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Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
4,751 backers pledged $261,885 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason Arnold about 3 hours ago

      woot, just in time for my birthday.

      When is the latest we can add stuff to our order? wouldnt mind adding that cool Cthulhu mat

    2. David LaRocca 2-time creator on May 17

      @chris sudweeks :D

    3. chris sudweeks on May 17

      I just checked my calendar August is tomorrow right?

    4. David LaRocca 2-time creator on May 17

      @David Hatch - We are still aiming for shipping rewards in August. :) We'll be posting an update soon with new info on where we currently are with all of that.

    5. Orange Boy on May 16

      Hopes and dream, but this is Kickstarter ;) We will see

    6. Missing avatar

      David Hatch on May 15

      Are you still expecting to ship in August? of 2017? :D

    7. Heath Robinson Collaborator on May 13

      @Travis Odin Mattingly - Thank you! We are very glad to have you with us on the project. There is an easy way to change your shipping address through the PledgeManager, and we are going to keep that ability open as long as we possibly can so anyone with a last minute address change can get that in. I actually go through the process of unlocking PledgeManager on the short video I did, starting right here:…

    8. Missing avatar

      Travis Odin Mattingly on May 13

      I'm really glad I backed this because the quality and care seem amazing. One thing I'm concerned about though is when they will be shipped out. I will be moving in 6 months and if it takes that long I'll have to figure out how to change the pledge address

    9. David LaRocca 2-time creator on May 11

      @Stephen Robshaw - :)

      @Jason - Much appreciated!

    10. Stephen Robshaw on May 10

      Cant wait to see what the next kickstarter will be from Infinite Black! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason on May 10

      Liked and shared the Facebook page. Great name!

    12. Heath Robinson Collaborator on May 9

      One things that happened over the last few days is that David and I formed Infinite Black. That is the company that will officially publish Elder Dice. We put together a Facebook page for it and will post any Facebook info on Elder Dice there. Check it out and give us a "like". :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      on May 8

      Yes thank you for update and love to see what else y'all cook up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rick Young on May 8

      Thanks for the update!!

    15. David LaRocca 2-time creator on May 7

      Hi everyone! Heath and I had a very productive time during our creative sabbatical. The biggest Elder Dice news is that we were able to send our order in to the manufacturer! They are going over all the numbers and will be getting back to us very soon to finalize it.

      Heath and I also explored a couple of new creative ideas that we are not ready to offically announce yet but when we do we really think that you like them. :)

      We'll go into greater detail about the Elder Dice manufacturing process once the order has been finalized. We want to keep everyone up to date so you know exactly what is going on throughout the creation of Elder Dice.

    16. Stephen Robshaw on May 7

      Cant wait for August to come! Be gd to hear what creative ideas uve come up with! :D

    17. Jorge Avalos on May 6

      So how was the creative sabbatical? Are we expecting any news, or surprises? :D

    18. Forar on May 5

      Snakes and Lattes is a good place. I shop there once in a while.

    19. Heath Robinson Collaborator on May 4

      I am terribly sorry. The last comment that was posted was accidental. That was intended to be on the Incantris ( campaign. I had the wrong browser open. Sorry about that!

    20. Heath and Seth Robinson on May 4

      Oh, and we also just heard from Snakes & Lattes. They have the main shipment in their warehouse and are awaiting the arrival of the correct miniatures that FunAgain is sending them. That should be soon and then the Canadian shipments will be going out! :-)

    21. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 28

      Just a quick reminder that I am going to be working from an internet-free location between now and Wednesday of next week. David will be joining me for the final few days of that. We are going on "creative sabbatical" to focus on some new projects. We will not be completely without internet during that time and will be able to handle any emergency or critical issues, but be aware that general communication may wait until after that time, and we will be generally less available on social media during that time. Have a great weekend!

    22. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 27

      @Tyler McDonald - If you would, please go ahead and lock the order with whatever address you have. That way I know the numbers of each item you have are final and can add them to the tally. When you get the new address for your apartment, please just unlock the pledge and update the shipping address.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tyler McDonald on April 27

      I have completed by order preparations in the pledge manager, however I will be moving to a new apartment in May but we do not have a definitive address yet. Since the expected shipping date will not be until around August should I leave the pledge order 'unlocked' until the time where I have the correct address? I want to ensure that my pledge will not become unavailable if there is too much delay in confirmation.

