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Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
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    1. MidnightBlue
      1 day ago


      Are you Gollum?

      "My prescioussssss dicessssss!"


    2. Russonc
      1 day ago

      I'm also looking forward to my diceseseseses.

    3. Helge haasler 1 day ago

      @John .. okay thanks. Had to check dictionary first but you are absolutly right. I will try to remember it for future use. Sorry for wrong handling.

    4. Orange Boy 1 day ago

      @john I️ say dice, but so gonna start saying dices now!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason 2 days ago

      Any chance we can get a look at the cthulhu dice, I believe you said there had to he a change in the design?

    6. John Medany
      2 days ago

      It’s just Dice people - not Dices ... driving me potty ;)

    7. Markus
      3 days ago

      Whatsoever - I never blame any delays. just keep us updated. You are doing well so far. :-)=

    8. Tamara J. Cardinal
      4 days ago

      So mid to end of January.. no worries!
      Thanks for the update!

    9. Forar 6 days ago

      @Jesse: I would say that is a safe assumption.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear 6 days ago

      So i take it were still at least 2 months away from getting anything?

    11. MidnightBlue
      on November 12

      @David & Heath:

      Thanks for the updates and production notes. You've been giving a great play-by-play of every step and even showing us pictures of how things stand pre-completion. Many campaigns wouldn't risk that as you tend to see a few folks get skittish thinking that the unfinished product is what the finished product will look like.

      I like what I'm reading and seeing. Delays suck, but the product looks good and the updates clearly show where progress has been made on all fronts. I hope the rest of the production/shipping cycle goes smoothly for you (and us). =)

      Can't wait for the dice sets. Many of mine are for gifts, but I've already let folks know that they may be getting late Christmas presents from me this year. It's disappointing, but not the end of the world. All my recipients understand.

      Still very much looking forward to this projects fulfillment.


    12. Missing avatar

      NOIRAULT on November 12

      Greetings, everyone.
      A question regarding the pledge: until when can we update our pledge through PledgeManager? I am not getting paid until the end of this month, and i wonder if i'll still be able to add what i want to my order.(that is, the limited edition mat because all things considered i might as well get the full set of limited stuff).

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on November 11

      @Helge....technically you didn't buy anything...... you contributed to a Kickstarter Campaign that got funded and therefore you are entitled to whatever reward the creators designed for your pledge..... not the same thing.

    14. Helge haasler on November 11

      @Jason - "Patience is a virtue..." well that might be true, but I´m honest .. we are talking massive delay here. I bought the dice mainly cause we had just bought Eldritch Horror and afterwards a lot of Expansions. You could say we were at the beginning of our woreship to cuthulhu. We are still into it, Arkham Horror, reading the books but i fear the dice will come very late. And reading those "regulary" updates doen´t help. It feels like nothing is going to happen.

      @Heath - i am aware of the blogs and updates , but everything sound quite .. hmm lets say delaying. I really hope the quality matches your descriptions.

    15. Ivan on November 11

      Mmmmm I liked the rounded corners appears in the photos of the campaign. Theese are different. The new dice seem more sober.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason on November 11

      Can't wait to get these dice! I don't mind the wait, can't rush a good thing. Patience is a virtue, atleast we are getting constant updates and feedback.

    17. Heath Robinson Collaborator on November 11

      @Helge haasler - Unfortunately, we are not "just" talking about making dice. We are talking about making custom dice with custom color mixtures with custom-made injection molds for them. I went into a bit more detail on the manufacturing process on one of the blogs:

      Originally we approached Chessex about this project over a year ago and they told us they would not be able to make custom polyhedral dice for us, and the number of custom d6s of the kind we were looking for would overwhelm their ability to produce them, so we looked elsewhere for a manufacturer. Originally we also wanted to get the manufacturing done in the United States and so reached out to US manufacturers, but as it turns out either 1) the manufacturer did not want the project and declined to quote, 2) said they would have to outsource the manufacture of the dice to China anyway, so we might as well go direct, or 3) we just a U.S. based middle-man for a Chinese manufacturer anyway.

      Then we started to get quotes from Chinese manufacturers. We got one from WinGo. Many did not send us a quote at all or could not do it at the price we needed. Originally we thought LongPack might be a good place to work with, but I have been trying to a quote from them on another project for months, and they have never sent it, even though I have followed up a few times and they said the quote would be coming "tomorrow" or "in a couple days". So, it appears in this area is slow.

      Things have been produced for the dice. We have all three injection molds now and the actual production dice are being pulled out of them. We posted pictures of those in the last update. You are seeing the production dice right here:

    18. Helge haasler on November 11

      I already have answered in the Update, but i will do so here too. We are still just talking dices here. I am not able to recall how many custom dice manufactories are out there, but there a quite a lot. Chances are high that i could order custom dices with chessex and still get them before Christmas.

