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Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
4,751 backers pledged $261,885 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @Solex90: Please email me at and I can look into that for you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Solex90 on

      I never got a message or package after all of those months either.
      I guess I won't get anything for all the money I spent on here. :-/

    3. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @Arekusanderu: Please email me at and I can look into that for you.

    4. Arekusanderu on

      Still haven't receive anything neither had an email of shipping.

      I'm a little bit worried.

    5. Missing avatar

      Felix Leven on

      Finaly arrived and it is true, some of the 6 sided dice are Not perfect and have Cracked edges.

    6. Missing avatar

      barbara on

      I still haven't got my dices. I'm so so sorry for backing this project, the delivery was estimated for Aug 2017, today is May 2018 e still nothing. Really disappointing.

    7. KuantumSuicide

      Would you look at that, the dice arrived today hahaha

      You have to say 'Elder Dice' three times so that the Ancient Ones turn their gaze to you...

    8. Missing avatar

      Felix Leven on

      Still Nothing in germany, mailed to customer service.

    9. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      Oops, my email is!

    10. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @everyone: If you haven't received your Elder Dice rewards yet, please email me at and I can look into the situation for you.
      If you received a shipping notification from Spiral Galaxy, you can also reply to that email and they can assist you directly.

    11. Missing avatar

      Aranduir on

      Still havn't received my dices sets in France :(
      It makes a long time.

      When can I hope to receive them ?

      Kind regards, Sébastien.

    12. KuantumSuicide

      I still haven't received my rewards in Brazil :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Christian Bekemeier on


      nope sorry. No dice here.

      Greetz Christian

    14. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      @Heath Robinson. Yep, I reported to Spiral Galaxy that my package apparently went missing. Let's hope I'm the unlucky backer jejeje and the lucky one that will get it soon.

    15. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Lord Henry - Everyone should have received their dice by now. Will you please email us or message us through here so we can check on your pledge rewards?

      @ZickZak and @Chris - If you are having problems, the best thing to do is to write in on the customer service form right here:

      We check that daily and that helps us get the information we need to assist you.

      @Aldo Montoya Reynaga - I have heard from backers in Mexico who have received their package. Spiral Galaxy reported to us that there was one that had apparently gone missing. I wonder if that one was yours.

      @Janet Stewart - You have not received your rewards? Will you please fill out the customer service form? We will try to track it down for you:

      @Christian Bekemeier - There are lots of people in Germany who already have their dice. Have yours arrived now?

      @ZickZak - Will you please reach out to me personally?

      @atrooga - I am sorry to hear that. Will you please fill out the customer service form?

    16. Sergey Pomerantsev

      Also, the dice are perfect. The mat is dirty a bit =(

    17. Sergey Pomerantsev

      April '18 instead of August '17
      The only reason I'm still not ordered the next dice set.

    18. atrooga on

      Got my dice about a week ago (Norway.) They look nice and all, but every single one of the red and green D6 in the tubes have damage on the corners. A few of the blue as well. The red set (cthulhu) is a bit difficult to read, The blue and green set is beautiful though.

    19. Brian Lewis

      Sweet, I won't have to go all the way to complete opposite ends of Gen Con to say hi to David and Heath. :P

    20. Missing avatar

      ZickZak on

      Seriously, half of the books or more are misprinted, even the official unpacking video ones! The colors are "washed out".
      The dice symbols are off as well. How precise can the rolls be I wonder.
      I feel the production costs were a dollar a set. Customer service said "We're sorry" and done, no further replies.

    21. Missing avatar

      Christian Bekemeier on

      does anyone from Germany already have their dice?

    22. Janet Stewart on

      I never received my purchase level?

    23. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      Anyone from Mexico has received your dices? I want to know if I'm the only one with this trouble

    24. Missing avatar


      @André Segurado - same here, except the blue dice seem to be OK; the red and green have flaws on the corners and edges... kind of sucks.

    25. Missing avatar

      ZickZak on

      Just opened my package and after SO much time... I am disapointed. The print on both grimoires is shifted to the right. On the green one so much I feel like replacing both the main piece art and the smaller panel with the "branch" symbol with something else by gluing something I print of the internet over it.

    26. Lord Henry on

      Hi Guys, I have not received my dices yet. Any update on that?

    27. David LaRocca 2-time creator on

      @Eric and Andrew - We are happy to hear that you both received your dice! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric Anker

      Got my dice! Love them! Sad one is my friends birthday present and I have to give it up... Will be picking it up in your new campaign! Thanks guys!

    29. Andrew Hurwitz

      Finally got my dice!

    30. Missing avatar

      Eric Anker

      Hey they made it back where they started! 25 miles away again!

    31. Missing avatar

      Eric Anker

      I think Cthulhu is using the post office is trying to make me go insane... the package was 25 miles from me, now it's 125 miles from me... Guess it's taking the long way home and checking out the sites and Pacific ocean!

    32. David LaRocca 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone! We have an amazing start to the Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes campaign. We are unlocking stretch goals and we've added new add-ons. Next in the stretch goal list is an all new Doom Edition Slipcase. We'll have photos of it soon:

      @Arukoto - I'm happy you like them. An unpainted d4? That is a new one. :) Can you fill this out and we'll email you? Thanks!

      @Karl Kreutzer - I'm glad you've been updated

      @André Segurado - I'm sorry to hear that you had a difficult time with the shipping service. This is the first report of an issue like this. I hope it is just an isolated case but we'll look into it.

      @Eyal Hamtsany - GREAT! I'm glad you like them and thank you for backing the Unspeakable Tomes!