    24. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 27

      @Jason Arnold - It is pretty good! I figured the 80/20 rule would apply to the PledgeManager. I expected for 80% of the backers to come through the system very easily. It would be really nice to be above 90% when I start compiling numbers for how many of everything to order.

    25. Jason Arnold on April 27

      Good luck guys! Glad to get an update
      88% is actually pretty good, normally you see it take a lot longer on other projects

    26. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 27

      @Brian Wilson - Thank you! And speaking of communication, we just posted Update #8! Here's all the latest:

    27. Brian Wilson on April 27

      @William Shaver - It's important to note that Kickstarter is not a store, so if you think you've "ordered" something that's just going to show up like it would from Amazon, you're going to be very disappointed. Instead, your money (the pledge) is being used to help bring the project to life and as a thank you, the creators send you a "reward", typically in the form of the output of the project. If you go back to the "campaign" section, you'll notice that the spot where you made your pledge lists the "Estimated Delivery" as August 2017. So realistically, you shouldn't be expecting anything until at least then. Sometimes, a project can run into issues or delays that can push that date, so you'll need to keep that in mind as well. Thankfully, the team here seems to be really proactive in communication, so I have high hopes that we'll see our rewards on time (or at least, be the first to know if there's an issue).

    28. David LaRocca 2-time creator on April 26

      @William Shaver - We are aiming for all rewards to be sent out in August. Manufacturing will begin soon. We are still waiting on some backers to complete their pledges in the Pledge Manager. We hope to send everything to the manufacturer very soon (probably this week) and they will create the molds, etc. We will update everyone along the way. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      William Shaver on April 26

      Is there any kind of a timeline on how long it will take for the dice to come in? I still have yet to receive mine....

    30. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 26

      @Marcelo Maceratini - I am glad you reached out to David. If anyone would like to talk to us through Kickstarter messages or through Facebook, we are very happy to chat with you.

    31. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 26

      @Morgan Clabaugh - I am terribly sorry for the frustration. I will reach out to you directly through email.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on April 24

      @Heath, I appreciate you are just trying to explain yourself, and David and the decisions you made, and also that it must be quite a daunting task to organize the logistics of a global delivery. However, at this point, your three comments just add fuel to the fire. I have talked my case privately with David, so I am more or less set (assuming the stuff will eventually get here). however, my biggest issue with this whole shipping fiasco, is your lack of transparency regarding the matter. as i stated before, there was no mention whatsoever that tracking alone would be twice the shipping amount. And as many people has pointed out, many other kickstarters and bussinesses ship worldwide every day with much less costs associated with tracking. If you do not believe you are at this point capable of correctly fullfilling the logistics of international pledgers, you should seriously reconsider creating a kickstarter project that allows international pledgers. I am not trying to pick a fight here, or complain needlessly, but you may want to rethink that answer next time.

      I trully believe you guys had the best intentions and goals with this project, just also think you failed to handle this the best way possible.

    33. Juanfe on April 24

      I've just fulfilled my pledgemanager...

      I wanted a single set with an extra 6-sided dice tube. That is, $30.

      The extra costs for the recommended tracked shipping are by far too much for such a small pledge, so I have decided to give up the add-on. I can add $8.50 to a $30 order, but I will never ever pay $19.50!!!. Moreover, when I've recently paid 11 pounds for a courier-tracked big box (5 kg) from the UK... And I live in Spain, relatively close to the European fulfilling center.

      It's really a pity.

    34. Morgan Clabaugh on April 23

      Ok, so I've been unable to look at the Pledgemanager until tonight. Sticker Shock isn't an apt enough description for it, and, with just a brief read through of recent posts, I'm obviously not the only one.

      I'm aware that "estimated" means just that...but the "estimated" shipping costs to the U.S. were listed at $7.00. And the cost Pledgemanager is attempting to charge me is $12.70. It's not at all reasonable that the shipping is nearly twice as much as the "estimate" - at this point it's not an estimate. It is not our fault if someone on your side of the operation didn't apparently adequately research the in's-and-out's of the various surcharges involved, and a nearly 100% overage on the "estimates" is not exactly a great thing to pass on to us.

