a great responsibility as protector of Bant and all his settlers in general today and always.

      The sacrifice was a test of the Draaj himself. A malicious plan to show the world the great devotion of this Aasimar.
      The prospects in the course of Lean's growth brought her to the edge of her convictions. Confused and on the verge of perdition, Lean kneels in front of a large statue of Draaj and begs him to know the truth around him, seeking shelter in the wisdom of the god who has given so much devotion, is heard. In front of it emerges a glove of material and provenance totally unknown. Lean enthralled by his belief without hesitating equips himself with the glove on his left arm.
      Lean - "Judgment and executioner of the truth"

      An uncontrollable storm, a portal, my parents. The day of judgment had come. Lean guided by the glove in the undergrowth, he finds a great pyramid, which at the highest point a celestial ray shoots up to the sky, climbing to the great platform, his mother, Árenvil in front of the portal was a catalyst for the storm. Lean abashed by this power observes the tiny ritual.

      On the one hand Drasko Tekko, his father, was finishing killing a squad of the royal guard with great dexterity and affinity. The few remaining men of great martial level tried to approach Árenvil to stop it, but Drasko Tekko did not allow it in any way.
                              "Arana" "Drasko Tekko"

      The glove rises in front of Lean, who is stunned. The open glove, from the perspective of Lean closes the fist disappearing the silhouette of his parents. Lean suddenly concentrates and watches her parents with a challenging look.

      Drasko Tekko and Árenvil watch their daughter, disillusioned to observe that she is carrying the glove, Árenvil tries to brandish his great golden sword, which is in possession of the glove, Both stunned watch towards his daughter, Drasko Tekko lights his sword in flames, But before they could see the position of Lean. She wielded her mother's sword and her life had vanished thanks to a devastating blow from Lean.

      "Lean kills his parents"

      With the same impulse and both bodies fading to the ground, Lean plunges the sword into the heart of his father and buries the claws of the glove on his mother's breast. Absorbing the celestial body to the core of the glove. The whole family falls to the ground. Lean, kneeling, extends her fist by releasing the sword's handle, letting her father's body rest. Lean watches his hand completely bloody, tears dripping in his father's blood. The glove extends and shines with a totally white aura.

      A laugh resonates in the echo of the rain. Kaan Ek watches Lean defeated, in the shadow the voice says:

      | The difference between a truth and a lie, is a simple illusion, little girl |

      "The deception of Kaan Ek"

      Lean, head down and in tears, gets up with difficulty as she takes the sword from her mother from her father's chest. Lightning flashes the atmosphere. Kaan Ek's laughter mimics the mood and concludes by saying.

      | They wanted to stop me, but your fanaticism to Draaj blinds you of the real truth. My lie

      The champion of Kaan Ek stands between Lean and the portal of purple light. Take out two ornamental daggers and put into battle position.
      "Champion of Kaan Ek"

      Lean Cabizbaja lifts the glove towards the champion and as he walks slowly and monotonously towards him black angelic wings begin to form on Leán's back.

      The champion without hesitation waits in his position as he watches the growth of the black wings.
      "The unexpected gift"

      At the precise moment the transformation ends, the golden sword and daggers collide on top of the platform. Rain, lightning and the great purple light continue unceasingly.

      | On the day of the judgment, all the gods of Ixtabai were present amazed by the epic encounter |

      Between blows and sparks, spells and chants. Lean's golden sword pierces the metal of one of the daggers and continues to beat the Champion's rib by pausing the battle.
      Leán turns directly to the purple portal, which is in the last stages of instability

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Soucy about 4 hours ago

      One time I played an Elf Ranger in D&D Pathfinder - I saw a magic sword in a shop, intended for the inquisitor in the party. I was the only one who realized it was magic, so, being a chaotic neutral character with 19 DEX, I stole it. In the royal market. I rolled a 19 and got away with it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Soucy about 4 hours ago

      One time I played an Elf Ranger in D&D Pathfinder - I saw a magic sword in a shop, intended for the inquisitor in the party. I was the only one who realized it was magic, so, being a chaotic neutral character with 19 DEX, I stole it. In the royal market. I rolled a 19 and got away with it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Travis Ortlip about 4 hours ago

      Favorite Rpg character was a Thief who went on to found his own thieves guild and become the most notorious thief in the game

    24. chris sudweeks about 4 hours ago

      my Cthulhu grant you many visits :)

    25. chris sudweeks about 4 hours ago

      i'm not jealous or anything

    26. chris sudweeks about 4 hours ago

      congrats to those who won!

    27. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 4 hours ago

      Congrats to those who got free gifts:

      We are giving away more stuff! Go here to join the #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    28. Missing avatar

      Ian about 5 hours ago

      From the few stories I've read I would pick Dunwich Horror as my favourite, the comments below have given me a nice last of stories to read.

    29. Missing avatar

      shannow777 about 5 hours ago

      My FB name is Thorn Blackridge. My favourite 5E character.

    30. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 5 hours ago

      @Todd Beaubien - I love Pickman's model! (Not being biased because I'm an artist) :)

    31. Todd Beaubien
      about 5 hours ago

      I'm another Issac Asimov fan, but H.P. is a close second. Fave story for me is "Pickman's Model".

    32. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 5 hours ago

      Ok, video incoming in few minutes!

      @Richard Soucy - Yes, pledge without reward for the total of your add ons. After the campaign has ended you'll be able to select the add ons you'd like to have.

    33. Missing avatar

      Richard Soucy about 5 hours ago

      If I pledge without a reward, can I still get addons?

    34. Missing avatar

      Merideth about 6 hours ago

      Looking forward to getting these later in the year!! My first sets of good dice!! #ElderDiceCountDownParty

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mccrory about 6 hours ago

      If you are gonna make me choose one, then I also choose The Call of Cthulhu! #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Soucy about 6 hours ago

      Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft's my favorite. Read it last year; it was excellent. #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    37. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 6 hours ago

      BOOM we hit $235,000! We are randomly giving away some gifts for the #ElderDiceCountDownParty Give us just a sec and we'll announce who got them :)

    38. Adam Fenerty
      about 6 hours ago


    39. Tara Litton
      about 6 hours ago

      The Call of Cthulhu!! #ElderDiceCountdownParty

    40. Missing avatar

      Travis Ortlip about 6 hours ago

      At the mountains of madness! #ElderDiceCountDownParty

    41. Joshua Maillard about 6 hours ago

      Im gonna be unconventional here and say im heavily inspired by the 'foundation' series by Isacc Asimov because I love sciencefiction. Im also quite inspired by other books such as 'call of cthulhu' seeing as i am doing a d&d campaign about it! #ElderDiceCountDownParty

    42. Missing avatar

      Travis Ortlip about 6 hours ago


    43. Missing avatar

      Travis Ortlip about 6 hours ago

      Can't wait to get these!

    44. Benoît Lauzon
      about 6 hours ago

      I GM CHILL, but those dice will bring me to the dark side of Cthulhu...

    45. Benoît Lauzon
      about 6 hours ago


    46. Benoît Lauzon
      about 6 hours ago


    47. Wyvernsrose
      about 6 hours ago

      My favourite would have to be..... Crap you would make me choose....

      I'd have to go with the belgariad


    48. Bardo Garcia Martinez about 6 hours ago

      #ElderDiceCountdownParty !!!

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