      So far nothing has been produced at all, and it seems we could be happy if the dices even Board ships in january, making mid to end february look like the new delivery Date. I really hope the playmats and boxes Arne worth the wait. Dices a normaly nothing you can screw up.

    19. David LaRocca 2-time creator on November 10

      @Poison Pie - Everything is being produced at once (dice, boxes, playmats, etc.). Adding the paint to the numbers comes later in the process and that is why these have not been completed.

      The project we are talking about in this update is a Patreon project and in its current digital form Heath and I control the production and distribution. We don't have to wait on manufacturers, etc. We have other larger projects that we have put on hold until Elder Dice has been fulfilled. We made a decision long ago that we would not launch any other Kickstarters until Elder Dice has been completed because that is the right thing to do. Again, Journey to the Tree of Sorrows is digital content at the moment. Eventually that will change but that is way down the road. Since Elder Dice has been in the hands of the manufacturer for a while now it has given Heath and I time to work on new things that we hope you will all enjoy.

      @Marcelo - As Heath mentioned in the update these dice haven't been completely polished yet. The dice are not opaque and you will see that when yours arrive. The samples we received had a lot of translucency and really look amazing in person. Please keep in mind these are pictures our manufacturer took with a cellphone. Simply put we posted pictures of unfinished dice because people like to follow the progress as they are being made. Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on November 10

      oh, and i have to agree with @Poison Pie, trying to sell us something when you haven't even delivered what we are here for is at least a sign of poor judgement, if not outright bad taste/insult.

    21. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on November 10

      I have to say, regardless of the numbers paint, the dice in the sample pics look opaque and gloomy...and not in a terror enticing way, they don't look at all like the glossy vibrant colors we were promised....

      enduring all the delays and excuses given by WinGo for dice that at least by my eye are nowhere nearly up to par is really not quite acceptable.

    22. Poison Pie on November 10

      This project is intended to deliver a great product and I remain excited about getting these dice. I am willing to wait for them. I wouldn't participate in Kickstarter if delays were not acceptable.
      Still, only the project creators are too blame if they promise a delivery date of August and then can't deliver for the Christmas holidays. Like others who have chimed in, the ambiguous updates on the delays are not reassuring. My guess based on the information that has been given points to a delivery in February, 2018, but that is only if all the playmats, boxes and slipcases are being completed simultaneously. Updates only on unpainted dice are not especially encouraging. I'll be happy if we get Cthulhu Dice for Valentine's Day (hopefully)!

      Of course, receiving an update, as we did today, soliciting a new project from the creator, while the previous project remains significantly delayed, is not a compelling sales pitch. It may just be my luck, but this is the third such pitch I have received from unfulfilled Kickstarter projects, all several months late on delivery.

    23. Lord Henry on November 10

      @Marcelo: I have backed a lot of projects, while I understand delays when it comes to games or more difficult projects... But for dices? Please, do me a favor and accept this wise advice: keep your not-demanded-wisdom for yourself next time. Over and out.

    24. David LaRocca 2-time creator on November 9

      @Everyone - I just wanted to let you know that there is an update coming very soon. Possibly as soon as tomorrow. We wanted to post something today but we have a few details we'd like to get answers on before we post an update. Thanks!

      Also, don't forget we have an Elder Dice group located here that we'd love for you to join. You can find it here:

    25. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on November 9

      @Lord Henry, Private Message David.... I am sure they will somehow accomodate your wish to back out of the project.....a little word of the wise though.... if a couple months delay is "intolerable" for you, NEVER EVER EVER back another Kickstarter project in your life, you WILL be sorely disappointed......

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on November 9

      I think at this point it would be a good idea for David / Heath to make another update on the project status.
      Also, at this point, and given the developements of this campaign, I would personally advice them to refrain from working with WinGo in future projects.....

    27. Lord Henry on November 9

      If it were for me I would want to have my money back. I bet we will not get the dice before Xmas. Such delay is intolerable for making some dices...

    28. Dennis Lemckert
      on November 9

      For lovers of all gamerelated Lovecraftian stuff. Maybe this game will be interesting..

    29. Forar on November 8

      @Alfonso: Did you also go and play every lottery you could get your hands on? Because I may not have the Superbacker tag, but I'd say those that deliver early (let alone over half a year early) are so rare as to possibly be legendary. :-P

      @Helge: Those are fair questions. I think we can write off December though. Even if the 30-35 day production run estimate holds without any complications, that'll have the dice done in mid to late November at the latest. Add in getting them loaded onto a ship and across the ocean, unloaded, and shipped to wherever they'll be sent to backers from, even January seems questionable, especially with the usual holiday shipping snarl backing things up.

