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Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
Lovecraftian designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized spell book boxes
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    1. Jason 7 minutes ago

      Can someone tell me what the email address is that the tracking numbers are coming from for the us? Get so many emails each day don't want to miss it.

    2. Kobold King about 4 hours ago

      This campaign has run very well. I am fully intending to back further projects, that said more dice please!

    3. Davros about 9 hours ago

      @David, Thanks for the being so active in the comments, guiding the project home with the now customary gold standard coms.

    4. Brian Lewis
      about 11 hours ago

      Label printed for me in Indiana :) it'll show up while I'm out of town but excited to see them when I get back (roommates will be around so it won't just be sitting out)

    5. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 11 hours ago

      US Shipping Update - 02/23 - 1:48 PM CST - FunAgain has crossed the halfway mark in terms of printing labels, packing and shipping Elder Dice rewards to backers. We have 2,678 US backers and 1,311 remain. Tracking numbers are still going out as we speak. We will post more info as we get it. :)

    6. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 12 hours ago

      EU/Rest of World Shipping Update - 02/23 - 12:25 PM CST - The ship has has reached the port and is now docked! This is a massive ship (one of the largest container ships in the world) so now we wait for it to be unloaded. After that everything will go through customs. Tentacles crossed that will go smoothly. We'll keep you updated. :)

    7. David LaRocca 2-time creator about 14 hours ago

      Canadian shipping Update - 02/23 - 10:51 AM CST - The cargo has been unloaded and has passed through customs! The next step is for it to be trucked to Buffalo. We'll update when we know more.

      @Andrew Hurwitz and Orange Boy - FunAgain is making progress getting everything out to backers. They are almost halfway through the list. Hang tough friends, you'll get them. ;)

      @Jeffrey Carsten - GREAT!

    8. Andrew Hurwitz
      about 16 hours ago

      Still no tracking for me either.

    9. Orange Boy about 21 hours ago

      Dang still no info for me :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Carsten about 23 hours ago

      Just got my Elder Dice today!! They look fantastic, well worth the wait.

    11. Drunkien Pigge 1 day ago

      @Andrew - yes I got tracking beforehand

    12. Rhea Price Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Agent IQ: Can you please fill out our customer service form? We can send you your missing die!

      Thank you!

    13. Jeff S
      1 day ago

      I got tracking, should be here tomorrow (San Diego, CA). The wait is almost over!

    14. Andrew Hurwitz
      1 day ago

      @Agent and Drunkien, did you both get tracking info before?

    15. Agent IQ
      1 day ago

      I received mine, though the blue set had a d8 replace the d10. I have two d8s, the percentile die but not the d10 in the blue set. Everything else is fine.

    16. Drunkien Pigge 1 day ago

      Just got mine in CA

    17. David LaRocca 2-time creator 2 days ago

      EU/Rest of World Shipping UPDATE: 02/22 - 11:07 AM CST - The vessel should arrive to port tomorrow. After that it will need to be unloaded and go through customs. Then it will be delivered to Spiral Galaxy where they will do inventory, etc.

      US and Australian shipping: Elder Dice rewards are already hitting gaming tables! Several backers have announced that they have received Elder Dice or that their rewards will be delivered soon. FunAgain (US fulfillment) and Aetherworks (AUS/NZ) are still packing and shipping rewards. If you have not received your tracking number yet please check your spam/junk folder in the email account that you used for the Elder Dice Pledge Manager. If you still don't see an email with your tracking number then they probably haven't sent your rewards out yet. There are a lot to ship out and they are doing it as quickly as they can. :) Additional info and feedback can be found here:

      @Andrew Hurwitz - ^^^ Yup :)

    18. Andrew Hurwitz
      2 days ago

      Any US tracking updates?