      And, now I'm reading that there are questions about supplying tracking? Pledgemanager isn't offering tracking as an option. 1400+ comments are a bit much to sift through, but I've seen that "you might not have any options" should an issue with shipping arises. It appears to be that you seem to think tracking is included in orders going to the U.S., but the lack of clarity isn't encouraging.

      I have to admit that, if you'd said this before, I most likely would not have made a pledge.

    35. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 23

      @Bryce Faulkner - I am sorry for the confusion. I shot a video on how to use the PledgeManager for anyone who wants to see the process:…

      I just looked at PledgeManager and it looks like you did successfully go through the process. I'll email you though to make sure everything is as it should be.

      @Marcelo Maceratini - I hope that in the future we will be able to expand our fulfillment logistics network into new areas around the world.

    36. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 23

      @Forar - Yes, indeed. I actually shot a video on the process I used to come up with all the shipping rates for this Kickstarter campaign. When I am done editing it I am going to put it up on YouTube for any future Kickstarter creator to reference if they need to.

      But yes, you are exactly right. Shipping is more than postage, and you have to watch out for that when you are preparing shipping tables. We used a weight-based system to get to the postage cost of these packages as closely as possible. But then each fulfillment service charges a fee on top of postage to cover the cost of the shipping box itself, packing materials, and their labor to “pick” the items you want and pack it all up in the box. Some services, like FunAgain Games in the United States, charges a flat $2.50 for that service per box packed. Some services charge a fee based on the number of items they have to pick out for any particular package. Some charge by the total number of items they have to pick FROM for the entire campaign. So you have to work through all of that to arrive at the numbers to enter into the PledgeManager shipping tables.

      Plus, PledgeManager takes a cut of all money that comes through it. PledgeManager uses Stripe as its payment processor, and Stripe takes a cut of the money as well. All that has to be accounted for when figuring shipping tables.

      So there is a lot that goes into figuring the shipping for an operation like this! :-)

    37. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 23

      @crazy_cat - We want to do everything we can to make sure everyone’s rewards arrive safe and sound at their doorstep. In the event that a package is lost, we will do everything we can to make sure the package is found and that the rewards get to the backer. However, if an untracked package is lost, our options will depend on where the backer is located. For instance, what we can do if a backer living in London has a lost untracked package will be different that what we can do if the backer is in Venezuela or South Africa. We will have to handle those situations on a case-by-case basis.

      But, in all cases, getting the parcel to your door will be easier if it is tracked. We will get confirmation from the fulfillment service when the rewards ship, but it is very nice to have a tracking number in the event that something goes wrong. Plus, with the tracking number, you can follow it from the fulfillment service to your front door if you like.

      We also know there are some regions of the world where mail and courier services are very unreliable and theft is often an issue. Some Kickstarter creators simply require backers to purchase tracking to ship rewards to those locations. David and I did not want to go that route, though. We left tracking optional. But, if you live in an area where mail carriers often “misplace” untracked packages, getting tracked shipping is probably a good idea.

    38. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on April 23

      @Forar...... thing is, shippping as it is, is usd 12.5... if you want to add tracking to it, it climbs up to usd 27.5.... that is a usd 25 markup JUST for tracking. I agree cheaping out on shipping and handling is not the solution, but it should have been handled differently.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bryce Faulkner on April 23

      To be honest this whole pledge manager confuses me. I paid and I would just like a simple confirmation that my pledge is set and I will be receiving my product with no additional charges

    40. Forar on April 23

      The tracking concern I can understand, and agree it should have been noted before the campaign closed (hindsight being 20/20 of course), but I too found shipping to be pretty reasonable. $14 or so for 6 boxes, which I assume will be a reasonably substantial package.

      Let's not overlook that that's not just covering actual paid shipping, but also materials presumably some people (if not a service) to ship out something approaching 5,000 packages.