      That's not negativity, for anyone who might think I'm doomsaying. I'm simply trying to be realistic about estimates, based on information the team here has kindly provided, and experiences with other campaigns shipping across the ocean. It's not like these ships are loaded or unloaded in a few hours, or the containers land right at the required doorstep the next day like Amazon had them out for special delivery.

      Production began sometime in mid to late October, was expected to take about 30-35 days, so if the word is that the dice are at least done by late November, that'd be awesome. Shipping, especially in December, can be a bit of a mess, but it wouldn't be impossible for dice to maybe possibly start going in the mail near the end of the month, but that assumes that the team here (or whomever they're using for backer fulfillment) works during that time of year. Otherwise, we're into Janaury, maybe later depending on any other considerations (like packages being bundled for another trip to a redistribution center for one of the "This Project is ______ Shipping Friendly" countries/areas).

    30. Helge haasler on November 8

      @Alexis This ain´t the first KS- Quote "Together David and Heath have completed a combined six Kickstarter campaigns. Each Kickstarter project brings many valuable lessons learned. Because we have so much experience, we feel very confident in our ability to deliver a quality product to you." and we are still talking Dices here. I do understand that they want to deliver the best quality, yet it seems nothing works out as planned. It must not be their fault, but i do think it is just fair to ask for more precise. Like i said .. the production is one Step, then comes shipment, and after that delivery. Is the Rest, like the playmats, allready finished ? We have only had the same "Samples are great" Update, as we have had with the Covers and the Dices.

      I never expect a KS to be right on time, but we reach double time now. It was supposed to be four Month, what seemed a little bit to ambitious, now we are at least no earlier then what ... End of December ?

    31. Alfonso Vitela
      on November 7

      you know.. I backed up a project a few months back and got it 8 months ahead of schedule. and it was a little more intricate than dice... just saying. :-(

    32. Alexis COURTEIX on November 7

      I expect that since manufacturing should takes ~30-35 days, and cargo shipping from China to UK takes ~27-30 days, packing time should probably lead to delivery in January at best. However, as long as the product quality is fine, and a monthly news regarding the project is published, the delay is still reasonable. Keep in mind it's very difficult to meet the schedule for a first KS experience.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andreas Böhnke on November 7

      I want them for Christmas, Please.

    34. Helge haasler on November 7

      Has the production even started yet ? Do not get me wrong, but some kind of estimated Timeplan would be nice. Right now i am afraid we might need 3 more Month until the stuff is delivered.

    35. David LaRocca 2-time creator on November 1

      @Foolishmonkey - No estimate at the moment but keep an eye on the updates. We hope to give some dates soon! Thanks!

    36. Foolishmonkey on November 1


      I was just wondering if there was an estimate for the delivery to Australia as I am hoping to have them before the whole Christmas thing :)

      Super excited for these dice.

    37. Rhea Price Collaborator on October 30

      @Reuben - No it is not! Just log into the Pledge Manager, unlock your pledge and add them in. Here is a link to the Pledge Manager:

    38. Missing avatar

      Reuben on October 29

      Is it to late to add to my pledge? I want to get more d6 dice.

    39. Dicemad
      on October 28

      Thanks Alex.

    40. Missing avatar

      Alex Fitzpatrick on October 28

      the colouring agents may be corrosive to the metal (or more likely the alloy) used in the mold. It depends what exactly is being used for either.

    41. Dicemad
      on October 27

      Showing my ignorance when it comes to manufacturing, how can color pigmentation of plastic affect a metal mold? I'm not criticizing you, honest. I'm just trying to wrap my head around plastic affecting metal, a much harder substance.

    42. Heath Robinson Collaborator on October 23

      @Will "Nickname: Delayed" Gibson - Great. If you need anything, please let us know. We did not use the Kickstarter survey system for this project. We used PledgeManager.

    43. Will "Nickname: Delayed" Gibson on October 22

      Never mind, I figured it out.

    44. Will "Nickname: Delayed" Gibson on October 22

      I have no idea if I completed the survey for this... It says "no survey sent" under my pledge. Weird?

    45. Heath Robinson Collaborator on October 21

      @Maru - I don't think they will be in Germany by mid-November. I think they will still be in production at that time.

    46. Dean Ashton on October 21

      So Christmas present it is.

    47. Maru on October 21

      Well I guess that means they won't be delivered to Germany until mid-November :( Would have loved to use them at a con here.

    48. Forar on October 18

      That’s all I was looking for, thanks for the heads up, hopefully the final molds and production run go smoothly.

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