    19. David LaRocca 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Jim Tetrick - It wont hurt to try them all. :)

    20. David LaRocca 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Australian/NZ Shipping UPDATE 02/22 - 1:06 AM CST - Aetherworks' report as of yesterday: "Elder Dice - Processing and sending. For reference, overseas and WA backers will have their parcels processed at the moment, with the rest of Australia being handled once they are completed. We've included a few pictures from one of the batches being processed yesterday. If you're in Australia, once your parcel is scanned by AusPost, you'll receive a tracking number." Pictures can be viewed here:

    21. Jim Tetrick 2 days ago

      What's the proper sacrifice to move oneself earlier in the fulfillment list? And to which Entity?

    22. Orange Boy 3 days ago

      Another day no notice. Come on funagain, pick me next :)

    23. David LaRocca 2-time creator 4 days ago

      Canadian shipping UPDATE 02/20 - 11:27 AM CST - The vessel has arrived at the NJ port and the cargo is waiting to be discharged from the vessel. After that it will be trucked to Buffalo NY were it will be taken over by Snakes and Lattes. Then it will be brought up to their warehouse in Toronto. ETA to Buffalo is early next week.

      United States, Australia and New Zealand - Tracking numbers and shipments continue to go out as we speak. :)

      EU/Rest of World: Your boat is still on the way to the UK. We've been told to expect it to arrive on Feb. 23rd. You can track its progress here:

      @Jim McBride - Woohoo!

    24. David LaRocca 2-time creator 4 days ago

      Australian/NZ shipping UPDATE 02/19 - 10:12 PM CST - Aetherworks has started packing and shipping Elder Dice rewards. Your tracking number will be emailed to you. If you have not received your tracking number yet do not worry. The process of packing and shipping all orders will take several days. :) We will post more info as we get it.

      US Shipping: Read Heath's comment below.

      Canada, EU, and Rest of World - We have emails out and we are waiting for an update. The OTX office was closed today because of a holiday. Hopefully new info for you tomorrow.

      @Everyone - I've posted a couple of pictures in the US and Australian threads on the Facebook Group here:

    25. Orange Boy 4 days ago

      Dang no notice here, maybe in tomorrow’s batch

    26. Jim McBride 4 days ago

      I got my shipping notice (Beaver, PA)

    27. Heath Robinson Collaborator 4 days ago

      I just looked in Funagain's fulfillment system and they have assigned 513 of 2,677 pledges a tracking number. That is the fulfillment center in the United States.

    28. David LaRocca 2-time creator on February 16

      Australian and New Zealand shipping UPDATE 02/15 - 11:54 PM CST

      We have received word from Aetherworks that shipping to Australian and New Zealand backers will begin this Monday, Feb 19th! They also said that you should be on the lookout for an email from them as early as tonight. If you don't have an email by tomorrow then please check your spam/junk folders. The email will be sent to the address you used with the Elder Dice Pledge Manager. This is a pre-shipping email to confirm your address.

    29. Russonc
      on February 15

      I just heard Helionox is shipping out of funagain as well; maybe that's what's already on the way... Oh what fun! Christmas in February!

    30. David LaRocca 2-time creator on February 15

      @Andrew Hurwitz - You are right and I'm going to double check with them. They might be referring to UPS shipments since UPS is open on President's Day.

    31. Andrew Hurwitz
      on February 15

      David, Monday is a holiday, FYI

    32. Russonc
      on February 15

      Well I've got something coming from Funagain and it's on the move my way. Supposed to arrive next Thursday...I'm thinking this is it but if they haven't actually started shipping until Monday... maybe it's something else.... should be a nice surprise any which way....

    33. Missing avatar

      Jess Hunt on February 15

      WOOO!!! Thanks for the update David !!!

    34. David LaRocca 2-time creator on February 15

      US Shipping UPDATE 02/15 - 3:43 PM CST - We have received word that Elder Dice rewards will start shipping out to US backers on Monday Feb 19th!

      @Everyone - We will post an update in the Elder Dice Kickstarter Update section tomorrow with the latest info for all shipments. (We are waiting for replies to our emails) The comments here and in the Facebook group are great for close to realtime updates.

    35. Orange Boy on February 15

      @russonc lol I guess I skimmed ur comment too fast, u are US, hope it is these and they are going out fast.