    33. Missing avatar


      Just got my reward, almost everything is as it should, it all look great, though the blue d4 is missing it's gold paint on the numbers and sign. based on my first glance it is a favorite, though we will see what they roll....
      I do want the set complete (all painted as such), but how do I go forth about it?

    34. Missing avatar

      André Segurado on

      Finally received my dice, after 3 stressful days of continuous phone calls and being ignored by third-world distribution companies... all of the D6s in the tubes have a flaw in one corner, nothing major, but I won't even risk replacing them... I'm done. They are great looking dice, I give you that, but no way am I going for the new kickstarter after this delivery experience.

    35. Karl Kreutzer

      Never mind. Just got my update. :)

    36. Karl Kreutzer

      So I am apparently one of those who's dice was lost in shipping limbo. I have not received an update for shipping. Any more word on it?

    37. Missing avatar

      Eyal Hamtsany on

      Just got my reward. The quality is top-notch!!

      The Grimoire is a bit smaller than I have expected (for some reason I thought it would be somewhere like a soft-cover pocket book in size... It's smaller than that...) but once I got used to it - I kinda like this size. Other than that, when it comes to the Art work - AMAZING. the magnet is great and the sleeve fits very nicely.

      The dice themselves are awesome! My favorite are the blue Astral Elder sign. They are also the most easy to read.
      The least successful, IMHO, are the Cthulhu design. The symbol is a bit too complicated to be clearly seen on the dice (on the Grimoire it is fantastic) and the gold color of the marking is a little pale against the bright red of the dice, which make it a little difficult to red.
      I also like the green color of the Lovecraft Elder sign. magnificent.

      It all feels very high quality. 10 out of 10. Well done, guys!

      I'm happy to have backed the Unspeakable Tomes part! However, do take into consideration the fact that now - the expectations from this sequel are sky high... :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      André Segurado on

      Still waiting for my package, as the companies you chose to deliver to Portugal are... incredibly bad it seems... spiral galaxy hires parcelforce, that hires GLS, that doesn't know what the hell they are doing and for 2 days I have been waiting for them to deliver the dice and nothing... I know it's not your fault, but for future reference... just don't hire any of those companies, it's better to send them by postal service, at least the post office here never fails like this...

    39. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on

      @Helge Haasler, really nice objective review, good thing i stayed clear of the mats it seems.....
      one NEVER has "enough" dice.....NEVAHHHHHH

    40. Helge Haasler on


      i recived my Stuff last Week on Wednesday. Okay quick review. I have been very sceptical since the very beginning and have had a lot of critisism so my expectaction have been very high.

      First the Boxes. The Boxes are a real Beauty. The pictures are beautiful, the size fits sleeved cars perfectly and the magnets work very well. This is a 1+ (which should be a A+ in the US) .

      The Dice are rich in colour , except for the "goloden inprints" of the numbers and signs. Those are not very godd as it seems they were like peeling off. Nonetheless the dice are of good quality, so everything fine here. The edges are okay, those with "marks" have been repolished so the marks were nearly gone. I would give them a 2+ to 2 , or B+ to B

      Last but not least the playmats. Well this is the point why i waited seven days to write something here. They have been rolled up for better transport and are by far laying flat on the table. So i weighted them down with heavy books and even hung them up so to flat out by their own weight. The first ist fine, the second is still close to good, but the third (the KS exclusive) is still as wavy as the north sea on a cloudy day (okay like everyday) . Second the colours and the quality of the print. The print looks a little blurrish and not as colourful as the dice. All three look like lookig throug dirty glasses. Fine but somehow .. hmm lets say old and washed out. First Mat a 2+ (B+), second Mat a 2-(B-) and the last is a 5 (E) for me.

      So in total. I am not disappointed, but i am not totally fascinated. The Playmats (i recall 19 USD) are not what i have expect and a really pulling me down. The Dice are very nice, and the Boxes are the Highlights of the Day. I will definetly NOT go with the new campaign, as i a) have enough dice, and b) the price and the time are not showing up for that quality.

    41. Brian Bjerregaard Bergh on

      packet arrived in Denmark today.

    42. DadouXIII

      @Rhea, will do asap, thanks :)

    43. Rhea Price Collaborator on

      @beto_pu: Awesome!!

      @Benjamin Olges: As long as you used your Kickstarter email to sign up for the Secret Society, you are good to go! It will be in your PledgeManager.

      @DadouXIII: Hi there! Sorry to hear that. Will you please enter that issue on the customer service form? That will help us get all the information we need so we can get that replaced.

    44. DadouXIII

      Just received my collector's set + 2 playmats.
      Dice are great, and the playmats are awesome, no issues whatsoever.

      However the printing on the inside of the grimoire boxes are a little off center. The printing on the inner spine for example, is spilling over on one side. I can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed.

      Is it like this for anyone else?

    45. Benjamin Olges

      I backed first day on the Unspeakable Tomes a bit ago, but haven't gotten an email about the bonus d20's. I assume there will be a way to track that in the Pledge Manager?

    46. Missing avatar

      beto_pu on

      Mine arrived on Friday. Great quality dice, playmat is awesome!

    47. Heath Robinson Collaborator on

      @Gerhard Frey - I see that you are in Germany. The first stop should be to contact Spiral Galaxy directly since they are the ones who sent out the package. Their contact information should be on the email that they sent you. That is probably going to be the fastest way to check on that parcel's status.

    48. Andrew Hurwitz

      My tracking is finally working!

    49. Gerhard Frey

      @Andreas: I also got a shipping notification dated on 08.03. And no package till now. Because of a missing tracking number it is unpossible to say if it is really depatched.

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