      I've only shipped out things numbering in the hundreds personally, and it was quite a slog that practically had me on a first name basis with the staff at the post office. I'm guessing the team here won't be doing that, but the point is, that kind of work takes time and money, and cheaping out on it would likely increase the timeframe involved. Bluntly, underestimating shipping has harmed or killed a number of campaigns, so it's something of a necessary evil.

      Kudos to them for offering to refund a pledge. I can think of a couple campaigns I wish would just refund me rather than drag on for years.

    41. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on April 22

      To quote Marcelo below 'That and the fact that you have said here in the comments that you guys would not do anything regarding potential lost pledges from people who didn't pay for tracking' - this is the bit that also concerns me the most.
      The UK shipping is actually pretty reasonable - and in line with the estimate given.
      But the tracking is a massive mark up ($11 in the UK when you can add tracking to RM parcels for about +£1.50/$2.00, and when I suspect a tracked RM parcel of the size/weight required is well within the cost quoted for the actual shipping); and the 'threat' that if you don't buy tracking then it is your problem not theirs if they don't deliver is a really shitty move.

    42. Heath Robinson Collaborator on April 21

      Hey everyone - I am not sure if David posted this before, but he was on "One Fantastic Week" the other day. It is a live YouTube show for independent artists and other creatives. He was talking all about the Elder Dice campaign. You can watch the recording here:…

    43. David LaRocca 2-time creator on April 20

      Hi everyone! I'm on the road to Spectrum. It is a sci-fi and fantasy art con. I'm going to be out for the next several days so if you post here or send a message my reply could be delayed. I'll try to pop in when I can. Thanks! :)

    44. rollntider on April 20

      Just filled out the pledge manager and upgraded my pledge, can't wait to get the dice. Thanks and Roll Crits

    45. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on April 19

      @David, why not ship them directly from china then? i fail to see why the UK..... given that it seems the most expensive point in the world from the info we been given....

      also..... at this point I feel you are washing your hands of this whole thing, sure, you have offered me to refund me the pledge by private message, but you've not addressed the fact that no one told pledgers that the shipping estimates you posted on the campaign details were either completely wrong or totally fake. That and the fact that you have said here in the comments that you guys would not do anything regarding potential lost pledges from people who didn't pay for tracking.

      The pic with the estimate shipping should have contemplated that tracking was kind of mandatory to have any kind of support from you, and to reflect the "real" shipping fees.....

      Again, I want my dice, but the price we're ending up paying is really ridiculous (specially considering that i will have to pay customs for the dice AND the shipping fees)....

    46. David LaRocca 2-time creator on April 19

      @Marcelo Maceratini - The dice are being manufactured in China, not the US. In your case your rewards will go straight from the manufacturer to the UK where they are packed up and shipped out. This way is less expensive than shipping them to the US and then shipping out from there.

    47. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on April 19

      @David, why are you shipping south american pledges to the UK to be re-shipped from there? it makes no sense whatsoever. it would REALLY be much cheaper to send them directly from the US...... unless you like triangles and overpriced fees that is.

    48. David LaRocca 2-time creator on April 19

      @Everyone - If you want to check out yesterday's episode of One Fantastic Week where I talk about the Elder Dice campaign you can take a look here:… We had a great time talking about art, Kickstarter, etc. I hope you like it!

    49. David LaRocca 2-time creator on April 19

      @crazy_cat - Please keep in mind there are many more factors than just the cost of mailing an item. In order to have your rewards packaged and shipped to you from the UK a fulfillment service is required. They have a fee for doing all of the picking/handling and also the cost of the box and packaging. After that there are the actual shipping and tracking costs. All of those individual fees that are calculated into the final shipping cost you see in your cart. In the end it is much less expensive to do it this way than it would be for us to package everything and send it from the US. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on April 19

      If packages are being posted in the UK how come the S&H and tracking costs are so high for the UK?
      I don' know how heavy these dice and their boxes are going to be, but $18 (around £14?) sounds pretty steep to me - I buy a considerable amount online (eBay and various stores) and my other half sells a lot of stuff on eBay UK, and you can ship a lot of stuff (weight and volume) tracked for £14 with the Post Office, and even more with many of the other competing shipping firms.

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