    36. Orange Boy on February 15

      @russonc u in US? Mine should be coming from there but nothing yet.

    37. Missing avatar

      Zachary Jenkins on February 15

      @marcelo Please also remember that no one outside of Asia has received their backer rewards. These were only fulfilled early because they shipped direct from WinGo. No one else has received their rewards yet. We're all anxious to get our dice and playmats, but they are literally on their way to you. And they did have to travel several THOUSAND miles to get there. Lol. A lot of things can go wrong over several thousand miles. Be glad that there has only been a hiccup or two and nothing major.

    38. Missing avatar

      Joshua Walker on February 15

      Sorry about that I didn't check here first, just assumed any updates on shipping would be put in an update.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joshua Walker on February 15

      Sorry if this sounds impatient, but your previous update said that Australian dice had arrived in port had already arrived and you'd have another update in a few days, but it's been almost 2 weeks since the email and longer since you said it arrived in port. Has there been any word from Aetherworks?

    40. Russonc
      on February 15

      @Marcelo, welcome to KS... delays can (and often do) happen at any stage (pre-manufacturing, manufacturing, shipping, fulfillment) . If you're tolerance for that is low, you may want to stick to retail sources; but if you're just venting... carry on.
      I've just gotten a pre-mailing notice in the US (UPS) from Funiagain.... I'm assuming it's these bad boys! I know it's just the label printed and nothing mailed yet, but can't help but get a bit excited!

    41. Missing avatar

      Eyal Hamtsany on February 15

      I'm with you, @Orange Boy!

    42. Orange Boy on February 14

      @marcelo, yeah getting mad at the creators because a ship was delayed........ yeah they sure are bad at planning. You should be happy they are so transparent with the info. They seem to let us know about any delays they get the minute they get them. They are more mad about delays than we are.

    43. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Maceratini on February 14

      are you kidding me? ANOTHER "unexpected" delay for "the rest of the world"???
      1/2 the pledges have already been served, 1/2 will have to wait another 4 months to get them.... really well planned and fair for all.....

    44. David LaRocca 2-time creator on February 14

      US Shipping UPDATE - Everything was successfully unloaded yesterday. FunAgain reports that after inspection it appears that there was no damage to the cargo. That is great news! We hope to have an update soon on when shipments will start going out to backers. Stay tuned

      EU/Rest of World shipping UPDATE - We have received word that the Al Muraykh vessel carrying the EU/Rest of World Elder Dice rewards has been delayed. Apparently there was a lot of congestion and it caused the delay. We will update when we have more info.

      Canadian Shipping UPDATE - So far everything is still looking good for the cargo to reach the NJ port on 02/19. The ship is currently in the North Atlantic. Let's hope the ship is not overtaken by any Deep Ones as it nears Devil's Reef.

      Australia/NZ Shipping UPDATE - We reached out to Aetherworks again yesterday to check on the status of the Elder Dice shipments. They informed us that some large projects ahead of ours took a bit longer than expected to complete. They plan to do the stocktake on 02/15. We will update you when we have more info.

    45. Heath Robinson Collaborator on February 14

      We were just checking on the shipment to Europe and the rest of the world because it looked like the ship had been delayed by a bit. We are emailing the freight logistics company for confirmation.

    46. Orange Boy on February 14

      Maybe late this week, but should be next week for sure with that info. Shouldn’t be too long to unload and inspect.

    47. Fernando on February 14

      EU Shipping UPDATE: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

    48. Benton Gross on February 13

      Okay, so now I'll finally get excited that this is actually happening and I'll have these dice. I mean, they just off loaded and truck and are getting ready to ship. If I wait any longer to get hyped I won't have any hype time.

    49. David LaRocca 2-time creator on February 13

      US Shipping UPDATE:

      The driver carrying Elder Dice to the FunAgain facility arrived overnight and they are unloading now. Once the cargo has been completely unloaded they'll need to inspect everything to ensure that there isn't any damage. After that they'll take inventory, etc. We'll keep you in the loop as we find out more.

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